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35 Best Gay Beaches Around the World

best gay beaches in the world
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Gay Beaches You Need to Know About

Discover the world’s best gay beaches, from super popular and densely packed party spots to lesser-known local gay hangouts.

While you’ll likely recognize some of these gay beaches, I bet there are a few you’ve never even heard of! Let’s get started.

popular gay beach

Hilton Beach – Tel Aviv, Israel

Hilton Beach is the hub of daytime gay life in Tel Aviv. Surrounded by rainbow flags along the promenade, this gay beach is always densely packed full of gay men.

The crowd at Hilton Beach is international, but local Israelis love it too. It’s easy to make new friends here, and if nothing else, check out the gorgeous men consistently passing by.

Hilton gay beach in Tel Aviv

Tips for Hilton Beach

  • Impress the boys with your most fashionable swimsuit!
  • Arrive earlier if you want a spot under one of the large cabana structures.

Boy Beach – Provincetown, Massachusetts

The Provincetown local gay beach is called Boy Beach, located at the southern end of Herring Cove Beach. It’s one of the most popular and unique gay beaches in the world.

Not only does Boy Beach attract a huge crowd of gays, but the highly tidal marshland behind the dunes dramatically fills with water during high tide. Depending on the time of day you visit, the landscape will look completely different!

Provincetown gay beach

Getting to this gay beach takes a bit of a walk, so pack light. The path begins at the Boy Beach Bike Racks and continues through an enormous tidal area.

Paying attention to the tide schedule is crucial. It’s easiest to arrive during the morning low tide and leave during the later afternoon low tide. Otherwise, you’ll be wading through several feet of water to get home!

Cruising is always happening in the dunes behind the gay beach. If nothing else, this might make the beach worth the walk!

gay beach provincetown walking tides

Tips for Boy Beach

  • You’ll find lots of nude sunbathers here, even though the beach isn’t officially clothing optional.
  • Water shoes make the long trek along the sand (and through knee-height waters during high tides) much more comfortable.
  • Pack enough food and drinks for the day.

Kiosco No. 7 Gay Beach – Maspalomas, Spain

Kiosco No. 7 in Maspalomas is one of the friendliest gay beaches in the world. It’s located at the southern tip of Gran Canaria, the largest of the Canary Islands.

The vibe at Kiosco No. 7 is so carefree. The gorgeous backdrop of the famous Maspalomas dunes is stunning, too.

maspalomas gay beach

Since the Canary Islands have warm tropical weather year-round, you’ll find people at Maspalomas’ gay beach pretty much any day! One of the most popular times to go is during Winter Pride, the island’s pride festival in November.

There are two ways to get to Kiosco No. 7. If you prefer walking along the shore, grab a taxi to Plaza del Faro and then walk east.

Otherwise, go directly to the main entrance of the dunes and head south.

maspalomas dunes near gay beach

Tips for the Maspalomas Gay Beach

  • The walk from the dunes to the gay beach is all downhill, so it’s easier to go this route toward the beach and take the shore route back.
  • Check out the cruising happening in the nearby dunes!

Ipanema Gay Beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro’s epic Ipanema gay beach is one of the world’s most iconic gay beaches, and it’s my personal favorite. Tons of muscled Brazilian men are always taking photos here in sexy bathing suits. My Instagram is full of them!

The gay beach area of Ipanema is between Posto 8 and Posto 9, however, all of Ipanema is gay-friendly.

sexy men at Ipanema gay beach

Tips for Ipanema Gay Beach

  • Grab Caiparinhas at Barraca Da Denise, a drink stand in the center of the gay beach.
  • Don’t wear jewelry or leave any valuable items unattended. If you’re worried, get yourself some travel insurance.
  • See more local tips in wolfyy’s Rio gay guide.

Gay Beaches in Sitges, Spain

Sitges has several gay beaches, and as an incredibly popular gay summer vacation spot, you can expect crowds of international gay men everywhere!

Platja de la Bassa Rodona is the most popular and centrally located gay beach in Sitges. It’s just a 10-minute walk from the main train station.

Sitges gay beaches

The other gay beaches in Sitges are located a bit outside the city’s center. Playa del Muerto is a nudist gay beach to the southwest, nestled in a rocky cove. It’s best to travel here by car.

Platja dels Balmins is a gay and nudist beach toward the eastern end of Sitges. Easy to reach, you can walk there in about 25 minutes from the center of town.

Balmins beach sitges

Tips for Sitges Gay Beaches

  • Summertime crowds can be massive. Arriving earlier is always better.
  • Day trips to Sitges from Barcelona are easy. They’re a popular way to get a taste of the local gay life.

