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How to Stay Fit While Traveling

how to stay fit while traveling
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Strategies to Stay Fit While Traveling

Whether we’re traveling for work or play, thought about how to stay fit are always in the back of our minds. What’s actually possible without access to a gym?

Being away from your local fitness center or the trails of your favorite park can definitely throw you off. When we’re on the road, working out can easily become an afterthought.

staying in shape while traveling

However, jumping right into a specialized travel-fitness routine is actually easier than you think.

Whether you’re embarking on a several-month journey or taking a week-long holiday, these easily-actionable recommendations will help you learn how to stay fit while traveling anywhere. You’ll be able to work out and see your goals without any hassle.

Staying in Shape Without Equipment

Sometimes we get so accustomed to using weights, treadmills, and other equipment that we forget how to manage without them! Weights and other machines are helpful, but as most of us know, utilizing your body weight alone can be equally as effective.

how to stay fit while traveling for work

I’m no personal trainer, but I do understand the plethora of exercise movements you have at your disposal. There are a bunch of on-the-go training applications like Aaptiv, that can guide you through a workout anytime, anywhere. I prefer their HIIT workout programs.

Most importantly, when we attempt bodyweight exercises, we have to remember to challenge ourselves. Shift focus away from the discomfort associated with exhausting your muscles and work toward fully activating your target muscle with mental clarity.

Use Packable Fitness Accessories

While there are plenty of workouts you can do without any machines or standard weights, you can definitely expand the possibilities with some small fitness accessories.

If I have the space in my bag, preferably when taking a shorter trip, I’ll bring along my reliable set of resistance workout bands. They come along with a durable set of attachments.

fitness bands to stay fit while traveling

If you’re looking to pack extra light as you would for a several-month journey around Southeast Asia, then I recommend the slim set of resistance loop bands. They fold up easier and pack flatter to save space in your backpack.

Lastly, if bands are not your thing, go for a simple tangle-free jump rope to stay fit while traveling using cardio sessions.

How to Stay Fit While Traveling for Work

More and more professionals travel around the globe for work every year. Staying fit while traveling can be especially hard when you have to keep up with a hectic work schedule or deal with sub-optimal dietary options.

The majority of people who travel for work will tell you that getting your workout finished early in the morning is key. Evening agendas get in the way of hotel gym-time or an early night run. Try to hit the hay early and get your workout in early.

how to stay fit while traveling for work

If you dread morning workouts, I find that telling yourself that you’re just “going for a stretch” is a nifty way to get rid of any pre-workout dread. If you need an extra jolt, some pre-workout capsules will definitely get you moving.

Since work-related travel typically comes with hotel food and group dinners, we tend to take in way more calories than needed or are not getting the right balance of macro-nutrients.

Offset this by sticking to black coffee or lemon water for as long as you can in the morning. Then keep your first meal balanced with sufficient protein.

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Staying Fit While Traveling is Mostly Diet

Whether we like it or not, diet is what will make all your fitness efforts “show.” Total calorie consumption as well as your macronutrient balance will determine whether your abs start showing through or your biceps grow bigger.

When I’m traveling internationally, I like to enjoy the delicious local dishes, however carbohydrate or oil-heavy they may be.

However, I definitely realize the importance of having days where I just eat basic, healthy food from a grocery store instead of greasy delicious street food and cocktails.

dieting while traveling

Finding a balance between indulgence and diligence is the real trick for how to stay fit while traveling the world. While traveling for work, especially long-term, everything boils down to watching your consumption and offsetting your heavy meals with some extra cardio.

Everyone’s fitness goals obviously differ, but whether you’re bulking up or trimming down, you’re going to find that most of the results will come from dietary choices!

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