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30+ Men’s Gay Swimwear Brands & Sexy Styles

gay swimwear brands
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Popular Gay Swimwear Brands

What would we do without the sexy and fun styles created by gay swimwear brands? Gay swimwear is a big part of how we express ourselves when lounging by the pool or out in the summer sun.

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to think about your next gay swimsuit purchase. And I can guarantee this list of brands will be the last place you’ll ever need to look!

sexy gay swimwear

Whether you’re headed to your favorite gay beach or planning on jumping into a jacuzzi at a gay ski week, you’ll want to wear your best gay swimwear.

While you’ve probably heard of a few of these popular gay swimwear brands, there are many new and fast-growing companies to discover. Their styles range from elegant and conservative to flashy and revealing.

I’ll start with the most popular gay swimwear brands, followed by some new and boutique brands.

best gay swimwear brands


Aussiebum is one of the world’s most iconic gay swimwear brands. Their sporty, playful, and sexy designs scream fun in the sun down under.

Popular collections include the revealing Classic Club Original, the 100% nylon Competition Crew, and the Swish line, made from fine Italian fabric.

Not only are Aussiebum swimsuits awesome, but they’re incredibly inexpensive. Swimsuits on sale can cost as little as $15 USD!

aussiebum gay swimwear brands

While the brand has expanded immensely, every garment is designed in Sydney by founder Sean Ashby himself.


2(X)IST is among the original and most trusted gay swimwear brands. They’ve been around since the early 90s and consistently make fantastic swimsuits for gay men.

Swim briefs by 2(X)IST are the most classic of their designs. They come in a range of colors and patterns, most of which are fun yet not overly flashy. Their trunks and swim shorts come in similar colors, but the longer styles tend to have larger-scale patterns.

2(x)ist gay swimwear

You can also find 2(X)IST swimsuits on Amazon, which are often cheaper, and depending on where you live, may ship to you faster.


The gay swimwear brand that has become a household name, Speedo continues to be a favorite among gay men. I can’t even count the number of Speedos I own.

If you picture plain, boring swim briefs when you think of Speedo, then you haven’t seen how the brand has expanded their designs! Speedo briefs now come in a bunch of interesting patterns and colors.

best gay swimwear brand

While their briefs will always be classic, Speedo’s Aquashorts line is a sleek and sporty alternative for a bit more coverage.

There are also a bunch of Speedo swimsuits on Amazon available in a wide selection of prints.


Taddlee is one of my favorite inexpensive gay swimwear brands. I’ll never forget how perfectly the first Taddlee swim briefs I bought from them fit me. They have the high coverage around the hips that guys with big thighs or butts look great in.

inexpensive gay swim briefs

Aside from swim briefs, Taddlee sells a bunch of unique trunk-style swimsuits. They provide a lot of coverage but are still form-fitting and flexible. I like wearing these in places where you need to wear shorts but want to wear a swimsuit.

In between these fits are Taddlee’s sexy men’s boxer swim trunks, which have a pronounced front pouch to show off the goods!

Garçon Official

Swimsuits made by Garçon are all about sex appeal. The brand’s flashy, bright-colored, and in-your-face prints always turn the party.

popular gay swimwear brand

Garçon is a gay swimwear and underwear brand that’s been around for a while, and for good reason. They know exactly how to find the perfect balance of sexiness and elegance in every design.

Their Axiom swim briefs and Black Graffiti briefs are two perfect examples.


The king of cleanly branded gay swimwear, Charlie by Matthew Zink products have perfectly inconspicuous logos. They’re really chic. 

And given these swimsuits come with a luxury price point, the joke goes: “Where’d you get your swimsuit?” …” Oh, it’s Charlie.”

Charlie gay swimwear

Choose among styles including square-cut briefs, low-cut lifeguard briefs, swim thongs, and a range of trunks. Most Charlie swimsuits are solid in color, but there are a few styles with color blocking and stripes.


COOFANDY is a menswear brand that sells some of the most popular gay swimwear styles on Amazon. One of their top-rated products is the square-leg swim brief, which you can get in almost any color.

If you need to match these with different outfits, they’re cheap enough that you can buy a few!

gay men's swimwear

They also make fantastic quick-dry swim trunks that have convenient pockets and are made of a form-fitting blend of spandex and polyester. I love how comfortable these are as they hug your waist without any liner beneath.