Gunnison Beach – Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Gunnison Beach is an official nudist beach in New Jersey. One section is packed full of gay men every summer, especially on weekends. It’s honestly one of the best gay beaches I’ve ever been to.

gunnison gay nude beach

Guys typically arrive here mid-morning and stay until just after sunset. And toward the end of the day, the vibe gets a bit sexually charged.

wolfyy’s Gunnison New Jersey gay beach guide has all the important details, directions, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Tips for Gunnison Beach

  • Wear a sexy jockstrap or swim briefs if you don’t want to be fully nude.
  • Bathrooms and showers are available.
  • Pack lots of food and drinks since options are limited.

Gay Beaches in Puglia, Italy

Italy’s Puglia region has so many fantastic gay beaches that it can be difficult to pick one!

Spiaggia d’Ayala is one of the region’s best gay beaches, located in Campomarino. Then, of course, there are the famous gay beaches in Gallipoli. These are are located between Punta della Suina and Spiaggia degli Innamorati.

Italy gay beaches

Spiaggia di Torre Guaceto is another option, a gay beach popular with locals. It’s just under 30 minutes from Ostuni by car.

wolfyy’s Puglia gay guide covers even more Puglia gay beaches and has tons of useful tips and details on directions.

Platja de la Mar Bella – Barcelona, Spain

Platja de la Mar Bella is one of the best gay beaches in all of Spain. It’s a sandy clothing optional gay beach located in central Barcelona popular with both locals and tourists.

Barcelona gay beach restaurant

Chiringuito BeGay is the adjacent outdoor bar and restaurant where you can grab drinks to go or sit under the covered beach hut.

This area is where most of the gay men congregate. There’s more of a mixed crowd toward the north end of Platja de la Mar Bella.

Tips for Platja de la Mar Bella

  • The line for drinks at Chiringuito BeGay can take a long time, so put all your friend’s drink orders in together.
  • People hang out around the bar well into the evening hours, so Barcelona’s gay beach is also an option for evening cocktails!
gay beach in Barcelona

Gay Beaches in Fire Island Pines & Cherry Grove, New York

The endless stretch of sand between Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove neighborhoods is one of the largest gay beaches in the United States. Gay men and women greet each other with friendly smiles as they pass one another along the shore.

Pockets of gay beachgoers will be spread out since the beach is so massive. Don’t be afraid to say hello and make new friends!

Fire Island gay beach

Tips for Fire Island Gay Beaches

Atlantic Beach – Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan has a vibrant gay beach of its own, located in the Condado neighborhood. I spent two consecutive afternoons here and still didn’t get enough!

The gay beach area is on Atlantic Beach between the La Concha Renaissance hotel and the jetty. Tons of gay tourists huddle beneath a sea of rainbow umbrellas listening to their favorite music. You can’t miss it!

atlantic beach San Juan

Tips for San Juan’s Gay Beach

  • Alcohol isn’t easily accessible, so you may want to bring your own.
  • Bring cash for lounge chairs rentals.

Kasjuni Beach – Split, Croatia

Kasjuni Beach is a short drive outside of central Split. You’ll typically find guys cruising here while wearing some sexy underwear to attract a little extra attention. 

This gay beach is for those who like to lurk, check out their options, and get right to it when the time is right.

Kasjuni gay beach in Split

Tips for Kasjuni Beach

  • Wear water shoes to protect your feet from the rocky shore.
  • Check your dating apps to meet guys on gay sailing boats docked in front of the beach.
  • Cool off afterward at the LGBT-friendly Joe’s Beach Lounge.

12th Street Gay Beach – Miami, Florida

The famous 12th Street gay beach is the epicenter of LGBT life in Miami. It’s one of the gay beaches that Americans always include among their favorites.

There’s a ton of space to spread out here. You’ll typically find gorgeous gay guys playing catch or a game of volleyball. It’s wonderful to watch!

12th street gay beach miami

Tips for 12th Street Gay Beach

Marshall’s Beach – San Francisco, California

Marshall’s Beach is the go-to clothing optional gay beach in San Francisco located at the northern tip of the city. The close-up views of the Golden Gate Bridge are epic.

The hike down to Marshall’s Beach along Batteries to Bluffs Trail is beautiful. Be ready for a 25-minute descent down, though!

gay beach in San Francisco

Tips for Marshall’s Gay Beach

  • If your trip to Marshall’s Beach is more of a fitness journey, you might love these sexy workout clothing
  • For even more of an adventure, trek over to Mile Rock Beach to see the famous stacked rocks.

Lokrum FKK Gay Beach - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Off the coast of Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island has a fantastic lesser-known nudist gay beach area! Every year, more gay travelers are discovering Lokrum’s gay beach along their journeys through Croatia.

Lokrum FKK Beach is Lokrum Island’s main gay beach spot, but you’ll generally find gay guys wandering the eastern shores anywhere south of the port.

