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40+ Gay Circuit Parties & Festivals Around the World

best gay circuit parties around the world
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Popular Gay Circuit Parties Worldwide

Discover the best gay circuit parties around the world, from the most popular festival events to lesser-known gay circuit parties that diehard partyers love.

The gay circuit parties below are grouped by the world region where they are hosted. Afterward, an additional group includes the international gay circuit events that span multiple continents.

popular gay circuit parties

Here are the top gay circuit parties and festival weekends in Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Southeast Asia in the most comprehensive list of circuit parties you can find!

Gay Circuit Parties in Europe

Circuit Festival Barcelona

Barcelona is home to one of the biggest international gay circuit festivals in the world. Expect some major crowds and all types of men at Circuit Festival Barcelona, produced by the Matinée Group.

Barcelona gay circuit festival

Guys love the splashing around while dancing in the massive pool that leads right up to the stage. If you’re planning to get wet, don’t forget a waterproof phone pouch!

We Party – Madrid

best gay circuit parties in Europe

Europe’s famous We Party hosts a ton of gay circuit parties in Madrid. Reaching enormous popularity, the We Party group now hosts gay parties in over 30 European cities, including Maspalomas, Vienna, Prague, and Brighton to name a few.

Delice Dream – Torremolinos

Delice Dream is a gay circuit party in Torremolinos, a city in Spain not far from Málaga. European gay tourists flock from many countries to party here on the beaches of southern Spain. In 2021, the Delice Dream party is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

revolver party Berlin

Revolver – Berlin

Revolver is the biggest monthly gay circuit party in Berlin. German circuit parties are known to be dark, intense and sexy. Revolver is no different.

The party is hosted at Berlin’s KitKat Club. You’ll find everyone here is wearing leather harnesses and dark, sexy jockstraps.

XLSIOR – Mykonos, Greece

xlsior gay circuit festival

Just about everyone knows about the XLSIOR Mykonos gay festival circuit parties, especially after a video of two gay men fighting during a circuit party went viral.

Even so, this festival on the island of Mykonos attracts an impressive international crowd. You’ll tend to find the stereotypical muscled men at XLSIOR, for better or for worse. But whether you love or hate XLSIOR, no one can deny that these parties are some of the best in the world.

See for yourself in the video below!

La Demence – Brussels, Belgium

La Demence is easily among the top 5 gay circuit parties in Europe, if not the world. The event, hosted at Fuse Nightclub in Brussels, draws thousands of gay men from a huge variety of countries.

la demence gay circuit party

The La Demence circuit party is held monthly, but the special event parties are what the enormous crowds really come for. 

To get a late checkout at a local Brussels hotel, stay at one of the party’s partner hotels listed above. Or, check local Brussels VRBO apartment rentals that will offer a good checkout time!

COX Parties – Italy

COX is one of the most popular gay circuit parties in Italy. While they host events in many European countries, their most noteworthy gay parties are in Naples, Rome, Milan and Florence.

cox party

The COX parties tend to feature prominent DJs and porn actors. The producers pride themselves on providing good music and a high-testosterone environment, largely popular with the leather and fetish communities.

FunHouse – Amsterdam, Netherlands

FunHouse is one of Amsterdam’s awesome gay circuit parties. There are quite a few FunHouse parties hosted each year all produced by Rapido Events.

funhouse gay circuit party

They’re held north of the Amsterdam city center at either the WesterUnie Nightclub or Studio Westergas, known as Transformatorhuis. 

Find an apartment rental close to the party by looking for VRBO rentals in the Westerpark neighborhood.

Rapido – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another popular gay circuit party in Amsterdam is Rapido, also produced by Rapido Events. This massive party happens inside of a converted church nightclub called Paradiso. The club is conveniently located near Amsterdam’s city center.

gay circuit parties Amsterdam

The hot and sweaty Rapido parties typically happen on Sundays and attract an international crowd. Fit the intense, rugged party theme with some sexy sporty tube socks to go along with your dancing sneakers.

H.I.M. – Antwerp Belgium

H.I.M. is Antwerp’s largest circuit party event producer, and it sure is wild! These parties aren’t super extravagant, they definitely do a good job. Sexy muscled go-go dancers are everywhere, flexing and wearing stylish harnesses.

As of 2021, H.I.M. has been hosting parties for 7 years. In addition to the actual H.I.M. parties, the brand produces other parties such as Pervert and Eden.

