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How to Stay Fit While Traveling: 7 Tips

how to stay fit while traveling
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Strategies to Stay Fit While Traveling

Whether we’re traveling for work or play, thoughts about how to stay fit are always looming somewhere in our minds. Deviating from a typical routine, it can be easy to lose track of fitness goals.

However, there are a few simple tips and things to be mindful of that can help you stay fit while traveling anywhere for any length of time.

man eating prepared food on vacation

1. Start Your Travels with a Run or Walk

Many travelers like to get acclimated to a new destination by taking a sightseeing bus tour or running to the nearest bar. Instead, why not start out by going for a run or walk?

Beginning your trip this way will allow you to see more things than you would in a vehicle. It can also be a fun way to people-watch, check out local gay beaches or get yourself oriented with a city’s gay district.

starting vacation with healthy exercise

There are a bunch of on-the-go training applications like Aaptiv, that can guide you through a workout anywhere if you need something concrete to keep on track.

Some sexy men’s workout clothes might just give you the extra bit of motivation you need!

2. Broaden Your Definition of Exercise

Exercise doesn’t always have to be about running or lifting weights. We can get creative than that.

Take part in the winter sports activities at a gay ski week. Cycle to the attractions on your list. Go swimming or kayaking in beautiful blue water. Do yoga in the wild. There are plenty of ways to make exercise fun, to the point that you forget it’s even exercise.

gay men exercising on ski trip

You’ll end your trip stronger and having burned plenty of calories while still making lasting memories.

3. Book the Right Accommodations

Don’t just make a reservation at the first, cheapest, or most convenient hotel you find. Look for ones that have a fitness center, a healthy menu (at least for breakfast and other meals you usually eat at the hotel), or a wellness program.

motivating hotel gym

One of the top reasons people fall off their diet and fitness routines is because it’s difficult to get to a gym or find healthy food. Having easy access to these things will make it more likely you’ll stay on track when you’re traveling.

4. Work Out with Packable Fitness Accessories

While there are plenty of workouts you can do without any machines or standard weights, you can easily expand the possibilities with some small fitness accessories.

how to stay fit while traveling for work

If I have the space in my bag, preferably when taking a shorter trip, I’ll bring along my reliable set of resistance workout bands. They come along with a durable set of attachments.

If you’re looking to pack extra light as you would for a several-month journey around Southeast Asia, then I recommend the slim set of resistance loop bands. They fold up easier and pack flatter to save space in your backpack.

fitness bands to stay fit while traveling

If bands are not your thing, go for a simple tangle-free jump rope to stay fit by doing some cardio sessions. I think jumping rope is one of the most fun ways to stay fit while traveling since you can bring one anywhere!

5. Try Working Out in the Morning

Those who travel for work will tell you that getting your workout finished early in the morning is key. Evening agendas get in the way of exercise.

This applies to vacations, too—as the day goes on, other adventures get can easily in the way. There’s also the possibility of feeling too tired or facing the temptation of drinking alcohol. So give an early workout a shot.

staying in shape while traveling

If you dread morning workouts, I find that telling yourself that you’re just “going for a stretch” is a nifty way to get rid of any pre-workout dread. For an extra jolt, some pre-workout capsules will definitely get you moving.

6. Keep Your Diet Under Control

Whether we like it or not, diet is what will make all your fitness efforts “show.” Total calorie consumption as well as your macronutrient balance will determine whether your abs start showing through or your biceps grow bigger.

dieting while traveling

When I’m traveling internationally, I like to enjoy the delicious local dishes, however carbohydrate or oil-heavy they may be. But I also plan for days when I just eat basic, healthy food from a grocery store.

Eating too much at lunch or stopping for snacks when touring around is deceptively easy as well. Finding a balance between indulgence and diligence is critical to staying fit, especially when you’re traveling to foodie destinations or exploring the food of new cultures.

how to stay fit while traveling for work

One way to offset having larger meals later in the day is by sticking to black coffee or lemon water for as long as you can in the morning. Then keep your first meal balanced with sufficient protein.

7. Watch the Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is a big part of vacationing for many people. However, drinking all day and getting hammered at night is a big mistake.

Drinking excessively can make it easier to pack on the pounds, and even harm your mental health. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

gay men staying healthy on vacation

If you’re visiting a wine destination, choose a few days for wine tasting and explore different options on others. Select a few evenings for imbibing and check out some local culture on other ones. Your liver will certainly thank you.

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The post was written in collaboration with Gay Wellness.

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