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Essential Camping Trip Tips & Gear

camping trip tips
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Tips & Gear for Your Next Camping Trip

No matter where you live, there’s just about always an opportunity to plan a camping trip, whether it’s a rugged adventure or something like an instagrammable “glamping” experience.

Camping trips can be a great opportunity to gather your friends together, plan a romantic escape, or even make a solo journey.

camping trip tips

Below, I’ll mention some useful camping trip tips to make sure your adventure goes as smoothly as possible, as well as some essential camping trip gear.

Camping Trip Supplies & Gear

Camping Tents

Not all tents are good tents, and picking the wrong one is actually surprisingly easy, especially if you’re prepping for your first camping trip. Not all of them are easy to assemble and some can be quite difficult to fit in your car.

There are a few important features to look for while shopping for a tent that cannot be substituted. Most importantly, make sure your tent is sufficiently weather-proof and large enough to comfortably fit two people unless of course, you’re going solo.

smart tent for camping

While you may be tempted to go with whatever tent is already in your garage, picking the wrong one can turn an exciting camping trip into a disaster.

In my opinion, if you want to ensure that you have made the right choice, you can’t go wrong with these Rooftop Tents – Hutch Tents. Aside from keeping you dry and comfortable, these will ensure you keep out any animals or insects.

Foldable Chairs & Hammocks

I also recommend these super small, lightweight, foldable Cliq Chairs. They’re perfect for camping because you can easily pop them into place anywhere within seconds. 

Something compact like this will surely be better than lugging around traditional folding chairs that have those bulky legs!

camping trip gear

Relaxing in a hammock is one of my favorite things to do, no matter if I’m deep in the woods or on the beach.

These camping hammocks with tree straps are durable and easy to set up. I wouldn’t go on an outdoor adventure without one!

Camping Safety Accessories

A compact camping flashlight is an absolute must no matter what type of camping trip you’ll be taking. For more intense adventures, a heavy-duty camping flashlight will be essential.

Especially if you’re alone, never camp in a remote area without an emergency safety whistle. Purchasing one of these is an inexpensive way to ensure your safety, and have saved countless lives in the past.

Lastly, don’t forget to pack a bunch of calorie-dense snacks like Clif Bars for energy! 

Camping Trip Route Planning Tips

Planning too detailed of a route for a camping trip can kill the excitement. However, neglecting to plan at all can be just as detrimental. It’s no fun to be too strict and regimented, but having an agreed-upon outline is definitely helpful.

camping trip route

Depending on where you both live and what your destination will be, thinking about where you are going can also help the driver feel more comfortable, especially if you’re traveling with a rowdy group of friends. 

While some might call it overkill, some amount of camping planning is essential to know where the attractions, camping spaces, and facilities will be along the road.

Leaving plans a little open-ended always opens up the possibility for exciting, unexpected pivots. But, make sure you have your bases covered. Never neglect basics such as safety, food, facilities, and the other basics.

Plan A Romantic Or Luxury Camping Trip

Camping might just be the perfect opportunity to plan something special with your partner. Maybe you couldn’t board that flight to Barcelona or Paris, but you can still make the most of local travel. Frame the trip as a romantic getaway, a challenge to strengthen your bond.

sites for camping

Many travelers would probably love to stop at an upscale campsite during their trip. I’m definitely one of them. I’ll never turn down extra comfort or style. These types of camping locations will be able to offer you a night in a bungalow in the middle of nature! Do some searching in your local region to see what’s available.

So, spend some time building a campfire and you allow yourself a night of stargazing and thinking about future bucket list trips. With these camping trip tips, you have the perfect recipe for one awesome, restorative getaway.

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