XCAPE – Stockholm, Sweden

XCAPE produces monthly gay circuit parties in Stockholm. Each party has a different fun theme. Some past parties include Jungle Fever, Esceopatra, Voodoo and the X-Cape Space Party.

The event spaces change for each circuit party, so stay up to date with the XCAPE Facebook or Instagram pages.

xcape gay party

Gay Circuit Parties in the United States

The United States has a ton of gay circuit parties. Some cities like San Francisco, Palm Springs, Dallas and Orlando have multiple events each year. 

Here are the most popular parties to know about.


Masterbeat hosts enormous gay circuit parties in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City. Their venues are always high-quality, like New York’s multilevel Terminal 5 and Miami’s James L. Knight Center.

master beat parties United States

Expect world-class international DJs at Masterbeat parties. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Masterbeat is offering a yearly membership program that allows you to download or stream live or past DJ performances and save 10% on future circuit parties.

White Party Palm Springs, California

White Party Palm Springs is a fantastic weekend of gay circuit parties for so many reasons. The weather is perfect, it’s easy to get around, nothing is too crowded and there are tons of cute guys!

white party Palm Springs

If you prefer being in the center of the action, staying at the Hilton Palm Springs host hotel is ideal. You’ll be able to walk right out of your room down to the pool party!

Thinking about going? Don’t miss these tips for White Party Palm Springs.

Folsom Circuit Parties – San Francisco, California

gay circuit parties San Francisco

Folsom hosts the largest gay leather and fetish event weeks in the world. They host two separate event weeks in San Francisco. The Folsom Street Fair is in September and their second event, Up Your Alley is in mid-July.

Real Bad is a giant circuit party that follows the Folsom Street Fair activities. Ritual is another favorite, the official Up Your Alley after-hours party.

Get into the Folsom vibe with a pair of super sexy tactical military boots. And don’t forget your adjustable leather body harness.

The Dinah Shore Lesbian Weekend – Palm Springs, California

lesbian circuit party

Club Skirts & The Dinah is a massive lesbian party festival, something that’s pretty rare to see these days. This magnificent yearly event was started by Mariah Hanson back in 1991. Every year has brought bigger and more extravagant events.

The Dinah LGBTQ+ event lineup typically includes an opening party, several pool parties, a queer and lesbian circuit party, a comedy show and of course, a closing party.

Winter Party Festival – Miami Beach, Florida

Winter Party Miami is undoubtedly one of the most popular gay circuit parties in Florida, as well as the United States.

winter party Miami

The Miami Winter Party Festival is a yearly week-long celebration, produced to raise funds for the LGBT+community. There are a ton of intense circuit parties that attract both Americans and international visitors.

Before you head to Winter Party, make sure you have all the essential gay circuit accessories, including a flip belt to keep your belongings discreetly secure, and a fun circuit party fan, of course!

Don’t miss wolfyy’s Miami gay travel guide for local recommendations for your visit.

Gay Days – Orlando, Florida

Orlando gay days event

Disney lovers are obsessed with Gay Days in Orlando. LGBT+ people flood the city of Orlando and the local theme parks.

Gay Days isn’t just about Disney World though. There are various Orlando circuit parties and hotel events like the GayDays Expo.

One Magical Weekend – Orlando, Florida

One Magical Weekend takes place each year on the first weekend of June. The festival’s biggest event is the Disney fantasy waterpark gay party.

gay circuit parties Orlando

Earlier in the weekend, get ready for the amazing Therapy Pool Party. The following four days will be jam-packed with circuit parties all over Orlando. Don’t forget about the red shirt pride days at Walt Disney!

Circuit Festival Miami, Florida

  • Dates: Nov 25 – 29, 2021

Also produced by the Matinée Group, Circuit Festival Miami typically is a weekend event that takes place around the Thanksgiving holiday. Similar to the Barcelona and Asia Weekend circuit events, expect circuit Festival Miami to be a massive, high-quality event.

Check out the 2019 aftermovie below!

Peach Party – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta’s Peach Party might not have the biggest online presence, but this gay circuit festival week is huge. Produced by GA Boy Events, the five-day circuit celebration has been happening for 10 years.

Peach Party tickets are available through

Joining Hearts Pool Party – Atlanta, Georgia

  • Dates: 2021 Event Finished, 2022 Dates TBA

Joining Hearts hosts a fun and carefree pool party event each year. It’s one of the smaller gay circuit parties in Atlanta, but easily just as fun. This year, Dan Slater will be the DJ!

It’s a fun event to show off a pair of sexy elastic swim trunks or maybe some colorful printed bikini bottoms.

