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Gay Sailing Holidays

Get on wolfyy’s list for gay sailing holidays now, before prices rise! Then learn all about our gay sailing trips. Summer 2020 dates for gay sailing holidays now open!

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Gay Sailing Trips: Croatia, Greece & Italy

Join me for some unforgettable gay sailing trips this summer in Croatia, Greece and Italy!

Gay sailing trips are a lovely way to explore new areas of the world with a fun group of guys. The vacations are carefree, adventurous and inclusive of all types of people.

gay sailing holidays croatia

Before You Scroll Any Further!

If you have even the slightest interest, it’s best to keep updated by following the below instructions. You’ll save money if you decide to book later!

You must enter “WOLFYY” in the reference box. If you make a booking later, you’ll get a discounted price on your gay sailing trip. If you don’t know which date you prefer, simply make a guess.

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Have any other questions after reading this page? Send me an email directly.

Now, I bet you have many questions about what type of guys will be joining, how you’ll get there, what’s included, the type of boat, and more. I’ll explain everything you need in the sections below.

NOTE: Gay sailing trips for summer 2020 are still scheduled, but only for the month of August. Due to Covid-19 and related travel bans, I will not be hosting any trips for the months of June and July.

Gay Sailing Holidays 2020: Croatia, Greece & Italy

Let’s start with the basics. wolfyy will be hosting three types of gay sailing holidays and is here to help you book one. You can join me for Croatia gay sailing trips, Greek Island gay sailing trips or Sardinia, Italy gay sailing trips.

I partner with two companies called Pride Sailing Holidays and Italy Gay Sailing to make sure a superb mix of guys will join us for each week-long vacation!

dubrovnik travel guide
gay sailing holidays croatia
dubrovnik travel guide

You can book a single spot for yourself (a great way to meet some international friends) or you can book with some friends.

Most guys book this single spots and I highly recommend it. If you want to privately book a boat with your personal group of 8 friends, that is also available. These gay sailing cruises are great for couples as well

best views in Croatia

Next, let me tell you some more important details about our gay sailing holidays. Toward the end of this page you’ll find a section with various frequently asked questions.

Gay Sailing: A Typical Week

Whether you are gay sailing the Croatian Islands, the Greek Islands or the large island of Sardinia, there will always be plenty to do.

Gay Sailing Daytime Activities

Each morning we will have breakfast and immediately set will sail for several hours while enjoying the open sea and luxurious yacht. In the afternoon, we will drop anchor and have some time for swimming or simply kicking back on the bow of the boat.

gay cruising Sardinia
gay cruising Sardinia
gay cruises Croatia

Some days there will be pit stops on local islands or beautiful coves in Sardinia. Other afternoons, local excursions will be available.

A little later, we’ll eat lunch and make our way to our destination port. Once we arrive at the port, everyone is free to come and go from the boat as they please.

gay cruises Croatia

Upon arrival, there will be a little down time after we arrive for everyone to have some personal time or just hang out before dinner. Everything moves at a relaxing pace so you’ll never feel rushed!

Gay Sailing: Evenings & Nightlife

Our Capitan will arrange group dinners at favorite local restaurants. If you’re not up for a group dinner one night, don’t fret. Remember that everything is optional.

However, our group usually sticks together most of the nights. Keep in mind you’ll have the opportunity to meet friends on the islands where we dock!

gay safety Croatia
gay safety Croatia
Korčula gay travel parties

Depending on the location/island, there may be bars, clubs or parties to visit nearby. In Korčula, Croatia there is an epic foam party. Dubrovnik, has a huge nightclub with top DJ performances. The island of Sardinia, has relaxed, beachfront gay bars!

Korčula gay travel parties

Everyone is free to spend the rest of the night as they wish. There is no curfew, but it is expected that everyone acts in a respectful manner. The next day, we will do it all over again in a new, beautiful place. Get ready for some clear blue water, a little rosé and sunshine!

moon behind palm trees
Kiva Bar
Sardinia gay bar

Now you’ve got the idea. It’s a super chill, fun week with good people, delicious food and an opportunity to meet amazing islands.

I hope you consider joining me! Don’t forget to read the frequently asked questions section at the end of this page for more details.

Gay Sailing Cruises: What Are the Guys Like?

It may seem intimidating to join a gay sailing cruise at first. But…I assure you that by the end of the trip, you will be hugging all your friends goodbye and wishing you had more time to chill!

In my experience, everyone who books these gay sailing holidays are fun, energetic, polite and open individuals.

gay sailing Croatia
gay sailing Croatia
okuklje gay travel

At the end of the trip, we always receive the same feedback from all the guys. They love the intimate, small-group setting. Everyone ends up mentioning that one of their favorite aspects of the trip was having a smaller group of friends that can connect with one another.

Sardinia gay travel

As opposed to the frenetic large gay cruise line excursions, you can build better relationships on a. small gay sailboat! At the end of your holiday you’ll have a bunch of new, quality friendships.

Last Summer’s Croatia Gay Sailing Trip

If you’d like to check out some Instagram stories of last year’s Croatia trip, head to my @laffaloui Instagram profile and look for the first Instagram story highlight.

okuklje gay travel

On my page, you’ll get a play-by-play of the entire week from Dubrovnik to Split. It was a blast and I’m so excited to get more guys booked so we can enjoy it all over again!

Reserve Your Spot Soon!

