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Gay Vacation Destinations for Adventurers, Couples & Party Lovers

best gay vacation destinations
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Gay Destinations for Adventure Seekers

Need gay vacation destination ideas? Whether you love adventure, partying, lesser-known places or romantic trips with your partner, wolfyy has you covered.


Traverse tectonic plates, watch exploding geysers and head out to the gay bars in picturesque Iceland. One of the most gay-friendly countries in the world, you’ll find a fun local gay scene in Reykjavík.

Iceland LGBT vacation spot

Split, Croatia

Everyone is exploring the Dalmatian coast these days. Why not join the fun in Split

Explore the magical Old City, trek rocky coastlines toward the gay beach, or join one of the many luxurious gay sailing trips that start in Split.

gay vacation destinations in Croatia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pack your bags and get ready to see some mind-blowing ancient temples in Siem Reap. More and more gay travelers visit Cambodia every year. You can be one of them!

With all the ancient beauty, delicious food, and LGBT-friendly hotels, Siem Reap is the perfect gay vacation destination for explorers.

gay destinations for adventurers

Chiang Mai, Thailand

You might know a few friends who have been to Chiang Mai. The truth is that there is so much more to see today than there was five years ago!

The staple adventure-seeker activities like elephant nature parks are still a great reason to go. But gay life in Chiang Mai has grown so much, you can be one of the first to check out the latest gay bars and chic hostels.

gay vacation spots in Asia

Lesser-Known Gay Vacation Destinations

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an absolute paradise. Plus, the island is much less traveled than mainland Italy. It’s honestly surprising that more travelers haven’t been to this large Mediterranean island.

With a robust gay scene, gay beaches, and even a local drag bar in the gay area, Sardinia offers the perfect balance of LGBT culture and beautiful landscapes.

off the beaten path gay destinations

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a fantastic summer gay destination known for Paella and a bustling gay beach. While you might be familiar with gay nightlife in other Spanish cities, gay clubs in Valencia are some of the biggest in Spain!

lesser-known gay vacation destinations

Guadalajara, Mexico

I’m shocked that more gay travelers haven’t seen Guadalajara. You rarely see LGBT travelers posting about Guadalajara on Instagram. Nonetheless, it’s truly a diamond in the rough.

The city has some of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen. Even better, I was the only tourist at lots of the attractions in Guadalajara. It was unbelievable.

Guadalajara has a ton of gay nightlife too. I couldn’t believe how packed the clubs were!

Guadalajara Mexico

Cape Town, South Africa

To Europeans, Cape Town might not seem like a lesser-known gay destination. But the Americans and Canadians don’t frequent South Africa’s gay hotspot quite as much.

Cape Town is one of the dreamiest places on earth. Once you visit, the incredible wildlife, scenery, people, and nightlife will forever make your dream of returning.

lesser-known gay vacation destinations Africa

Gay Party Destinations

While some of the destinations I already mentioned have big LGBT nightlife scenes, these party destinations take the cake!

Maspalomas, Canary Islands

Party every night of the week at one of the dozens of gay bars in the Maspalomas Yumbo Center. Maspalomas is known as a gay party destination. The warm weather of the Canary Islands keeps us coming back, too.

gay vacation destinations to party

Madrid, Spain

Some of the best circuit parties I’ve ever been to were in Madrid. From Kluster to Tanga, there’s always somewhere to go dancing.

Madrid has a range of party options too, from intimate gay bars to mega multi-level nightclubs. It’s one of the best gay vacation spots for party animals.

party gay vacation destinations in Europe

Bangkok, Thailand

A world-renowned gay-friendly city, the buzz of Bangkok is always a thrill.

Grab a seat outside one of the bars in Silom Alley, Bangkok’s clamoring gay street in the heart of the Silom gay district. Or, visit during Songkran (the Thai new year) for the fantastic city-wide water throwing festivities.

partier gay vacation destinations

Fire Island Pines, New York

Fire Island is of the best gay vacation destinations in the United States. Gay men pack into their summertime house rentals and live it up in the historic LGBT neighborhoods of The Pines and Cherry Grove.

gay vacation spots for couples

Romantic Gay Vacation Destinations for Couples

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nothing says romance like the cliffs of Amalfi and Positano. 

The Amalfi Coast is such a great gay vacation destination for couples because you get the best of both worlds. It’s easy to enjoy the majestic landscapes amongst other tourists in the busier parts of the region, but you can also escape to some truly authentic Italian enclaves.

romantic gay vacation destinations

Nice, France

I think it’s fair to say that everything is better in the south of France. Endless waterfront restaurants, wide-open beaches and vibrant gay nightlife make LGBT travel to Nice super easy.

romantic gay vacation destination

Kyoto, Japan

Not every romantic destination has to be all about beaches and sunshine, right? I think the city of Kyoto would agree. Grab your partner and get ready to see some awesome ancient sites.

Shrines, temples, castles…you name it and Kyoto has it. Especially for couples who love exploring at a relaxed pace, I definitely recommend a few days in Kyoto.

gay vacation destinations for culture

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

For those who love a good all-inclusive gay vacation spot, Playa del Carmen is it! Gay travelers love the area and there are tons of hotel choices. From Mayakoba to Playacar, there are endless options for couples to choose from.

gay couple destinations Mayakoba Playa del Carmen

Benefits go beyond luxurious hotels, though. Explore one of the natural cenotes in the Playa del Carmen area. These gorgeous blue pools within rock formations make for a lovely couple’s photo!

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