Atlanta gay circuit parties

The Joining Hearts mission is to support individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS in Atlanta. In attending their exciting gay parties, guests are encouraged to keep this mission close to their hearts.

Southern Decadence – New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Date: 2021 Event Finished, 2022 Dates TBA

Southern Decadence is a yearly gay party event in New Orleans that takes place over Labor Day weekend. It’s pretty much America’s gay version of Mardi Gras!

southern decadence

Hundreds of thousands of gay partiers flock to New Orleans for the Southern Decadence weekend events. Unlike many other circuit parties around the world, Southern Decadence isn’t one specifically ticketed event. There are tons of things to do while everyone congregates around bars in the French Quarter.

Book your accommodations early for the best selection of places to stay! VRBO rentals in the French Quarter are super popular since they’re right in the middle of the action.

Pines Party – Fire Island, New York

  • Dates: July 22 – 24, 2022

Pines Party is a huge yearly gay festival weekend in the famous LGBT community of Fire Island Pines. Just a couple hours outside of New York City, Pines Party is a beachfront gay party event that attracts loads of Americans.

pines party gay circuit festival

Tickets for Pines Party tend to sell out extremely fast, so try to get them as soon as they’re released. Be sure to show up with your best sexy swim trunks!

Black Party – New York City

  • DatesFuture events TBA

As any local gay New Yorker will tell you, Black Party is one of the gay circuit parties in New York City that you absolutely have to experience. It’s impressively been around for over 40 years and known as one of the most intense circuit parties in the world.

New York black party event

New York’s Black Party took on the new name “Rites XLI: The Black Party Punk Riot” in 2020, a result of legal issues surrounding its ownership. Not to worry though, future events will certainly embody the same Black Party spirit.

Purple Party – Dallas, Texas

  • DatesFuture events TBA

Down south in the Lone Star State, Purple Party is one of the biggest gay circuit parties in the southern United States. It’s an entirely charitable event, too. Purple Party is an all-volunteer non-profit charity dance!

gay circuit parties Dallas

Before the Purple Party main event, there is typically an opening party, pool party, tea dance, after-hours party and the Glow closing event.

In addition to this yearly event weekend typically held in late spring, the Purple Foundation also produces smaller local circuit parties in the Dallas area.

Revelry – Houston, Texas

  • Dates: Nov 12 – 15, 2021

Reverly is a popular gay circuit party in Houston over the Easter holiday weekend. The event has been gaining significant popularity over the past several years, noteworthy for an impressive line of themed circuit parties.

revelry party

CherryPop Weekend – Washington, DC

The yearly CheryPop Weekend is a huge gay circuit party festival benefit that supports LGBTQ+ service organizations for HIV/AIDS and mental health.

Cherry pop weekend Washington DC

International DJ lineups bring world-renowned beats to crowds at a slew of parties over a long weekend, all with a pop-art theme.

Desert Splash – Phoenix, Arizona

The Desert Splash Pool Party is branded as the biggest hotel pool party in Arizona. The 2021 event will mark the party’s seventh annual event. Get excited for a full day of poolside dancing, sexy models and a full bar.

desert splash gay pool party

After a day of the pool, grab your best PJ’s for the Grown & Sexy Pajama Party.

Independence Week – Provincetown, Massachusetts

Here in the popular summer gay destination of Provincetown, the week straddling the July 4th holiday is called Independence Week, and it will be packed full of gay circuit parties.

Provincetown Independence week

Get excited for popular parties like Rough Trade, the Trade Pool Party and the Freedom Beach Party! Don’t forget your best gay Independence Day outfits. 

Check out this American flag romper by Zesties and American flag swim briefs by F plus R.

Gay Circuit Parties in Canada

Prism Festival – Toronto, Canada

  • DatesFuture events TBA

Toronto’s Prism Festival is the biggest gay circuit festival in North America. These parties are epic. With one look at the Prism Gay Circuit Festival’s event photos, you’ll definitely see why their parties are so popular.

Prism festival party

Follow social media updates on the Prism Festival Instagram page.

Black and Blue – Montreal, Canada

  • DatesRecent events cancelled, future dates TBD

The most popular gay circuit party in Montréal is called Black and Blue, held at Bad Boy Club. This circuit party is a celebration dedicated to the unique style and culture of the gay community. 

