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The Best Gay Saunas and Bathhouses in the USA

best gay saunas in the USA
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Gay Saunas in the USA You Need to Visit

There’s nothing like a hot, steamy good time at one of the USA’s best gay bathhouses. Who doesn’t want to relax, cruise, meet other guys, and “let off some steam?”

Gay saunas and bathhouses exist in cities across the United States. A bunch of them are part of gay sauna chains that have locations in multiple cities, while others are beloved one-of-a-kind establishments.

gay saunas in the United States

Below are descriptions of all the best gay saunas and bathhouses in the United States. You’ll also find information about each one’s amenities, location, and pricing in addition to photos and official website links.

Let’s get started!

Steamworks Chicago

best gay sauna in USA
best gay saunas in USA
Chicago gay bathhouse

Steamworks Chicago is exceptionally popular and well-known for having some of the best amenities of any gay sauna in the United States. The facilities are enormous, spread over four spacious floors. Everyone raves about how clean everything is, too.

Enjoy six different “public play” areas, the gym’s state-of-the-art equipment, and even a live DJ! If you’ll get a workout in before hitting the sauna, show off your sexiest workout clothes.

And as if things couldn’t get any better, Steamworks Chicago is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re also conveniently located in the Boystown gay neighborhood.


Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Room, Bar, Vending Machines, Wi-Fi


30-day memberships are $10. Locker rentals range from $19 to $24.

Where to Stay → Chicago Gay-Friendly Hotels

Club Fort Lauderdale

best USA gay saunas
Club Fort Lauderdale
best USA gay saunas
Fort Lauderdale gay sauna

Club Fort Lauderdale stands as a top contender for the best gay sauna in the USA. The club is spacious and has a beautifully modern indoor-outdoor layout. I particularly love the curved glass shower area with its soft and sexy lighting.

Fort Lauderdale’s year-round tropical climate means you can always plan on enjoying the lovely pool, too. Club Fort Lauderdale is open 24/7. Once you’re here, you won’t want to leave!


Outdoor Pool, Sundeck, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Room, VIP Area, Wi-Fi


One-time memberships are $13. Locker rentals range between $30 and $40.

Where to Stay →  Top local clothing optional Fort Lauderdale gay resorts.

Entourage Las Vegas

popular USA gay saunas
Entourage gay sauna
Las Vegas gay sauna gym

Entourage Las Vegas is the sexiest gay sauna in Las Vegas. If you haven’t heard of this place yet, make a point to visit during your next trip to Sin City.

It’s the perfect place to play, with a dimly lit pool and jacuzzi area, a spacious dry sauna, and an intimate gym. Entourage recently underwent significant renovations too, as it used to be known as Apollo Spa & Health Club.

Sexy jockstraps are perfect for the indoor pool and jacuzzi if you don’t prefer being naked. They also add a little style and an element of surprise.


Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Room, Café. Smoking Lounge, Wi-Fi


Entry is $15 for 4 hours or $25 for 8 hours, which includes locker rental.

Where to Stay → Las Vegas Gay-Friendly Hotels

Flex Spas Cleveland

large pool in gay sauna
large USA gay sauna
Flex Sauna Cleveland
Cleveland gay sauna

Flex Spas Cleveland is a massive gay sauna—much larger than you’d expect for a relatively small US city. Believe it or not, this sauna occupies the city’s historic Art Deco Greyhound building, a former bus terminal! You can bet there’s plenty of space to play here.

The pool and jacuzzi at Flex Spas Cleveland are particularly huge. Plus, there’s even an attached hotel with all sorts of different room types.


Outdoor Pool, Sundeck, Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Room, Lounge, Vending Machines, Hotel


One-day memberships are $10. Locker rentals range from $10 to $15.

Want to get tested? There are several options for private STD testing in Cleveland.

Steamworks Berkeley

best gay bathhouse in USA
Steamworks Berkeley
gay saunas near San Francisco

Steamworks Berkeley is often mentioned among travelers’ favorite USA gay bathhouses. One of the few gay bathhouses in San Francisco, they’re known for always having incredibly sexy men cruising and lurking around.

To stand out from the crowd, wear a sexy fetish accessory like a harness, some leather wrist cuffs, or even just a sexy trucker hat.

Berkeley’s Steamworks location also hosts frequent event nights like Sunday Service and Lights Out Mondays. There’s always DJ entertainment on Saturdays starting at 10 PM.


Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Room, Snack Bar, Vending Machines, TV Lounge Area


Single-day memberships are $5. Locker rentals range from $19 to $24.

