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10 Benefits of Using a VPN While Traveling

using a vpn while traveling
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Why You Should Be Using a VPN

Most people don’t know how beneficial using a VPN can actually be, especially while traveling. VPNs make your online experience safer, easier, and more convenient. They also have benefits you likely haven’t heard of!

A VPN can benefit you both at home and while traveling abroad. And if you’re headed to any of the countries with no data privacy protection, it’s an essential tool.

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I’ll first mention how a VPN works and why you should consider using a reliable one. After, I’ll list the most useful VPN benefits, especially for travelers.

A VPN Protects Your Data and Privacy

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a tool that allows you to mask your true IP address by utilizing a server in another location. 

With a VPN, you can’t be tracked. All of your online activity is encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to see details of what you do online.

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Encrypting the data transmitted between your personal devices protects you from data thieves and being identified by your online activity.

Installing a VPN application on your mobile device and/or personal computer is fast and simple. Keep reading below for the most popular VPNs.

Why Pay to Use a VPN?

With plenty of free VPN services available, you may wonder why you should use a paid VPN service. While some free VPNs may provide a basic level of protection, there’s a tradeoff. And in some cases, free software creates a false sense of security that does more harm than good.

If you’re using a free VPN, the provider is likely harvesting and selling your data. There are even lots of tricky VPN scams out there disguised as free virtual private networks.

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If you want to keep your information completely private and avoid having your data sold to third-party companies, you should pay to use a VPN from a trusted provider.

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers and is used by travelers around the world. 

Ivacy is another highly-rated, affordable VPN option.

Benefits of Using a VPN While Traveling

Stream Content only Available in Certain Regions

Did you know that services like Netflix and Hulu offer different shows and movies depending on the country you’re located in? Sometimes your favorite show at home isn’t available in your travel destination.

streaming tv with vpn

A VPN will allow you to stream TV shows and movies that might only be available in your home country. At home, you can do the opposite and see content only available in other countries. It’s a great benefit of using a VPN no matter where you are!

Access Websites only Available Locally

Government, pharmacy, and many other types of websites are commonly only accessible from an IP address in your home country or state. One of the most useful benefits of a VPN while abroad is being able to still access these sites.

Personally, I use a VPN while traveling to get medication refilled back at home, so it’s ready when I return. Without a VPN, I wouldn’t be able to log in to my local pharmacy’s website.

VPN benefits for travelers

The same goes for anyone who has needed to access a government benefit portal or pay certain bills online. I also use a VPN to pay my mortgage while abroad. It’s essential!

Plus, it keeps your true location from being shared with institutions that may not even have any business in knowing where you are.

Unsecure Wi-Fi Network? No Problem.

We all know a VPN keeps your data secure, no matter where you are. But where this comes in extra handy is when you need to connect to non-secure wi-fi networks, which are so common in places like cafes, train stations, and even some hotels or Airbnbs.

accessing public wifi without vpn

When using a VPN while traveling, your data will be encrypted so data thieves can’t intercept personal information or passwords.

You’ll also avoid trackers and other network communications that happen behind the scenes that you’re likely not even aware of!

Access Blocked Apps & Websites

The ability to access government-banned apps and websites is one of the most useful benefits of using a VPN while traveling. The VPN spoofs your location, allowing you to bypass restrictions on content.

using VPN to access banned app

For instance, the United Arab Emirates banned video call apps and dating apps like Grindr are banned in Turkey and Lebanon.

With a VPN connection using a trusted service like NordVPN, you can use any app or visit any website.

Bypass Throttled Internet Connections

With a VPN, you can avoid slow, throttled internet speeds that are implemented by your mobile provider while you’re traveling.

Especially when you’re traveling long-term, many mobile carriers intentionally throttle data speeds when users are outside their home region/country.

In these situations, using a VPN can increase internet speed by dodging these limitations, keeping your connection fast.

Avoid Re-Signing In to Websites Abroad

While traveling, have you ever had to re-log into your commonly visited websites and deal with those annoying two-factor authentication codes?

reasons to use a vpn abroad

Connecting to the internet using a VPN will eliminate all that hassle. Use apps and browse the web just like you’re at home with a VPN’s ability to set your geolocation to your home country. 

Save Money on Travel

Saving money on travel bookings is another major benefit of using a VPN. Prices on many sites offer varying prices for hotels and airfare depending on a user’s IP address, which is an indicator of your geolocation.

Setting your VPN’s server location to be somewhere in a lower-income nation (along with clearing your browser history) can sometimes unlock great deals on flights and places to stay.

Tips for Using a VPN

Choose an Optimal Geolocation

If you’re traveling somewhere that has a poor cellular connection to begin with, using a VPN may cause data to load a bit more slowly than normal.

While this is not so common (and in most cases, users won’t need a VPN in sparsely populated locations anyway), it can be inconvenient in these specific instances.

vpn server locations

Remember that a VPN connection can only be as strong as the speed of your local cellular connection. 

Setting your VPN’s geolocation to the country you’re currently located in will typically provide a faster connection. Unless you need to spoof your location to a specific country or city, it’s probably better to use a server close by. 

You’re Not Invincible

Don’t use a VPN to engage in any illegal activities. Just because you’re using a VPN, that doesn’t mean that you’re invincible from law enforcement.

Most VPN providers have some sort of no-logging policy, stating they do not collect or store user connection logs, IP addresses and/or traffic.

Ivacy VPN

Best VPN Services for Travelers

Trying to decide which VPN to use? Here are some of the best VPN services and their benefits.

  • NordVPN: Superior connection speed, competitive number of server locations.
  • Ivacy VPN: Best affordable VPN with strong security.
  • VuzeVPN: Newer, super-strong VPN option for Windows users
  • PureVPN: Great VPN for streaming & unblocking content.
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