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Gay Travel Guides by Category

In wolfyy travel guides, you'll find personally-vetted recommendations and suggestions from LGBT locals!

Newest Gay Travel Guides

Brand new gay travel guides to destinations around the globe.

Puglia’s reputation as a gay summer hotspot grows more every year. Local gay beaches, dozens of historic old towns and handsome Italian men are everywhere!

Luxurious vacation homes, swanky restaurants, and overall exclusivity keep LGBT travelers coming back to the Hamptons every summer.

A popular spring break destination in the southern U.S., Panama City Beach has a bigger gay scene than many other mid-sized tourist vacation spots.

Gay friendly San Juan is the center of gay life in Puerto Rico. Explore the colorful Old San Juan, the rowdy gay beach and fun local gay bars.

Southeast Asia Gay Travel Guides

Experience lush, beachy Southeast Asia gay travel destinations.

Gay men from all over the world flock to this lush paradise, but they may not be where you expect!

Party at beachfront nightclubs, snorkel with marine life and discover hidden secrets in Koh Phi Phi.

Gay travelers will certainly feel right at home in the Malaysian paradise of Langkawi, a relaxed island catering to an international crowd.

You’ve probably never heard of Koh Lipe, but this tiny Thai island is one of the prettiest places on earth. Learn more in this wolfyy gay guide.

Drag shows, hidden beaches and an electric nightlife center are just the beginning of gay Phuket.
The famous Full Moon Party draws gay travelers from all over the world. Discover Koh Phangan’s nightlife and serene coastlines.

On the Malaysian island of Penang, Chinese culture pervades society, welcoming all travelers. Here’s what you have to see!

Koh Samui gay travel will fill your heart with adventure. Crystal waters, nightlife and day trips to remote islands await.

Mediterranean Destinations

Explore picturesque Mediterranean gay travel destinations.

Don’t miss out on fabulous modern architecture, cheap food and tons of sun in this coastal Spanish city!
Naples is authentic Italy. Gritty and full of gay life, you cannot skip Napoli as a gay traveler!
Where is the Split gay beach? Are there gay bars in Croatia? Find out here in this Split gay travel guide.
In Rome, it’s easy to meet other gay travelers, plus you can visit the notorious Rome gay saunas. Read more in this Rome gay travel guide.
Which neighborhood has the most local gay guys? Which are the best gay bars in Madrid? Find out in this wolfyy Madrid gay travel guide.

The gay destination of the Cote D’Azur, Nice certainly takes LGBT inclusiveness to the next level. Get ready to party in the South of France!

Southern Spain charms every gay traveler’s soul. Tapas, plentiful Seville gay bars and a magnificent cityscape will steal your heart.
Avid gay travelers have added a new destination to their lists. Explore the Montenegro you never knew existed Budva.

Amalfi, Positano & Capri lure gay tourists with breathtaking views and Italian charm. Which town should you stay in?

The best gay bars in Florence, authentic neighborhoods away from tourists, tasty restaurants & tips to avoid tourist traps!

Cádiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and it’s gay-friendly too! Explore breathtaking ocean views from the walls of the old city.

Some of Europe’s best gay nightlife is here in beautiful Barcelona. Gay beaches, parties, where to stay & travel tips.

Puglia’s reputation as a gay summer hotspot grows more every year. Local gay beaches, dozens of historic old towns and handsome Italian men are everywhere!

With the largest student population in France, Montpellier is a great destination for younger gay travelers! Check out this gorgeous city in thesouth of France.

Middle East & Gay Travel Guides

Boldly immerse yourself in new world cultures with wolfyy's Middle East gay travel guides.

First of all, What’s gay life really like in Dubai? This gay guide lays out all the facts, plus luxurious hotels & bars.

Very simply, Tel Aviv is packed with gays. The LGBT haven of the Middle East, Tel Aviv gay travel is a must.

Take in an authentic slice of the Middle East in Kuwait City. But is Kuwait safe for gay travelers? Read More.

Learn about local etiquette for gay tourists in glamorous Abu Dhabi, a city that takes everything to the extreme

Eastern Europe Gay Travel Guides

Largely undiscovered, Eastern Europe has plenty to offer gay travelers.

The City of Fire truly embraces its name with flashy architecture. Baku is one of the world’s newest luxury travel destinations.
Dimly lit speakeasies thump with deep bass in the heart of the LGBT-friendly city of red roofs. Prague is waiting for you!
Discover the emerging LGBT culture in the capital of Georgia as the gay community gains increased visibility and strength.
What’s Albania gay life like? Does Tirana have gay bars? Here are the most important gay tips for LGBT travelers.
What is there to do in Podgorica? Explore Balkan history and architecture in the budget-friendly capital.

A small town in western Georgia, Kutaisi is a culture-rich destination you should definitely add to your list of Georgian must-see spots.

Explore the Montenegro you never knew existed. Discover Ulcinj nightlife, ancient ruins, gay beaches & more.
Gay travelers should visit Batumi, but follow the LGBT safety tips in this Batumi gay travel guide.

European Island Destinations

Summer or winter, there's always a European Island to add to your travel list.

Explore the captivating geothermal countryside by day. then dance the night away in gay bars with locals!

If you love to party, don’t skip a night or two in Hvar. Croatia’s party island will keep you dancing all night long!

Famous for two world pride festivals every year, Maspalomas is a European favorite gay party destination.

A dreamy Italian gay holiday destination for your next summer getaway. Find out about the gay life in Sardinia.