Club Dallas

pool at gay sauna
popular USA gay sauna
Dallas gay sauna
Club Dallas gay sauna

Club Dallas is one of the overall nicest gay saunas in the United States, another location that’s part of a national chain called The Clubs. It has more of a light and airy ambiance, with modern amenities that feel completely new.

The maze and powerful steam room are two highlights of Club Dallas. The sauna’s outdoor pool area and modern gym equipment are also worth mentioning.


Outdoor Pool, Sundeck, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Snack Shop, Wi-Fi, Free Parking


One-time visit memberships are $12. Locker rental prices range from $14 to $20.

Club Aqua Miami

gay sauna in United States
Club Aqua Miami
Miami gay sauna and bathhouse

Club Aqua Miami has been a staple local gay sauna for decades. There’s plenty of space for cruising, both indoors and out.

If you’ve got plans to visit Miami, Club Aqua is 100% worth a visit, especially following recent repairs to several amenities. They’re open 24/7 as well.


Outdoor Pool, Sundeck, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Room, Vending Machines


One-time memberships are $12 to $15. Locker rental prices range from $15 to $20.

Club Orlando

best gay sauna in Orlando
Club Orlando
Orlando gay sauna
Club Orlando gay sauna

Club Orlando has the best overall ratings out of all the gay saunas operated by the Club chain. It’s known for having a more relaxed and friendly environment compared to gay saunas in other cities. You can always count on a good time here.

They’re open continuously from Thursday morning through Sunday at 10 PM, with the remaining days of the week having hours of 9 AM to 10 PM.


Outdoor Pool, Sundeck, Jacuzzi, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center, Showers, Private Cabins, Video Lounges, Wi-Fi


One-time memberships are $12. Locker rentals are $19.

Where to Stay → Orlando Gay-Friendly Hotels

ConTEAnental: A NYC Bathhouse Party

ConTEAnental NYC gay bathhouse party
ConTEAnental NYC bathhouse
New York gay bathhouse party

While the traditional, old-school gay bathhouses in New York City aren’t so popular, there’s a relatively new local gay bathhouse party that you need to know about!

ConTEAnental by HARDER is an epic gay bathhouse tea dance party. It’s sort of a mixture of an underground sex lounge and a traditional gay sauna. These events are held monthly on the lower level of a spa called Body By Brooklyn, except during summer months.

ConTEAnental is especially popular for unique dance performances, which take place in a dimly lit lounge space next to the sauna and jacuzzi facilities. The events are quickly becoming one of the most popular gay sex parties in NYC!


Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Showers, Bar, Lounge, Wi-Fi


Typically $60 to $80 per event, depending on when tickets are purchased.

Where to Stay → New York City Gay Hotels

gay sauna locker room

Things to Know Before Visiting Gay Saunas

Before you set out to explore a new gay sauna, or even begin to read more about them online, there are a few things to know.

Online Gay Sauna Reviews Are Misleading

Firstly, whenever you read online reviews about gay saunas, you’re going to come across a ton of bad reviews and a good number of 5-star reviews.

The majority of these don’t reflect much about the saunas themselves. They’re often related to whether that guest had a fun time or not, which is bound to vary.

Many 5-star reviews tend to be fake, with the intent to offset the negative ones. I recommend paying attention to the comments in the average reviews.

what to bring to a gay sauna

What to Bring to the Bathhouse/Sauna

Always bring identification of course. That’s a given! Carrying cash is always recommended since many gay saunas are cash only. Even if they do accept cards, you may need cash to pay for things like snacks and drinks inside.

Most gay saunas and sex clubs these days provide condoms and lube, but some surprisingly still do not. Check ahead of time, and if you need to, grab some condoms and a bottle of travel-size lube.

While most gay saunas have stopped checking vaccination records, it’s a good idea to have a photo of both your COVID-19 and Monkeypox vaccination records.

entering gay sauna

Gay Sauna Bag Policies

A decent number of gay saunas will deny entry if you have any large bags. Generally, any bag you bring should be small and easy to inspect thoroughly.

Backpacks and other sorts of luggage are often perceived as suspicious for the possibility of containing dangerous items. Stick to a simple drawstring bag or a fanny pack.

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Your sexual health should always be a priority, so get tested often. There are fast and affordable STD testing options available in cities around the USA.

For cruising and gay saunas in more U.S. cities and around the world, browse wolfyy’s full list of gay travel guides.

Using the sauna’s gym? Pack your sexy workout clothes or just work out in a pair of sexy underwear.

Next, discover more gay bathhouses in Los Angeles or find out about New York City gay bathhouses.

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