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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady: A Popular Gay-Friendly Cruise

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Should Gay Travelers Book the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady?

Wondering what the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cruise experience is like for gay travelers? Trying to figure out whether you should book a spot? Learn what Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cruises are like via the first-hand experience of guest post contributor and gay traveler, Melvin Reynolds.

inside Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

In the question and answer interview below, you’ll learn about what it’s like for gay travelers to set sail on the Scarlet Lady cruise ship, get tips on what to bring, recommendations for cabin selection, and a bunch of other useful tips!

Did You Find Many Other Gay Travelers on the Scarlet Lady?

We saw quite a few same-sex couples on board as well as some single gay travelers. Some of the crew were also gay.

Would You Consider the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cruise to Be Gay Friendly?

Very. There were couples holding hands and cuddling in some of the public areas of the ship. They do offer Drag Queen BINGO, and when Covid settles down, they will start offering a drag queen lunch again.

We did see some people wearing pride necklaces, T-shirts, and other rainbow pride clothing

What Did You Like Best About Your Scarlet Lady Cruise?

The food. All the food was delicious, and there was plenty of it. Our favorite restaurant was the Test Kitchen, and it is a must-do if you are a foodie.

Scarlet Lady gay experience

At Lick Me Till Ice Cream, you have to try the brown butter ice cream. All the restaurants on the Scarlet Lady are included in your fare, so there’s no need to pay for any specialty dinner. They offer vegetarian and vegan options in every dining venue.

Any Recommendations for What Room to Book?

We stayed in a Sea Terrace, Virgin Voyages’ answer to the balcony. It was spacious, and the hammock on the terrace made a great place to relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean gliding past the ship.

best Scarlet Lady rooms for gay travelers

If you have the chance, go for the Rock Star Suite or the Mega Rock Star Suite. They both come with extra perks and a lot more room than the Insider or the Sea Terrace.

Is the Atmosphere Super Sexually Charged?

I had heard that it was an anything-goes kind of cruise, but we didn’t find this to be true. Yes, some of the shows had sexual innuendo in them, and the clinic offered free condoms, but the sexual vibe wasn’t overwhelming.

There are no kids under the age of 18 permitted to sail with Virgin Voyages, so things can be a little freer than on some of the other cruise lines. 

virgin scarlet lady gay travel experience

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What Should Travelers Bring on the Virgin Scarlet Lady Cruise?

Be sure to pack a red outfit for the Scarlet Night Party, as well as a pair of cozy PJs for the Pajama Party.

If you are into sports such as basketball or boxing, pack your workout gear as all fitness classes are free. The pool is very small, so doing much swimming is out of the question.

Bring your own hand soap because the soap that is in your stateroom is black, and it leaves black residue under your nails.

Was the Crowd of the Cruise Diverse?

The cruise was very diverse. We saw people from all walks of life. While Virgin’s target is the younger crowd, we saw people in their 60s and 70s on our sailing. We saw a wide variety of races and nationalities as well. There were also quite a few same-sex couples onboard.

gay travelers on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Anything You Didn’t Like About the Cruise?

There were several things I didn’t like about the cruise. First, the bathroom in our stateroom was very small. Second, you were permitted to eat in each of the restaurants only once for dinner. If you wanted to eat there a second night, you had to ask to be put on a waitlist.

Can Virgin Cruises Be Overwhelming for First-Timers?

The atmosphere on board Virgin cruises is very laid back. There is not a lot of programming that would make your choices of things to do during the day overwhelming. The only thing that may be a little hard to get used to is that everything must be done on the app.

performance at scarlet lady event

Any Other Tips for Gay Travelers Thinking About Booking A Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cruise?

This is not your normal cruise line. Don’t miss the show “Ships In The Night.” My partner said it was the best theater show he has seen in decades, and he spent many years in New York City.

“Duel Reality” is another one of the Scarlet Lady shows not to miss. If they are still on board, be sure to catch one of the performances of Phantom Folktales, they are an awesome group of young people with perfect harmony. We missed “Never Sleep Alone” but we were told it was very good.

best Scarlet Lady restaurants

There is no beverage package like on other cruise lines, but you can purchase a bar tab before you board. Virgin runs specials where if you purchase a $300 bar tab, they will pitch in extra money for you to use on drinks. One thing about the bar tab, if you don’t use it all by the time you disembark, you will lose it.

As I mentioned earlier, there are no kids on board, which I really liked. Also, cruises with Virgin are pretty much all-inclusive. Your fare includes all taxes, port fees, gratuities, basic beverages, basic wi-fi, all restaurants, and all group fitness classes.

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If you are looking for something out of the normal as far as a cruise line goes, then Virgin Voyages is definitely for you.

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