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Planning Your First Vacation as a Couple

first vacation as a couple
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Preparing For Your First Vacation As A Couple

Without a doubt, planning your first vacation as a couple is a major point in a relationship. In many cases, it can truly put your bond to the test. You learn a lot about each other when spending consecutive days together, especially in new surroundings.

It’s not uncommon to worry about a vacation straining a relationship, whether with a friend or a lover. I promise you though, if you get things right, your adventures will deliver some truly magical moments.

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All couples remember their first trips together. They rank among other experiences like the first date, kiss, or encounter with the future in-laws. While it’s a big moment, you don’t want to place unnecessary pressure on it. Vacations are meant to be fun, and blowing any aspect of them out of proportion can disrupt the enjoyment.

From both personal experiences traveling with my boyfriend Michael, as well as observing other couples’ behavior while traveling, I’ve learned a lot. Here are some tips that will make your holiday with your partner spectacular.

Research Destinations

In this day and age, being gay shouldn’t be a big deal! Your daily life is hopefully filled with love and support, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security.

Same-sex relationships are still illegal in some places, where LGBTQ people still face oppression and mistreatment. But, there are still plenty of locals in these places that accept all sexualities and genders.

This is exactly the reason why I personally still travel to countries like the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.

couples destinations

Nonetheless, the fact is that it may be difficult to show your affection for one another. Assuming that this vacation is a moment where you want to celebrate your love, it’s probably best to stick to destinations where public displays of affection amongst the LGBT crowd are celebrated.

Remember that you don’t have to visit a location that is specifically known for being gay-friendly. You just have to do a little research on what the norms are like in your destination of interest.

Settle on a holiday spot that feels safe and comfortable for same-sex couples. You may otherwise feel restricted during moments where you’d like to show your love openly.

Choose Cozy Accommodations

While your days are likely to be filled with fun adventures, couples need a comfy temporary home for the duration of their stay. Hotel rooms are good for city breaks, but they don’t always offer the most romantic vibe.

Additionally, it may be easier to coexist with your partner on your first vacation as a couple if you’re able to keep a routine closer to what you have at home.

vacation rentals for couples

Opting for spacious, luxury rental cabins provides you with all the comforts of home, not to mention some stunning views. Plus, you can count on complete privacy.

Staying organized in a home-like setting rather than living out of your suitcase will also enhance the experience.

After a few days of exploring the local attractions and culture, relaxing with a movie and a quick home-cooked might be perfect. You can even plan a late-night date and give each other a massage with some skin-soothing oil.

This magical time spent together can also be just as memorable as the week’s boat trips, architecture tours, and bar hopping adventures.

Consider Optimal Travel Arrangements

In all honesty, the journey to the destination is probably not going to be the highlight of your first vacation as a couple. However, it can set the tone for the adventure to come. If possible, flights and long train journeys should be selected at convenient times to avoid exhaustion.

First-class travel isn’t a necessity, but you should make the necessary adjustments for a relaxed and comfortable trip. This way, you will be less prone to any disputes during the first day or two of the vacation.

Something like that could really put a damper on the mood. Firstly, I recommend making sure you have all the travel essentials packed, from the backup battery pack to the noise-canceling earbuds.

booking first holiday as a couple

Secondly, depending on your choice of destination, a rental car may be a wise investment. After all, nobody likes a stressful journey to your accommodation after landing at the airport.

It’s best to plan this ahead for your arrival so you don’t have to complete a bunch of paperwork and review pricing after a long journey. Being able to just walk to your pre-booked vehicle will be immensely easier than waiting in line to talk to an agent.

Support Each Other’s Interests

A successful relationship requires compromise from time to time. Vacations are a perfect time to show it. While there are many attractions and activities that you’ll both be interested in, it’s vital that each partner gets his or her share of enjoyment from the chosen activities.

This allows you both to feel like you’ve truly explored the best of what the destination has to offer. Also, it’s a great way to learn about your partner’s interests and fears.

gay couple in tokyo

As soon as you’ve selected a holiday destination, you can start your research to make a list of activities. Whether it’s watching the local sports team, doing a parachute jump, or seeing a unique art gallery, there are certainly options for both of you to enjoy.