JJ Malibu

JJ Malibu has taken the gay men’s fashion market by storm, rapidly growing in popularity for bathing suits, circuit party gear, and their collections of gay underwear and jockstraps. Their swimsuits are particularly well-fitting for guys who are a little extra curvy.

JJ Malibu swimwear

All of JJ Malibu’s products have a casual and fun look. There are so many variations of colors, patterns, and cuts, you’ll just have to browse their shop!


Mizok sells some of the sexiest gay men’s swimwear. Their metallic thong bikini is awesome, featuring a fun buckle around the waist and foam padding to support you in all the right places.

men's sexy gay bikini

All Mizok’s swimsuits are designed around functionality and are made of quick-dry microfiber material. I think their drawstring swim trunks are super cute. Also, take a look at their printed drawstring briefs.

Gary Majdell Sport

Gary Majdell Sport is an Amazon retailer that sells bold, sexy, and eye-catching swimwear for gay men.

The brand is noteworthy for shiny metallic bikinis as well as their collection of sexy stars and stripes thong swimsuits. If you need something to wear on the 4th of July, get one of these!

Todd Sanfield

Todd Sanfield continues to grow, climbing the ranks of popular gay swimwear brands. Every design by Todd Sanfield is elegant, stylish, and well-made. It’s easy to tell that this brand takes care in creating high-quality swimsuits.

Todd Sanfield swimwear

I think the Challenger Trunk swimsuits have a unique and eye-catching fit. The Ultradeep Swim Brief is another favorite for such awesome and funky patterns.


One of the most famous gay brands, Addicted swimsuits are worn by men around the world. From circuit festivals to pool parties, you’ll find guys in Addicted’s strongly branded swimwear.

Addicted is one of the few brands that make briefs that can be used as both underwear as well as a swimsuit. They call these “Swimderwear” briefs. I own a pair of these and they’re super comfortable. They last forever, too.

men's gay swimwear

The Neon Swim Bikini Brief and the athletic Stripes Basic Brief are two other sexy and popular swimsuits by Addicted.

Addicted Fetish

Addicted Fetish is another gay men’s swimwear brand collection with functional products. But, their designs are sexier than most.

Not much can compare to their side zipper swim briefs, crafted to be able to come off in a jiffy.

addicted gay swimwear

The fetish gripper bikini is another sexy option. It has a low cut and includes a molded pad in the front pouch so you can maintain a fuller look.

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian may be known for underwear, but they’re also a well-established gay swimwear brand. They offer a ton of playful styles like California mesh trunks and eye-catching printed Palms Bikini.

gay swimwear brands

Don’t miss their iconic branded beach balls while you’re at it—they’re perfect for any gay pool party!

Andrew Christian swimsuits on Amazon are also available in limited styles, a potential option if you want your order shipped quickly.

Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi is a hugely popular Greece-based gay swimwear, activewear, underwear, and activewear brand with a vision to deliver a new experience in gay men’s fashion.

Modus Vivendi gay swimwear

Their swimwear is made using high-quality polyamide and elastane blends, which are both soft and quick-drying. Modus Vivendi has a total of 15 different gay swimwear lines too, ranging from risqué thong swimsuits and bodybuilder briefs to elegant earthy-colored trunks.

Bang! Miami

Bang! Miami expands upon the traditional prints and patterns offered by other gay swimwear brands. The disco jungle and pop art designs are two of Bang’s signature collections.

gay swimwear

Other awesome collections include 8-Bit Leopard, Splash, and Matrix, which all come in briefs, flex shorts, or leg-bearing show shorts. If you don’t know which to choose, see the brand’s line comparison guide.

Bang products ship in only one business day too, so you’ll get them fast!

Barcode Berlin

Looking for loud, fun, and in-your-face gay swimwear? Barcode Berlin is your brand. I chuckle just looking at their pink briefs with “Daddy” written in script on the back!

daddy swim briefs

Barcode Berlin also sells a lot of swimsuits with fruit prints on them, perfect for guys who love peach or eggplant innuendos. Their fetish rubber duck swim briefs are also cute.


I want to mention UXH specifically for their awesome pop art swim briefs. I love the soft colors and clarity of the print on these.

padded gay swimwear

Another awesome UXH product is the padded push-up briefs, which not only offer added pouch support, but have a sleek slightly see-through mesh on the sides that shows off just the slightest bit of skin underneath.


TOF PARIS gay swimwear styles are bold and sexy while keeping it classy. They make every fit possible, too—bikinis, briefs, trunks, sungas, shorts, and even swim skirts!

