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Northland, New Zealand: A Must-Visit

Northland New Zealand
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Northland New Zealand: A Picturesque Island

Thinking about planning a trip to Northland New Zealand? If so, you’re certainly in for a treat. This island is a stunning destination to visit, offering incredibly fantastic sights and attractions.

I’d definitely consider checking out more about Northland if you’re not familiar, since it’s surely a guaranteed good time. Here in this blog post, I want to tell you a bit about what Northland has to offer, as well as the best places to stay whilst visiting.

visiting New Zealand

Northland possesses a unique history and culture, one that’s certainly mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. Just being in the dramatic open terrain, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of warmth along with an electric atmosphere.

In addition, if you’re fond of warm climates and tropical weather, then Northland New Zealand is even more ideal of a destination. Welcome to the steamiest climate in the whole of New Zealand.

Why exactly should you book a trip here? Well, Northland is worth visiting for the scenery and stunning picturesque views alone. The natural landscapes are breathtaking. Everywhere you explore is green and luscious, the beaches are golden and glistening, and the sea views are beautifully expansive.

If you are looking for a tropical paradise to relax in, or a destination where you can find natural serenity, you can count on Northland New Zealand.

Things To Do in Northland New Zealand

There are a plethora of activities and sightseeing opportunities in Northland. I highly recommend going on a day trip so that you can get the most out of what the island has to offer.

I personally love day trips especially when I have to check out of a hotel earlier in the morning; by the time I’m back, I can check into the next wonderful place without having to wait or wonder if my room is ready.

northland New Zealand activities

You can use a luggage storage app to free up time so you can get straight to enjoying your day trip. As I mentioned before, you’ll have abundant options here in Northland. If you like sports then you might be interested in all the sporting activities to participate in, like hiking, diving, and fishing.

There is also a ton of wildlife to explore while absorbing the local culture. Last but not least, you simply can’t visit Northland without tasting their award-winning wines. New Zealand is a huge exporter of delicious wine, as I’m sure you’ve observed in your local wine stores!

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Where to Stay In Northland

Naturally, you will want to find accommodations best suited to your personal travel style. It can definitely be disappointing when you end up discovering your hotel is pretty ugly or far away from the center of town.

So, while searching for places to stay in Northland New Zealand, I would recommend finding Kauri Coast accommodations or taking advantage of one of the many available Whangarei hotels.

New Zealand beaches

Northland is truly a magical place. Many of my friends including a local Kiwi have mentioned to me that it’s one of the best places to visit in New Zealand.

The island has something for everyone, so you’ll be spoiled by a multitude of choices! If it’s your first time in New Zealand or you haven’t done much research, then consider booking a local tour. This way you won’t miss out on any of the best sites.

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