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Where to Find Gay Bathhouses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles gay bathhouses and saunas
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Los Angeles Gay Bathhouse Options

If you’ve searched for gay saunas and bathhouses in Los Angeles, you’ve probably come across the well-known options. Los Angeles has its fair share of traditional gay saunas.

But, what you probably haven’t found are all the other cruising options available. Los Angeles gay saunas aren’t the only places for a fun, sexy time!

Los Angeles gay bathhouses

After mentioning where to find the city’s main gay bathhouses, I’ll tell you about a bunch of popular sex parties, exclusive men’s clubs, cruising venues, and other sexy gay events.

Traditional Gay Bathhouses & Saunas in Los Angeles

There are three gay bathhouses in Los Angeles, each in a different area of the city.

Flex Spas Los Angeles is the long-established, most well-known gay bathhouse in the city. It’s an all-male private club that includes an outdoor pool, gym, dark room, jacuzzi, and garden lounge.

gay bathhouse in Los Angeles

A second gay bathhouse option is North Hollywood Spa. Amenities include an outdoor pool, a 24-hour café, sauna, steam room, viewing lounges, and tons of individual private rooms. They also offer free admission for first-timers! 

The famous Midtowne Spa used to be the go-to gay sauna in downtown Los Angeles for decades. But sadly, Midtowne Spa closed permanently in December 2022 as the property was put up for sale.

Alternatives to Gay Bathhouses in Los Angeles

Saunas and bathhouses aren’t the only options for cruising. Depending on when you’re visiting Los Angeles and where you’ll be staying in the city, you might just have plenty of alternatives to satisfy your urge for cruising.

Gay Cruising & Sex Clubs

Slammer is Los Angeles’ go-to gay sex club. There’s plenty of space to play in the club’s Meat-Up Room, orgy room, and “suck-a-torium.” If you love grungy, sex dungeon vibes, you won’t want to miss a night at Slammer.

gay sex club in Los Angeles

Non-member entry fees are a little over $30. If you’ll be in Los Angeles frequently and plan to come back more than a couple times, save money with a membership pass.

The gay sex parties at Club Threshold are unforgettable. This venue is noteworthy for its 7 themed rooms in addition to a spacious dungeon-style main room. 

Want to play out your doctor’s office fantasy? There’s a themed room for that! You can also take a seat on one of their shoehine stations or play around in the cage room.

On the first Saturday of every month, Club Threshold hosts a special event called Moonburn, a men-only spanking party. Make sure to arrive early for this, because doors close after the first 90 people enter!

Threshold gay sex club

Whichever sex club you choose, grab everyone’s attention with a suggestive leather harness or a sexy jockstrap.

My gay harness guide has a ton of style ideas and covers all the top gay harness brands.

Gay Sex Parties in Los Angeles

CumUnion is one of the most well-known and popular gay sex parties in Los Angeles. Events are hosted at different venues, usually rotating between local gay bathhouses, gay resorts, and adult clubs.

Everyone is welcome at CumUnion and anyone can buy tickets, which are sold through Eventbrite. Additional updates are available on CumUnion LA’s Twitter.

CumUnion Los Angeles

LAX JACKS is a unique alternative for anyone who wants to cruise, but doesn’t necessarily want to go “all the way.” This event is strictly a jack-off-only party. Kissing and penetration are prohibited! LAX JACKS has a strict, clear code of conduct, so newcomers can find out exactly what they’ll be getting into.

The LA/OC Jacks hosts sex parties in Los Angeles every week on either Friday or Saturday. Total attendance is usually around 100 people, and you’ll find a large percentage of both twinks and daddies. Body types span the complete spectrum.

18 to 20-year-olds get in for only $5! The LA/OC Jacks has sexy “go-go-guys” and always has a professional guest massage therapist at the party.

Oink Night sex party

A few other exclusive Los Angeles gay sex parties include the Men’s Meat Up Party and Throbbing Thursdays hosted by Private Men’s Party, as well as LAX Jacks, a private jack-off club in Downtown LA for men who prefer masturbation.

Learn about more than 20 gay sex parties in Los Angeles by downloading my complete PDF list, which includes direct sign-up links, contact information, event locations, and more. I also update it every month to provide the latest information.

No matter where you go, stay on top of your sexual health with private, same-day STD testing in Los Angeles. They allow you to choose exactly what you want to test and have locations all over the city.

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Los Angeles Gay Parties & Bars with Dark Rooms

Lastly, the other sauna alternative for gay men in Los Angeles is attending a circuit party that is known to have an area for cruising or darkroom.

One of the biggest gay parties in Los Angeles is BRÜT. Described as a blend of hot sexual potent energy and dirty house music, BRÜT is one of the best places to enjoy both dancing and cruising at the same time.

los Angeles gay party dark room

Guys at these parties are super attractive, I have to say! Make sure you get lucky by wearing your best circuit gear or a sexy jockstrap

DEN LA is another dance party in LA where you can find a lot of sex and cruising. It’s a smaller party that’s much more geared toward cruising than dancing. The venue has both a dance floor and play lounges.

The Bullet Bar is a popular gay bar in Los Angeles that frequently hosts sexy cruising and fetish events. It’s much more relaxed, as opposed to the massive parties mentioned above.

Check out a bunch of other popular Los Angeles gay bars in wolfyy’s Los Angeles gay travel guide.

Don’t miss these Los Angeles gay sex parties and cruising events!

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