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Gay Mexico

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Grab your friends & head for the lively bar-lined streets, tasty tacos and pulsing gay nightlife here in Puerto Vallarta. Gallivanting around PV is so carefree, it’s almost like being a kid again. Discover the the gay area, where to stay & the most popular LGBT resorts.

Holbox is the newest gay destination in Mexico. Pristine beaches with crystal-clear water, trendy nightclubs and adorable authentic restaurants make Holbox a top pick. Recently discovered by gay travelers, LGBT-friendly Holbox gay travel is now a must!

Find delicious taquerias, ancient ruins, parks, and Mexico City’s best gay bars. A gritty, authentic feel will have you talking about your CDMX. travels for years to come. You won’t want to skip this gay mainstay! Read on for hotels, nightlife, safety & more.

Guadalajara gay travel is as authentic as it gets. In fact, so many travelers make the mistake of skipping this wonderful city. Stunning parks, the only circular pyramids on earth and a wild, lesser-known nightlife scene await.

Relax and recharge along the Yucatan shores. Discover the best hotels, all-inclusive resorts, downtown Playa del Carmen, day trips adventures, how to get around and the best areas to explore here in Quintana Roo.

Gay Mexico Life

Gay marriage is legal in large swaths of Mexico, but cannot be performed everywhere just yet. Each state has its own regulations and so changes are gradual. 

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All same-sex marriages performed in one Mexican state, however, are fortunately recognized throughout the country. This does not solve the issue for the millions of individuals who live in a state where gay marriages are not performed. The battle for equal rights is still going strong.

All Mexican states allow single (not married) LGBT individuals to adopt children. The law was passed in 2010, which makes Mexico the 11th country in the world to provide this freedom to the LGBT community. Mexico also takes pride in allowing MSM’s to donate blood. The nation is the first North American nation to lift the MSM blood donation ban.

Mexico City gay travel guide

Mexico has numerous LGBT anti-discrimination laws that protect people in all states. The Mexican law protects gay people with quite a hefty blanket statement regarding intolerance for discrimination.

They start by explicitly disallowing discrimination when it comes to sexual preferences. The law then covers many other important remaining situations by stating any act that impedes enjoyment of rights. I’m no lawyer, but this sounds pretty solid to me!

Mexico Gay News: Country Helps with HIV/AIDS Treatment

It is heartwarming to know that Mexico has been providing free treatment to anyone with HIV/AIDS since 2003. 

This was a huge step for Mexico in the face of a crises where the nation had the highest rate of AIDS cases of any OECD country in 2016. There is a large stigma around HIV/AIDS present throughout the nation, preventing many individuals from seeking help when they need it.

Mexico gay resources for HIV and AIDS

In recent news though, funding cuts threaten the continuation of such gratuitous services to those in need. We need to support those in Mexico who are fighting against rollbacks of helpful programs. On another note, Mexico is one of the first nations in Central America to introduce HIV treatment drugs!

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