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Best Gay Winter Destinations

gay winter travel destinations
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Gay Winter Destinations Around the World

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a gay couple or you just want to get away, check out the best gay winter destinations around the world.

These five gay winter destinations run the gamut from relaxing beach vacations to ice-covered shorelines. Whether you’re looking for a winter gay couple’s destination or city-exploration trips for gay solo travelers, you’ll surely find some inspiration here.

blue lagoon iceland
blue lagoon iceland
phi phi islands gay travel tropical

Here are wolfyy’s top 5 recommendations for where to go when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere. Plus, each one links to the related wolfyy gay travel guide.

Reykjavík, Iceland

Gay-friendly Reykjavík is best visited during the winter months. Breathtaking landscapes covered in a magical blanket of ice and snow will make you feel like you’re on a movie set. If you prefer to stay in a colder climate for your winter gay holiday, jet over to Iceland!
Reykjavik gay winter destination
gay activities iceland
Reykjavik gay winter destination

Iceland is best visited with a friend or two, so if you’re looking for a group vacation or a gay couple’s winter holiday spot, Reykjavik will fit the bill. Don’t miss the volcanic ash beaches or the billowing geysers!

gay activities iceland

What makes Iceland top the list of best gay winter travel destinations?

  • Serene, majestic swaths of countryside where you can take in the beauty all alone.
  • Iceland is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world.
  • Spend weekend evenings meeting locals at gay bars in Reykjavík.

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria, and specifically Maspalomas, is quite literally a gay winter travel hotspot. During the winter months, tons of Europeans conveniently jet down to the famous Canary Islands.

Off the coast of Africa, the climate of the Canary Islands makes for a good escape.

maspalomas dunes photo spot
maspalomas dunes photo spot
yumbo center

Trek the scenic gay Maspalomas dunes by day and check out the Yumbo Center gay bars by night. For groups of friends looking for gay winter holiday destinations where there are tons of parties, Maspalomas is the best bet.

yumbo center

What makes Maspalomas top the list of best gay winter destinations?

  • Romantic enough for a gay couple holiday yet easily can be a gay destination for groups of guys who want to party all night.
  • Option to travel for Winter Pride Maspalomas.
  • Maspalomas town is almost completely gay!
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Koh Lipe, Thailand

The absolute best gay winter travel destination is on the remote island of Koh Lipe, Thailand. Adorable cabanas and couple’s resorts line the white sand beaches with the bluest water you’ll ever see. Koh Lipe tops my list of the best gay winter holidays for couples.

Thailand clearest blue water
Thailand clearest blue water
Koh Lipe gay travel

Koh Lipe is lesser-known, but it one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I guarantee it.

Koh Lipe gay travel

What makes Koh Lipe top the list of best gay winter travel destinations?

  • Snorkeling, paddle boarding or renting a longtail boat!
  • Enjoy authentic Thai food & enjoy cheap cocktails at one of Thailand’s best hidden bars.
  • Even though you’re on a remote Thai island, all the comforts of home are right in the main town center.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Treat yourself to some exotic luxury in world-famous Dubai. If you’ve never been to the Middle East or an Arabic-speaking country, now is the time! Don’t worry, Dubai is perfectly safe for gay travelers. Don’t forget to try some shisha.
gay dating apps Dubai
gay dating apps Dubai
best winter gay travel destinations

What makes Dubai top the list of gay winter travel destinations?

  • Waterparks, indoor skiing, skydiving & tons more thrilling adventures.
  • Escape the frigid temperatures in the north for sunsets on the beach.
  • Futuristic architecture, spice markets and luxury malls will overload your senses in the best way possible. You will leave amazed, guaranteed.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a classic U.S. gay travel destination. The LGBT community has been visiting this Floridian haven for decades. If you’re looking for a winter getaway to one of America’s most gay-friendly cities, consider Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale gay beach
DrYnk fort Lauderdale gay bar

What makes Fort Lauderdale an ideal winter travel destination?

  • Fantastic gay nightlife with endless choices of gay bars and clubs.
  • Endless stretches of beaches & fun local gay beaches.
  • A relaxed atmosphere and warm weather year-round.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town gay travel is hugely popular with Europeans seeking to escape winter in the north. Seasoned American travelers also fancy the sun-drenched coastlines. Aside from the fact that Cape Town is a popular LGBT destination, a trip to South Africa is an easy introduction to African culture for those who have yet to visit the continent.

gay Cape Town

What makes Cape Town an one of the best gay winter travel destinations?

  • A heartwarming local culture and relaxed pace of life.
  • Great balance of nightlife and adventurous daytime activities.
  • Jaw-dropping sunsets, beaches and wildlife.


The island-nation of Singapore may be conservative, but there is no shortage of gay locals and gay expats to meet! After you tour Gardens by the Bay, hop from one rowdy gay bar to another. Everyone is friendly! Singapore is my number one recommendation for the best gay winter travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

looking for singapore gay neighborhood
looking for singapore gay neighborhood
Singapore gay bar

What makes Singapore top the list of best gay winter destinations?

  • Singapore has a robust gay scene, one of the largest in Southeast Asia.
  • Easy to navigate for solo gay travelers.
  • One of the cleanest and organized cities on earth.
Singapore gay bar

Holbox, Mexico

Holbox Island is one of the world’s newest gay travel destinations. It’s also a Mexican paradise that quite popular in December and over the New Year holiday season. Holbox has the clearest blue ocean water I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

holbox hotel
Holbox gay travel
Holbox gay travel

What makes Holbox top the list of best gay winter destinations?

  • There’s plenty to do, from bioluminescence tours to partying in boutique bars along the ocean.
  • You can experience authentic Mexican food and culture since the destination is largely undiscovered.
  • The island of Holbox is secluded and way lesser-traveled than tourist-filled destinations like Cancun.
holbox hotel

More Ideas for Gay Winter Holidays

If the gay winter travel spots above didn’t jive with you, here are some more destination ideas.

Gay couples should check out Bali, Indonesia and Koh Phangan, Thailand. Both of these gay-friendly destinations will give you tropical seclusion.
Ubud Bali gay travel
Ubud Bali gay travel
phi phi islands gay travel tropical

For gay winter beach vacations, try Koh Phi Phi, Thailand or Langkawi, Malaysia. On these two islands there is certainly lots to explore. Both have lively town centers with many tasty restaurants. They’re also both quite cheap.

gay travel to Saigon Ho Chi Minh

If you’re a gay solo traveler that prefers a city trip, you should probably explore Los Angeles, California or Saigon, Vietnam. Both cities have huge gay populations and party scenes. You’ll have no problems meeting other gay travelers here.

Los Angeles neighborhoods

Above all, make sure you have fun on your vacation! Share your favorite gay winter holiday destination with a friend!

Looking for a good ski destination? Check out Outside Online’s 2020 LGBTQ+ Ski Guide!

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