Lokrum Island gay beach Dubrovnik

Tips for Lokrum Gay Beach

Elia Beach – Mykonos, Greece

Elia Beach usually wins the title of Greece’s best gay beach, but gay men are often highly opinionated about this! With some of the most attractive gay men in the world, Elia Beach has plenty of fit boys to go around!

Elia Beach Mykonos

Elia’s nudist section is usually entirely filled with gay men. It’s located at the western end of the beach, nestled between the rocks.

Crowds of gay travelers from all over the world flock to the Elia gay beach to enjoy summertime in Mykonos. Expect an upbeat party-like vibe here, especially during XLSIOR, the island’s famous gay circuit festival.

nude gay beach in mykonos

Tips for Elia Beach

  • Prepare for some steep prices at Elia beach, considering how popular it is.
  • Rent a car in Mykonos if you want to stop around some of the other magnificent beaches.

Clifton 3rd Gay Beach – Cape Town, South Africa

Nestled along the cliffs of Cape Town, Clifton’s beaches are one big white-sand paradise. Sections of Clifton Beach are labeled by numbers 1 through 4 and Clifton 3rd Beach is the gay section.

Cape Town’s gay beach is relaxed and friendly. You’ll likely encounter other travelers from all over the world. I met another American here!

gay beach in Cape Town

Tips for Clifton 3rd Gay Beach

  • Pack drinks and snacks. Since the waterfront is largely residential, there are no bars or convenience stores nearby.
  • Prepare to walk down lots of steps, as Clifton Beach is at the bottom of a cliff!

Pinedo Beach – Valencia, Spain

Pinedo Beach is a local nudist gay beach just outside the wonderful Spanish city of Valencia. The gay guys on this popular stretch of sand certainly aren’t shy about stripping off their clothes!

Note that the Pinedo gay beach area is called Playa de Las Dunas de Pinedo, which is much further south than the main Pinedo Beach area.

pinedo gay beach valencia

Tips for Pinedo Gay Beach

  • Traveling by car to the gay beach is the fastest. I recommend renting a car in Valencia However, arriving by public bus is possible.
  • Nearby parking is free.

Sebastian Street Beach – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sebastian Street Beach is the official gay beach in central Fort Lauderdale. It’s a classic spot where you can make new gay friends any day of the week. there are always guys hanging out here, and they come in all shapes and sizes, too.

Fort Lauderdale gay beaches

Choose a beachfront hotel near Sebastian Street Beach with one of the LGBT-favorite recommendations in wolfyy’s Fort Lauderdale gay guide.

Tips for Sebastian Street Beach

  • Lounge chairs are available for rental.
  • Everyone tends to leave the beach just before sunset.

Playa del Bajondillo – Torremolinos, Spain

In and around the famous Eden Beach Club, you’ll find a sea of gay men hanging out along the water here in Torremolinos. This stretch of sand is called Playa del Bajondillo and it’s one of the best gay beaches in all of Spain.

Torremolinos gay beach

Just up the cliffside is the Ritual Hotel Torremolinos, the town’s enormous gay resort. Many of the guys that stay here have easy access to the beach, so there’s always a decent crowd.

Tips for the Torremolinos Gay Beach

  • Bring your own towel because beach clubs in Torremolinos don’t provide towels unless you reserve cabana beds.
  • If you want a spot at Eden Beach Club, you must make a reservation online the day before. Also, they don’t honor reservations if you show up past 12:30 PM.

Gay Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

The majestic Italian island of Sardinia has several gay beaches that most gay travelers have never heard of! They’re incredibly popular among local Italians and I had a fabulous time at all of them.

Mari Pintau is the best Sardinia gay beach. The water here is crystal clear and plenty of gorgeous gay Italians relax along the cobblestone shoreline.

gay beaches in Sardinia Italy

Two other semi-gay beaches in Sardinia are the picturesque Cala Serena as well as the area around Liscia Ruja. You’ll find a mixed crowd with tame and relaxed vibes at both.

Tips for Sardinia Gay Beaches

Playa Los Muertos – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Playa Los Muertos is one of the best gay beaches in the world. You’ll find packs of gay men just about any time of year toward the southern end of the beachfront. 

Everyone hangs out around the popular Mantamar Beach Club as well as the other adjacent beach clubs. The gay beach is also super easy to walk to from anywhere in the Zona Romántica area of Puerto Vallarta.

beach club near gay beach

Tips for Los Muertos Gay Beach

  • Almar LGBT Resort is the nicest hotel around and has direct access to the gay beach.
  • Credit cards are accepted in just about all the bars and restaurants nearby.

Mama Beach – Torre del Lago, Italy

Mama Beach is one of the best gay beaches in Italy. Most tourists don’t even know about it either!