TOF Paris gay swimwear

I love how many of their swimwear collections include matching tanks and crop tops. No other brand makes finding a complete gay swimwear look this easy.

Nasty Pig

You probably know Nasty Pig as an erotic, sexy gay brand for men’s underwear and jocks, but they also have a sizable gay swimwear collection.

Most of the swimsuits they make are bright-colored with playful prints, ranging from board shorts to bikinis.

Nasty Pig swimsuit


DESMIIT gay swimwear is sexy, sporty, and super affordable. A few of their designs have some unique and fun color blocking, like the skimpy low-rise drawstring briefs, and the match brief bikini.

While DESMIIT swimsuits might take a little longer than others to ship, you honestly can’t beat their prices.

New & Boutique Gay Swimwear Brands

Ron Dorff

Ron Dorff has been around in Europe for over a decade, but the brand is relatively new in the North American market. Ron Dorff is more of a luxury and boutique gay swimwear brand, crafting beautifully elegant designs.

Ron Dorff gay swimsuit

Their striped swim briefs are my absolute favorite. And if you’re looking to elongate your body to look taller, grab the pair with vertical stripes.

Nero New York

Nero is a new and fast-growing swimwear company catering to gay men. Many of Nero’s swim brief designs have an edgy look, like their Rhinestone Flame briefs and Acid Spray briefs.

They also sell products in bright colors and with funny phrases like the “dump him” briefs. With these unique designs and reasonable prices, Nero is certainly a brand to try!

sexy gay swimsuits for men


Designed in Australia and produced in Italy, RESQME swimwear is made of high-end eco-friendly fabrics that stand up to intense use.

If you’re an avid swimmer and need a swimsuit that won’t fall off during your swim or workout, RESQME is the gay swimwear brand for you.


Rounderbum is an incredibly unique brand that makes body-enhancing men’s swimwear and underwear. All of Rounderbum’s swimwear is padded, either in the front, the back, or both. 

padded mens gay swimwear

Their Padded + Package swim briefs accentuate your backside and smooth the front pouch area to hide any shrinkage. The H2O Padded Swim Shorts also amazingly enhance the booty!

Negretti Beachwear

Negretti is a newer gay swimwear brand that appeals to men who love art.

Founder Marbys Negretti focuses on providing gay swimwear styles that other brands don’t. Check out their Eclipse Brief and chic Midnight Dreams Shorts.

gay swimwear collections

Gussy Swimwear

Gussy Swimwear is a brand-new gay swimwear company launched in 2022. Founder Todd Munson started the brand to create specialty made-to-order swimsuits for gay men. Yes, everything is sewn by him!

A couple of beautiful swimsuits I love include Gussy’s Blue Snake Bikini and Neon Floral Bikini.

More Gay Swimwear Styles & Brands

If you haven’t found exactly the right swimsuit from the gay swimwear brands above, here are a few more suggestions.

These swimsuits are mainly produced by gay clothing and underwear brands that offer a few swimwear products or are simply other styles that gay men love!

sexy gay swimwear styles

F plus R

F plus R makes a fantastic and inexpensive pair of swim briefs with a removable pad that comes in various fun prints. They also make one of the most popular men’s American flag bikini briefs on Amazon.

Intimissimi Uomo

I have more pairs of Intimissimi swim trunks than I know what to do with. This Italian brand is spectacular and quite popular among gay men for its playful, fashion-forward, and elegant prints.

Longer Swim Shorts Brands for Gay Men

If you’re looking for more coverage or a more conservative swimsuit, I’ve got a few more suggestions for you.

Bjorn Borg men's swim shorts

Swim shorts by Bjorn Borg are super chic. Their swim shorts with large-letter branding, stretch swim shorts, and elegant printed swim shorts are all wonderful.

For a thicker, more sturdy fabric, try a pair of elastic swim shorts from Sundek. They’re tough, long-lasting, and built for performance. Sundek also sells men’s swim shorts made from a blend of polyester and eco-friendly recycled PET.

popular gay swimwear styles

Harry Rosen is a retailer that sells longer swim shorts from a range of popular brands. They carry swimwear from Polo Ralph Lauren, Moncler, Tom Ford, Emporio Armani, and a ton of other luxury brands gay men love.

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Want even more recommendations? Browse wolfyy’s gay swimwear Amazon list.

Next, check out all the most popular gay underwear and jockstrap brands!

Where will you show off your new swimsuit? At a pride event? Maybe a poolside gay circuit party?

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