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Guest Post by the Gay Wellness Blog

10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit While on Vacation

ways to stay healthy on vacation
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How to Make Your Vacation a Healthy One

Do you have a history of blowing up your diet and fitness program while on vacation? Don’t worry. It happens to everyone

Are you determined to stay on track next time you go away? Check out these diet & exercise tips on how to stay healthy on vacation.

1. Book the Right Accommodations

Don’t simply make a reservation at the first, cheapest, or most convenient hotel you find. Look for ones that have a fitness center, a healthy menu (at least for breakfast and other meals you usually eat at the hotel), and wellness programs.

motivating hotel gym
One of the top reasons people fall off their diet and fitness routines is because it’s difficult to get to a gym or to find healthy food. Having easy access to these things will make it more likely you’ll stay on track when you’re away.

2. Start Your Vacation with a Run, Walk, Or Hike

Many guys like to get acclimated to a new vacation destination by taking a sightseeing bus ride or guided car trip. Instead this, why not run, hike, or walk to explore a new place? It’s so much healthier.

Starting your trip this way will allow you to see more things than you would in a vehicle. It’ll also give you a chance to stop at interesting shops, cafes, and other sites. 

starting vacation with healthy exercise

This can also be a fun way to people watch, check out local gay beaches or get yourself oriented with a city’s gay district.

Some sexy men’s workout clothes might just give you the extra bit of motivation you need!

3. Create a Simple Workout Program Before You Leave

Work with your trainer to come up with workouts using bodyweight and resistance bands as well as a stretching routine. (It’s unlikely that you’ll want to pack weights when you go away.)

healthy vacation workout

Alternatively, find exercise routines online. Keep it short and simple so you can do it in your hotel room, at a park, or anywhere. If you have it at the ready, you’ll always be able to get some exercise even if you can’t get to a gym, no excuses.

4. Become a Morning Person

Going out in the evenings is great when you’re on vacation. But unless you’re dancing, most evening activities are sedentary.
Making it a habit of getting up early will provide more time to exercise and explore your destination. Even an hour of extra early activity each day will go a long way toward keeping you healthy and fit.

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5. Keep Your Drinking Under Control

Consuming alcohol is a big part of vacationing for many guys. However, drinking all day and getting hammered at night is a big mistake. It could put you in danger, make you pack on the pounds, and harm your health. Sometimes you really need to pick your battles.
gay men staying healthy on vacation
If you’re visiting a wine destination, choose a few days for wine tasting and explore different options on others. Select a few evenings for imbibing and check out some local culture on other ones. Your liver will certainly thank you.

6. Practice Portion Control

If you’re going to a foodie destination, of course, you should enjoy yourself. You’ve worked hard to pay for your vacation, and you deserve it. But it doesn’t mean you should max out your food intake.
man eating prepared food on vacation
You can enjoy small portions of many things to experience and learn about the food culture of the area you’re visiting. You’ll get to try out more things and not come home with ten pounds of extra baggage around your waist.

7. Broaden Your Definition of Exercise

Exercise doesn’t always have to be about running, lifting, or stretching. Get creative.

Take part in the winter sports activities at a gay ski week. Cycle to the attractions on your list. Go swimming or kayaking in a lake, river, or ocean. Do yoga in the wild. There’s no reason not to go hiking if you’re vacationing in a nature destination or walking in a great city.

gay men exercising on ski trip
All these things will make you stronger, help burn calories and provide you with a lifetime of memories you’ll never forget.

8. Pay Attention to Snacking

Most guys plan their dinners while on vacation. They’re the centerpiece of many days away. It’s the meals during the day that become problematic.

Eating too much at lunch or stopping for snacks when touring around is deceptively easy. The problem can be even worse on unlimited food cruises or all-inclusive hotels.

Take time to plan all your meals while on vacation. Being conscious of your eating will help you keep control over your calorie intake while still enjoying great food. Quality is more important than quantity.

9. Go on A Wellness Retreat

An easy way to stay healthy on vacation is by booking a trip centered around wellness! You can ignore all the tips in this post if you decide to book a wellness retreat instead. 

Many hotels and spas specialize in this type of vacation, including The Ranch in Malibu, California, and Noah Surf House in Santa Cruz, Portugal.

wellness retreat for gay men

These vacations are centered around exercise, meditation, healthy eating, spa treatments, and more. In other words, it’s almost impossible to misbehave when you spend your vacation at a wellness retreat.

10. Be Kind to Yourself

After the last two years, everyone deserves to have an awesome time on vacation. If you overindulge or exercise too little, don’t get down on yourself. You’ve managed to stay healthy in the past and you’ll be able to do it again after you return home from your trip.

Looking for more wellness tips for gay men? Check out the Gay Wellness Blog!

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