Don’t miss out on an epic gay sailing adventure. Check some dates, coordinate your work schedule and vacation time and make it happen! You’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Booking Croatia & Greece Gay Sailing

Click to complete the Pride Sailing Mailing List Form at the bottom of this link. Be sure to enter “WOLFYY” in the reference box. Check dates available*
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Booking Sardinia Gay Sailing

If you’re interested in sailing around wonderful Sardinia, check out the Italy Gay Sailing Website and inquire there for more information. If you prefer to chat with me, feel free to Send wolfyy an email directly.

gay sailboat trip Croatia
gay sailboat trip Croatia
Split gay nude beach

Gay Sailing FAQ’s

Keep reading for the most common questions I get from guys interested in joining the fun!

What is The Boat Like?

Croatia gay sailing holidays will use the Oceanis 48 yacht. The boat sleeps 10 people. There are four double beds for 8 guests and two bunk beds for the Capitan and skipper.

There are three bathrooms on the boat all equipped with a shower and space to store toiletries. Many island locations offer free shower facilities on land near the port.

gay tours Croatia

The Greece gay sailing holidays will use a Lagoon 42 catamaran. This is a luxurious and even more spacious beauty. The Lagoon 42 also sleeps 10 people in the same fashion and has four bathrooms on board. All the relaxing space is on the upper level of the boat.

Vis Gay Travel
gay tours Croatia
gay sailing dubrovnik

All the boats used for the gay sailing holidays are comfortable, clean and have loads of room to spread out. You can lounge in the seating area at the rear of the boat or lay out your towels and take in some summer sun on the bow.

gay sailing dubrovnik

Even with 10 people aboard, space doesn’t feel tight. Trust me, I’ve been there! If anything, it’s more fun because its always friends to hang out with.

What Meals Are Included? What about Food Allergies?

Breakfast and lunch are included, personally prepared by the boat staff. Each morning you’ll wake up to a wholesome variety of breakfast foods and mingle with your yacht-mates. After some daytime activities, fill up on a hearty, well-balanced lunch. We don’t skimp on meals. There is plenty to eat!

gay friendly restaurants Dubrovnik
gay friendly restaurants Dubrovnik
local Croatian Food

The crew can tailor all meals to the groups liking. If anyone has allergies, we can surely avoid problem foods. Delicious summer salads, fruit and cheese platters and hearty chicken bowls will keep you energized and ready to explore the sea.

local Croatian Food

For dinner, the group will have reservations coordinated at a local restaurant. Everyone is also free to go out on their own for dinner if they choose to. Dinner is not included, so you’ll need some spending money for evening meals.

Is Airfare Included?

You will be responsible for scheduling and purchasing your own flights to and from our destination. The booking price does not include airfare. Remember that depending on the trip, you may need to book two separate flight legs. For instance, a sailing trip may begin in Dubrovnik and finish in Split.

Flying Albania to Greece

Is Alcohol Included?

This depends on the trip. All trips will have at least a few complimentary bottles of champagne, wine and basic liquors. Beyond that, the price does not include unlimited alcohol.

Remember though, we purchase the alcohol in bulk from a nearby liquor store, so the price is not high.

gay safety in Croatia islands
gay safety in Croatia islands
cocktail baras Sardinia

You’re not paying for individual drinks, here. If you wish to pre-order any beverages, we can make it happen. You’ll also have time to shop at a market before we set sail for the week.

cocktail baras Sardinia

Do We Sleep on the Boat? Is there Air Conditioning?

Yes, everyone sleeps on the boat. Each night, we dock in a marina with a bunch of other sailors. We usually arrive in the destination port between early afternoon and early evening, depending on the route.

In most locations, there will be convenience stores, pharmacies and other essential establishments, should you need anything.

Cala Fuili beach Sardinia
Cala Fuili beach Sardinia
docked boats

Some sailboats have air conditioning and others do not, depending on the trip. Greece gay sailing trips will have air conditioning, while Croatia and Italy gay sailing will not.

Even in the middle of summer, it is not too hot when you’re out at sea. There are dozens of little windows so air off the water is constantly flowing through the rooms of the boat.

docked boats

Plus, we are sailing and not wearing much clothing anyway! I personally have had no issue with overheating on a sailing trip.

How Much Does It Cost to Book?

Check the respective company for pricing. For Croatia and Greece gay sailing, go to the Pride Sailing Holidays Booking Page for prices. Make sure to read below about where to sign up on the Pride Sailing website so you get a discount on your booking.

For prices for Sardinia, Italy sailing, head over to the Italy Gay Sailing Website.

When/Who Do We Pay?

To reserve your spot on any gay sailing trip, you must pay an initial deposit. The final payment will be due a few weeks before the trip begins. Be sure to read each company’s refund and cancellation policy.

where to stay Cagliari gay

wolfyy takes no responsibility for policies enforced by partner gay sailing holiday companies. Rest assured though, everything has always turned out fine!

where to stay Cagliari gay
gay Cala Fuili

Payment is made directly to the sailing company associated with the trip you are booking. wolfyy is not affiliated with your payment in any way. I am here to guide you through the booking process, procure a good group and have fun with you on the holiday!

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Ready to Book A Gay Sailing Holiday?

If you’re interested in booking a gay sailing holiday to Greece or Croatia, enter your email at the bottom of the Pride Sailing Holidays Page.

**Be sure to choose “blog” for the reference section, and type in wolfyy as the reference for a future booking discount.

If you are specifically interested in gay sailing in Sardinia, Italy, send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with Italy Gay Sailing in Sardinia. The booking portal is not yet available, but we can begin the reservation process.

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