While the party is largely gay, the event openly welcomes straight patrons as well.

gay circuit parties in Montreal

2020 marks the Black and Blue circuit party’s 30th anniversary! The party is hosted by the BBCM Foundation, which supports social, financial and medical assistance to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

RUFF – Vancouver, Canada

  • Dates: Events on hold until 2022

RUFF is an inclusive gay circuit party in Vancouver that started in 2012. The party’s producers make it known that RUFF is a party that welcomes everyone, regardless of body type, age or ethnicity.

Ruff gay circuit party

Party locations usually rotate between a few Vancouver venues including The Pint, Celebrities Underground and Central Studios, among others. Visit founder Michael Nadeau’s Soundcloud page to hear the style of the RUFF party music.

Gay Circuit Parties in Mexico

Arena Riviera Maya

  • Dates: Feb 8 – 8, 2022

Arena Riviera Maya is a hugely popular international gay circuit festival in Mexico. The Riviera Maya area is beautifully tropical and popular with gay tourists, especially Playa del Carmen.

Arena Riviera Maya

If you get super sweaty like me, consider wearing a pair of breathable mesh shorts to keep comfortable.

White Party Puerto Vallarta

  • Dates

    • Halloween Party: Oct 29 – 31, 2021

    • Thanksgiving Party: Nov 25 – 28, 2021

    • New Year’s Party: Dec 28, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022

Puerto Vallarta is always buzzing with parties, but White Party really brings a crowd. 

While there is no separate website for the Puerto Vallarta White Party events, you can search for and purchase tickets on Eventbrite for the individual parties.

white party Puerto Vallarta

Gay Circuit Festivals in Southeast Asia

White Party Bangkok

  • DatesFuture events TBA

White Party Bangkok is the largest gay circuit party in Bangkok during New Year’s in December. The yearly themes are pretty awesome, which have previously included Guardians of the Gay-laxy.

Bangkok white party

G Circuit Songkran – Bangkok, Thailand

G Circuit is a massive gay circuit party in Thailand during Songkran in the month of April. Songkran is the Thai new year celebration, famous with tourists for epic water-throwing festivals. 

G circuit Bangkok

Circuit Asia Weekend – This Year: Pattaya, Thailand

The Matinée Group’s famous international gay circuit lineup always includes an event in Asia. In 2021 Circuit Asia Weekend was held in Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is a small city outside of Bangkok popular tourists, both straight and gay.

circuit weekend Asia

Gay Circuit Festivals in South America

H&H (Heaven & Hell)– Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Dates (2021 Cruise): Dec 9 – 12, 2021

H&H is one of the larger gay circuit parties in Brazil. Past party locations have been all over, including the northern coast of Bahia as well as the island of Florianopolis to the south. This year, instead of a typical circuit festival, Heaven & Hell is hosting a massive gay circuit cruise.

The gay cruise will depart from Sao Paulo and stop at some beautiful coastal locations including the scenic Angra dos Reis and archipelago of Ilhabela.

Carnival – Rio de Janeiro

  • Dates: Feb 25 – Mar 2, 2022

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is hugely popular with gay travelers all over the world. While the Rio Carnival events are not specifically gay, there are many gay circuit party type events in Rio during Carnival.

If you’re interested in attending Rio Carnival, check out planned gay party events by the Matinée Group.

rio carnival gay parties

International Gay Circuit Festivals

The Hustlaball

Hustlaball gay circuit parties originally started as cabaret parties. Today, Hustlaball events are a huge gatherings of porn stars, gay entertainers and all their admirers.

hustlaball gay party

You can find all types of guys at Hustlaball, from twinks to jocks to leather daddies. While events are on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cities that host Hustlaball events include Berlin, New York, Las Vegas and London.

Atlantis Cruises

Atlantis Cruises are immensely popular with gay men around the world. So popular, that their gay cruises quickly sell out! As you can imagine, gay circuit parties on a cruise ship is pretty much like an enormous playground for gay men.

There are several Atlantis Cruises every year. For a little insight on what one of these gay cruises are like, read this first-hand Atlantis Cruise experience post!

Atlantis Cruise circuit party

The 2022 Tropical Americas gay circuit cruise starts in Miami, Florida. Planned stops include the Costa Rica, Panama and the Cayman Islands.

If dates are sold out, add your name to Atlantis’ gay cruise waitlist.

gay circuit parties Brazil

Papa Party

Israeli gay party icon Eliad Cohen hosts Papa Party events all over the world. Papa Parties truly tour internationally, spanning cities from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Lyon, France.

Some of the more frequent cities that Papa Parties tour include Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.

papa party

No matter what gay circuit party you’re planning on attending, you’ve got to have the perfect circuit party gear and clothing

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