If there’s a genuine reason not to do something that your partner is adamant about (such as a fear of heights), there are easy ways to compromise.

In these situations, it’s best to be enthusiastic about them enjoying their thrill. However, you can offer to go along simply to watch and take exciting photos!

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Dress To Impress On Your First Couple's Holiday

Looking good alongside your partner will unquestionably take your holiday enjoyment to the next level. For some, shopping for clothing can be one of the most exciting parts of pre-vacation planning. Finding outfits that complement one other is fun!

Some gay travelers like to pack some extravagant outfits for the appropriate photo (I’m sure you’ve seen the matching rompers). Others prefer chic new destination-appropriate ensembles.

traveling together as a couple

In today’s world, it’s likely that a lot of your clothes shopping will be done online. Making your money work harder for you with discount codes and loyalty schemes will save more money for the trip itself.

When packing accessories, I recommend sharing some personal items like toothpaste, hairdryers, and sunscreen, cutting down on extra luggage. Sharing is one of the many great things about romantic holidays as a same-sex couple.

Remember Your Vacation with Candid Photos

The first vacation as a couple is certainly a milestone. It’s undoubtedly something you’ve been looking forward to. We all know that time flies when you’re having fun, so you can’t be surprised when your flight home shows up in the blink of an eye.

Taking photos while traveling

So, taking lots of photos while you’re away is of utmost importance. Don’t just focus on the Instagram shots though. Authentic, candid snaps of you laughing and enjoying the simple joys of vacation are just as precious. These are memories that will last a lifetime.

Digital SLR cameras are more affordable than ever, although lenses can still cost a fortune. Familiarizing yourself with how to take great holiday photos will definitely pay off.

When you return home, you might just be planning to turn those stellar shots into some new home décor.

Don't Let A Vacation Ruin Ongoing Goals

Vacations are a time for enjoyment, and so you can afford to let loose. However, abandoning all routines or completely ignoring important events back at home is never wise.

staying healthy on vacation

If you are extremely driven about your health or dedicated to training for an event, staying fit while you’re away is something you should allow yourself to dedicate some time toward. Similarly, business owners will need to stay in touch with the office somewhat, even when on vacation from day to day work.

Allow yourself to disconnect and make lasting memories on your first vacation as a couple, but keep your responsibilities in check as appropriate. If you can return home feeling closer than ever, you’ve surely succeeded. If you are also able to progress in your lives, individually and as a couple, that’s even better.

Prepare For Mistakes On Your First Vacation As A Couple

Vacations serve up some of the best moments in our lives, but you mustn’t forget the potential stress. Unfamiliar surroundings, language barriers, and currency confusion can cause stress or even an argument. Sometimes we can’t avoid these things, so it’s best to prepare yourself to react calmly if something goes awry.

traveling with partner

For instance, it’s not uncommon for tourists to become the victims of theft. Maybe the weather may not be as nice as you expected, or one of you could get sick. Whatever happens, remember that neither partner is at fault. Even if you are at fault, it’s probably best not to battle it out on your fabulous couple’s holiday.

Preparing ahead of time can definitely reduce the likelihood of potential mishaps. For example, security locks for your luggage and using your smartphone for contactless payments can help.

Backup plans if a special day’s adventure is rained out is another point you can discuss together. Whether it’s avoiding issues or knowing how to deal with them, stopping them from ruining your vacation is a great idea.

Talk About The Future, But Not Excessively

Time alone in a romantic place can be an ideal opportunity to think about your future together as a couple. Do keep things in perspective, though. If this is your first vacation, there are probably still a few milestones ahead of you.

Sometimes an unnecessary focus on “what’s next” can take away from the beautiful present moment or add unexpected stress. If you do find yourself in an argument, try my strategies to avoid fighting with your partner on vacation.

vacation memories

Let your future plans develop organically as you take more vacations with your loved one. You’ll likely be able to find the balance that proves you’re moving in the right direction, while still living in the moment.

When you do, this first vacation as a couple will provide everything you’re dreaming of and more.

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