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How to Plan A Couple’s Vacation

how to plan a couples vacation
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Tips to Plan a Couple’s Vacation Perfectly

Need some advice to help plan a couple’s vacation? As travel to all sorts of destinations becomes easier, now is the time to take some time and plan an unforgettable vacation you’re your partner.

Here are some ideas on how to make your trip away together as a couple the best it can be!

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Stay Somewhere Nice & Romantic

Staying in a nice hotel is probably the easiest way to make sure your couple’s vacation will go smoothly. You might know of a few couples who will choose a cheap hotel and then complain or fight about it the entire time.

Places that are in cheaper destinations will allow those couples on a budget to get a lot more for their money.

If budget isn’t your primary concern, then any hotel that is known for its attention to detail and caters to couples will do. Places like the Venice Beach hotels, for example, are ideal if you prefer a quiet and relaxing couple’s getaway.

planning a couples vacation that's romantic

Don’t fall into the mindset that staying in a low-end hotel is better than no hotel (or vacation) at all. When you and your partner are taking the time to travel, you should make your best effort to be somewhere that is as beautiful as possible within your budget. 

Always check out all the options available to you. Don’t forget about vacation home rentals either.

Revisit Your Favorite Destinations

If you’re like me, visiting a town or city a second time might make you feel like you’re missing out on the chance to experience a new destination. But don’t fall into this trap! With another trip comes all types of new experiences.

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Many couples love returning back to their favorite, most cherished gay travel destinations. For some people, a familiar destination brings security and comfort. Certain destinations are also just so beautiful, they keep us continually wanting more.

So, don’t be afraid to go back to the same place more than once. Avoid the expectation of repeating your last trip, because things tend not to work out that way. Instead, open yourself up to make brand new memories!

Returning to a destination a second or third time is also great if you and your partner didn’t experience everything you had hoped to on past trips.

How Long Should A Couple’s Trip Be?

A huge decision to make while planning your special couple’s vacation is the amount of time you will be away.

Plan a trip that’s long enough to allow for both relaxation time as well as exploration activities. Lots of traveling couples are tempted to plan a full week of activities. But this can end up being exhausting or even feel like work.

how long to plan a couples vacation

Let yourself have some downtime while you’re traveling with your partner. A vacation dedicated to nothing but sleeping and lounging at the hotel is totally fine, but if you do want to sightsee and explore, make sure your trip is long enough to allow for lounging time around those activities.

Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling disappointed or like you didn’t have the full experience. So plan smartly!

Allow Some Alone Time

As much as we love our partners, there are certainly times when couples need to be separate from one another, alone to decompress, think, or even take care of some work.

Personally, my partner and I do this both while at home and while traveling. Especially if you’ll be side by side for many days at a time, planning for some separate alone time can help you feel refreshed and cherish your loved one more.

alone time for couples while traveling

For example, you can spend time apart doing different activities, perhaps things that only one partner may be interested in. Then later over dinner, you’ll have something to talk about.

This is a great way to bond together after being apart for a few hours. And, it gives you a chance to explore some things that your partner isn’t interested in.

Spending time alone is of course not for everyone and not always needed, especially for extroverts. We never want to exclude our partner, but to offer the chance for some independent space.

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