Old Korčula is more romantic than other Croatian island destinations. It’s perfect for couples. Discover restaurants, parties and the house where Marco Polo grew up!

Experience the beautiful sleepy, port town of Maslinica on the island of Šolta. While this town might be small, its beautiful, regionally popular restaurant will make you glad you stopped by.

Get ready for paradise with a visit to Pomena on Mljet Island. Stunning lakes, a picturesque seaside and a precious local culture draw travelers here every year.

Vis is famous for its brilliantly sun-drenched sea caves, as well as for being the filming location of Mamma Mia 2. Making a trip to this Croatian Island is a no-brainer for gay travelers!

Gay Travel Guides to Big Asian Cities

In-depth gay travel guides to dazzling Asian city destinations.

Mumbai is chaotic, yet stunningly beautiful. Find top Mumbai attractions & hotels , plus India LGBT life.

Amazing rooftops, parties in the streets and street food markets are just the beginning of Saigon. Learn more in this gay guide.

Probably one of the most budget-friendly cities, Kuala Lumpur will treat you like a queen! Discover Malaysia’s capital & learn about KL gay life.

Neon-lit alleyways buzz all night long, Bangkok is home to a vibrant gay scene and very visible transgender community.

Osaka gay travel is delightfully overwhelming. Bright lights stretch along tidy street grids in a city safe for LGBT travelers.
Is Shanghai gay travel a good idea? Read about what its like to be gay in China, plus Shanghai gay bars & parties.

Don’t miss out on massive gay bars in Tokyo’s gay district. Try some classic Japanese Tonkatsu, shop all day and visit a cat café!

Experience how “east meets west” in poppy gay clubs, local markets, beaches and dazzling skyline views.
Chiang Mai is a must for all first-time Thailand travelers. Find the best gay bars, elephant parks and cozy hostels.
A gritty city with a frightening past, the Phnom Penh gay travel is ideal for history buff. Welcome to Cambodia’s capital.

The budget gay traveler’s paradise, Kuala Lumpur will treat you like a queen! Discover Malaysia’s capital & learn about KL gay life.

Lose yourself in Delhi’s beautiful chaos. Essential Delhi gay travel tips, plus my story about meeting a Delhi gay local

World-famous for iconic temples, Kyoto gay travel also has some rainbow flair! Don’t miss out on this Japanese city’s gay travel experience.

Explore epic temples by day and a buzzing nightlife by night. Where to stay, Angkor Wat tickets & travel tips.

Thailands second busiest tourist destination, expect an electric nightlife scene in LGBT-friendly Phuket. Here’s what to see and what to skip!

Feel true peace in the north of India. The holy city of Amritsar will thrill your senses in every way possible.

Gay Travel Guides to North America

Find inspiration during any season with gay travel guides to the best of North America.

The newest gay travel destination in Mexico, gay guys flock to Holbox for serene beaches and wild nightlife. Plus, the clearest water you’ve probably ever seen!

New York is a gritty, gay wonderland with endless attractions. Discover local gay hangouts, restaurants & the best neighborhoods.

Wild nightlife you’d never expect to find is only the first reason why you must visit Guadalajara. Don’t miss the world’s only circular pyramids.

Expansive beaches & sunshine in a town with tons of gay tourists and energetic gay nightlife. Fort Lauderdale is the perfect U.S. destination for a long weekend getaway

Looking for an underwear party? A tea dance? Drag shows? Fire Island has it all. Check out this Fire Island guide for the party info you’ll need.

The best of Mexico City’s nightlife, stunning historical architecture and the best tacos on earth, all here in wolfyy’s Mexico city gay guide.

Gay travelers love Montréal for so many reasons. Beautiful parks, plentiful gay bars, the wonderful Montréal gay village and even a male strip club!

Lively bar-filled streets, tasty tacos and pulsing parties thrive in gay Puerto Vallarta. Bar hop the gay district & socialize in the beach clubs.

A popular spring break destination in the southern U.S., Panama City Beach has a bigger gay scene than many other mid-sized tourist vacation spots.

Art Deco buildings and shirtless men share these Florida shores. Check out the gay beach, the best Miami gay clubs and more.

Year-round sunshine, a huge gay population and famous gay bars make Los Angeles gay travel an easy choice. 

Experience the diverse gay culture of Central New York here in Syracuse! Uncover the best gay bars, one-of-a-kind restaurants and an inclusive queer culture.

Denver is ideal for those who like a balance urban gay life and the great outdoors. Denver has a little of everything from mountain climbing to drag shows.

Why is Vail so popular? Should this glitzy ski town be your next stop? Learn about Vail’s best hotels, gay life & top experiences.

What can you expect for gay bars in Playa del Carmen? Find out if Quintana Roo is right for you with this Playa del Carmen gay travel guide.

A classic American destination with a bit of southern charm. Explore Myrtle Beach gay life and find the best hotels for an epic beach getaway.

Gay friendly San Juan is the center of gay life in Puerto Rico. Explore the colorful Old San Juan, the rowdy gay beach and fun local gay bars.

African Destination Guides

Get acquainted with the most popular gay travel destinations on the African continent.

What’s the gay scene like in Johannesburg? wolfyy covers local gay bars, safety and if South Africa’s capital city is worth a visit.

Cape Town is a the epicenter of LGBT life in South Africa. Explore the vibrant gay nightlife, gay beaches, experiences, top hotels and more.


Advice and information relayed in the wolfyy gay travel guides or on any other portion of the wolfyy site is for information only. This information shall not be solely relied upon for any reason. Please always consider your local government’s travel advice and warnings and use your own judgment. Travel safe!

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