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Gay Travel Advice You Can Trust

I’m Louis, world traveler and creator of wolfyy. Let me tell you why LGBT travelers love my site.

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100% Vetted Travel Advice

Gay travelers need more thorough and reliable resources to plan their holidays. And the truth is that today, most available LGBT destination info just isn’t good enough.

So, I built wolfyy to make sure gay travelers can find accurate and dependable gay travel recommendations. 

With my personally-curated content on wolfyy, you don’t have to rely on outsourced gay travel content, that’s full of stock images or paid promotions. I’ve got you covered!

Gay Travel Destination Guides

Everything you’ll find in wolfyy’s gay travel guides is based on my own experience, recommendations from LGBT locals, or suggestions from fellow gay travelers.

wolfyy offers gay travel guides to destinations around the world including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa & North America. I’m always adding new guides, too.

Authentic Gay Travel

You often miss out on the most important trip planning details with most other gay travel websites. They tend to overlook lesser-known gay hangouts where you can find locals or skip over what a given destination is like for a gay traveler.

In each of these destination guides, I’ll only recommend hotels and attractions that I truly believe you’ll enjoy. How can I be so sure? Because I’ve been there myself, or I know someone who has!

Today, social media is so highly idealized it can be difficult to distinguish real recommendations from flat-out promotions. But with wolfyy, you can be sure that I’ve committed to only promoting brands I believe in and hotels I’d return to.

Local LGBT Knowledge

The best travel advice comes from locals. Gay locals know where that secret gay beach is, which restaurants will overcharge you, the best local gay bars, and so on.

So much of this information is never published on the internet. wolfyy aims to share this valuable info with you in gay travel guides to cities around the world.

A Bit About Me

When I was young, my grandparents always called me “the traveling man.” They were definitely onto something! Exploring new cultures, cities, languages and learning about gay life abroad is what I love to do.

I studied civil engineering at Syracuse University, worked as a civil engineer in New York City for 5 years. During that time I studied real estate development for my master’s at Baruch College in New York City. Aside from travel, real estate is my passion.

My Travel Bug

The first foreign city I visited outside of America was Dubai. I traveled around the United Arab Emirates for a few weeks and I was undoubtedly culture shook.

I couldn’t keep quiet about the amazing new world that new places opened up. Ever since then, wanderlust was never a stranger.

My Mission With wolfyy

In addition to providing a global gay travel community with the best advice and recommendations I can, there are a few other reasons wolfyy is pretty awesome.

wolfyy doesn’t just cover the staple LGBT-friendly cities. You’ll find a ton of lesser-known destinations, too. In countries where gay life is not visible, I’ll focus on comfortability, safety tips, and LGBT rights.

In addition to destination-specific gay guides, you can find a bunch more travel content on the wolfyy blog.

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ll join me on my gay travel journey by subscribing to the wolfyy email list.

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