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Solo Travel Benefits, Advice & Inspiration

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Traveling Solo is Truly Freeing

If you’re debating taking a big trip on your own, let me start by telling you that there are so many positives about solo travel that you probably haven’t even thought of!

Many people quickly discount the option of traveling alone, claiming they would be too lonely or nervous to go it alone. If you’re one of these people, I might just change your mind.

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Allow me to tell you why traveling by yourself is an experience that will leave you yearning for more. It takes a little faith and ambition, but I promise you…it’s worth it.

Along with the benefits of solo travel, I’m going to share some advice on how to make the most of your lone wanders abroad!

Understanding Travel's Fundamental Benefits

First of all, we must be aware of the reason why we travel. As people, we want to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, or changed in some way. Taking time to explore new surroundings, breaking away from a routine or immersing oneself in a foreign culture are a few examples.

understanding why we travel

These activities however do not require companionship, but it’s quite understandable that many people would prefer a travel buddy.

Companionship makes some aspects of travel easier and comforting. Family and friends are familiar things to us. Many of us tend to plan group travel for the purpose of bonding, specifically.

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In those instances, I say go for it! Enjoy the special times family and friends provide.

The side we often ignore though is that traveling by yourself brings special and unique experiences that benefit us.

What Are the Benefits of Solo Travel?

Experiencing new surroundings without any familiar items or people within reach is quite transformative. When everything you know is removed from sight (sometimes even your mobile phone), in a completely new place, something special happens.

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Your mind will no longer revert to common thoughts associated with people you know or routines you are used to. In this instance, your spirit simply feels free in every sense.

Personally, a moment while traveling alone in Amritsar, India always stands out to me. I stood on my hotel rooftop at sunrise and just listened to the traffic buzzing softly below, staring at the buildings around me. I breathed the warm morning air and took a moment to be thankful.

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It was a moment I will never forget. This is the ideal vibe I try to convey when talking to someone about solo travel.

An additional benefit of traveling alone means you have full control to make any spontaneous decisions you want! There is freedom in not having to achieve consensus. No decisions about where to eat, where to stay, or which destination to head toward next.

getting out of your comfort zone

You make your own decisions and attain a new level of independence. Any choice can be made at the drop of a hat and you are able to move at your own pace. Without a doubt, you will become more resourceful along with all the independence!

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

With more time to yourself, far more opportunities arise to talk with new people and make new friends. Many times while traveling with friends, we can be closed-off or less motivated to engage in conversations with other travelers or even complete strangers.

solo travel benefits

Naturally, when you are alone, you will desire some sort of human interaction. Your curiosity will motivate you to strike up conversations. Plus, there are so many great ways to meet other solo travelers

It’ll be fun to ask others questions about their travels, share travel advice, and learn about the lives of other travelers. This might feel uncomfortable at first if you tend to be introverted, but starting these interactions eventually becomes second nature. It’s a skill that will benefit you even after you return home.

Advice for Traveling Alone

With this information, there are places you can travel and things you can do to make the most out of a solo travel experience. Depending on how adventurous or bold you are I would recommend varying places to visit first.

If you want to go for the maximum experience, then I would suggest an area of the world that speaks a completely foreign language. For English speakers, that would be  Southeast Asian or a Middle Eastern country.

solo travel perks

If you prefer something a little tamer to start, pick a country where you may be able to get by with your native language and where the surroundings may feel more familiar.

Secondly, I recommend avoiding traveling to places that are group-oriented. The way to solve this is to book hostels where you know other lone travelers will be. Staying in a standard hotel is an easy way to feel isolated.

Remember that even in a hostel you can get your own private room. It does not have to be a bunk bed/shared room situation. Hostels typically have common spaces where the norm is to meet each other and hang out.

solo travelers in hostel

You would be surprised how quickly you can make great friends in a hostel over the course of a week!

The Benefits of Solo Travel Take Time

Just remember, solo travel has something for everyone. As long as you’ve planned well, the experience should be totally relaxing and transformative. 

If it’s your first time traveling alone, keep your trip length a bit shorter, probably two weeks or less, so you can get a feel for it.

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Remember though, that you sometimes need to give yourself a chance to truly reap the benefits of being on the road all by yourself.

Do your research, look into group activities and highly rated hostels for your travel location. Get out there and make new friends around the globe!

My Solo Travel Destination Recommendations

If you need some ideas for solo travel destinations, I have plenty of recommendations for you.

If you’re just starting out, a few easy destinations are Fort Lauderdale, Athens, and Barcelona, since you’ll find loads of other tourists around and there are plenty of places to socialize.

solo travel in Thailand

For off-the-beaten-path destinations to travel solo, I’d definitely consider Tbilisi, Kuala Lumpur, or Osaka.

My favorite tropical paradise destinations which are easy to travel alone are Koh Lipe, Bali & the Phi Phi Islands!

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