Gay Italians take over Mama Gay Beach all summer long. And after sunset, everyone sticks around to party at all the beachfront gay clubs here in Torre del Lago.

men at mama gay beach

Tips for Mama Beach

  • Fit in with the Italians with a sexy swimsuit.
  • Bring a volleyball. Italians love to play!
  • Learn more about Torre del Lago’s beachside nightlife in wolfyy’s Tuscany gay guide.

Hollywood Beach – Chicago, Illinois

Hollywood Beach is one of the gayest spots in Chicago. You’ll surely find handsome men of all shapes and sizes at this gay beach, wearing skimpy swimsuits all summer long. 

Chicago gay beach

Grab a photo by the rainbow-painted pierhead light. The beach will be especially packed during Market Days, Chicago’s wildly popular circuit party week.

Two Mile Hollow – East Hampton, New York

Two Mile Hollow is the classic gay beach of the Hamptons. The scene here is super relaxed and friendly.

While it’s one of the quieter gay beaches in the world, you can still always count on a diverse LGBT crowd at Two Mile Hollow.

Two Mile Hollow gay beach

Tips for Two Mile Hollow

Rehoboth Gay Beach – Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is a top gay beach destination for people who live in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and southern New Jersey. Locals from these areas love spending summer weekends in this seaside town.

Poodle Beach is the main gay beach section of Rehoboth, located at the southern end of town. Another lesser-known gay friendly beach area in Rehoboth is Whiskey Beach, which has more of a mixed crowd.

Rehoboth gay beach

Tips for Rehoboth Gay Beach

Praia Naturista 19 – Lisbon, Portugal

Summertime in Lisbon means a trip to Praia Naturista 19, the area’s gay clothing-optional beach! About half of the people here are usually nude, so you can still enjoy it if you prefer to keep your clothes on.

The beach is also well known for all the cruising that takes place in the adjacent dunes. I found this beach to be so relaxing. The sand is soft and the water is perfect.

popular gay beach lisbon portugal

The best way to get to Lisbon’s gay beach is by car to the Fonte da Telha area. You can easily park anywhere on the side streets in the area north of here. Renting a car in Lisbon will make the journey much more comfortable.

Then take one of the beach trails and continue along the beach path until you see the “Paragem 19” marker sign.

Gay Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is known for some of the world’s most epic beaches, and while the gay community largely mixes in with everyone else on the beach, you can find some gay friends in a couple of different spots.

Obelisk Beach is the most popular Sydney gay beach and is a more secluded option. One of the only official nude beaches in the region, both gay locals and travelers venture here for a quiet and relaxing day in the sun.

Obelisk gay beach in sydney

North Bondi Beach is the other beach option for gay travelers. While it’s not specifically a gay beach, the north end of Bondi is known to be popular with gay travelers.

Black’s Beach – La Jolla, California

Black’s Beach is a legendary surf spot and clothing optional gay beach. It’s the most popular gay beach in the San Diego area. Everyone here is super friendly and it’s a fantastic place to meet new friends.

While most of Black’s Beach is clothing optional, the gay clothing optional area is at the north end. It’s about a 15-minute walk once you reach the ocean from the trail. 

best gay beaches in california

The beach is anchored by the Torrey Pines Gliderport, a hang-gliding center where beachgoers park and enter the trail that leads down to the beach.

Tips for Black’s Beach

Jacob Riis Gay Beach – New York City

Jacob Riis Beach is the official gay beach of New York City. Located in the borough of Queens on the Rockaway Peninsula, it has been a popular gay beach since the 1940s.

gay beach in New York City

This no-frills gay beach is popular with residents of Brooklyn and southern Queens. Easily reachable via public transit, it’s perfect for short day trips from New York City.

While you’re visiting New York, consider staying at one of these awesome gay hotels in New York City.

Will Rogers Gay Beach – Los Angeles, California

Will Rogers Beach State Park has the most popular gay beach in greater Los Angeles.

The gay area of the beach is near Lifeguard Tower 18, which is adjacent to the Santa Monica neighborhood. There’s so much to do here, from playing volleyball to staring at the gorgeous lifeguards. Weekends are especially epic, with epic dance parties.

Will Rogers gay beach los angeles

The Will Rogers gay beach is informally known as “Ginger Rogers Beach” and has a ton of history. Gay men have been coming here since the 1940s!

Tips for Will Rogers Gay Beach

  • Parking lots are available everywhere along the seashore and typically cost a flat rate of $10.
  • After the beach, check out the Los Angeles gay bathhouses!

Rock River – Vermont

Rock River is Vermont’s most popular gay and nudist swimming area. Guys here tend to be quite friendly, and if you wander in the surrounding woods, you’ll discover the area’s cruising scene.

Rock River gay beach area

The exact location of the gay beach might be hard for some to find. Luckily, offers some detailed Rock River gay beach directions. They also mention a few other lesser-known Vermont gay beaches and nudist swimming spots.

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