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Fighting with Your Partner on Vacation? Try These Strategies

tips to avoid fighting with your partner on vacation
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Fighting on Vacation is Never Fun

Whether you’re looking for preventative strategies to avoid fighting with your partner on vacation, or you need tips to stop current struggles, I’ve got the perfect approaches to help.

tips to avoid fighting with your partner while traveling

Nobody wants to spend any part of a well-deserved holiday bickering with the one they love. Traveling should strengthen your relationship if anything. But, arguments still happen. Even when you’re not expecting it, new situations arise and always seem to throw us for a loop.

How Couples Can Avoid Conflict While Traveling

Planning a journey somewhere special with your partner is always an exciting process. Imagining romantic dinners, lazy mornings, or sipping cocktails together floods our minds with happiness.

However, once the journey begins, things don’t always go as planned, leading couples to argue.

If you ask anyone who’s previously traveled with a partner or even close friends, they’ll tell you that traveling with others can come with some frustrating surprises. Taking a long vacation can definitely test a relationship, especially if it’s your first vacation as a couple.

how to avoid fighting with your partner on vacation

What contributes to this? Well to start, we often have a very predetermined idea of what our trip and schedule should look like. Sometimes we have expectations of others that aren’t met as we expected.

Luckily, there are ways to ensure that travel brings you and your partner closer, rather than driving a wedge between you. Consider the following effective strategies to ensure a holiday in harmony.

Avoid Fighting with Your Partner on Vacation by Managing Expectations

Most often, disagreements and fights between partners happen because the other person fails to fit into your idea of what a vacation should be like. To avoid this, the two of you must first discuss, and sometimes compromise, on a few aspects of the holiday.

avoiding conflict with your partner

Expectations vary from person to person, but there are some topics you should talk to your travel partner about while planning and before departing for your trip.

  • Methods of travel: Everything from how luxurious your transportation will be, and whether you prefer to explore cities on foot versus taking taxis more frequently.
  • Accommodation choices: Is a full-service hotel the best fit for your couple dynamic? Or is a secluded Airbnb or homestay preferable?
  • Activity versus relaxation days: Is your partner an adventurer who loves to hit the streets? Or do they love to lounge and take it east?

Setting expectations up front puts you in the best position to get the most out of your trip.

Be Willing to Compromise with your Partner

Perhaps the most fundamental point is that compromise is the cornerstone of an enjoyable and argument-free vacation. No matter who you are or what type of trip you’re taking, the need for compromise will quickly present itself.

If neither of you is willing to adjust your travel expectations to accommodate the other, then both partners will probably end up frustrated and regretful.

happy couple on vacation

Compromise starts during the trip planning process and extends the entire length of the vacation. You’re consistently presented with options of things to do if you’ll be going to bars and clubs, how much money you spend, et cetera. The list goes on.

Ultimately, each partner needs to enjoy themselves equally. In a perfect world, both of you will enjoy many of the same activities. If not, this might mean allotting activity days versus relaxation days.

For some, this might look like spending half your trip in a hotel and camping the rest of the time.

compromising with your partner

Proving that you’re willing to be flexible will help you to feel closer to your partner. They’ll be grateful that you respect their personal needs and desires.

Lastly, addressing anticipated compromises ahead of time will greatly reduce any chance of fighting with your partner while traveling.

Avoid Stress-Inducing Situations

We all have our triggers. Sometimes stressful situations pop out of nowhere, throwing you into a completely unexpected mood swing.

Unintentionally, one partner might snap with a rude remark. Sometimes we don’t even know why we feel certain feelings that cause us to have a bad attitude. A sharp retort or emotional spiral like this can easily put you both in a sour mood.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, plan to avoid your known stress-inducing events, to the extent possible. How you do this depends on what situations cause you the most stress. The important thing is getting out ahead of it.

stressful situation

For some, a lack of easy-to-find transport gets your blood boiling. It’s certainly understandable to feel angry when you can’t find a taxi amongst a crowd of clamoring tourists. This is a simple example that can be avoided by booking taxis or transfers in advance, or thoroughly researching options typically available.

For more adventurous trips, some couples worry about injuries. In a situation like this, you could create your own survival first aid kit before you leave.

Overall, think through your trip with the intent of identifying potential stress triggers. Then, adjust your plans or make provisions to handle them appropriately.

Whatever you do, make sure that you stay calm, relaxed, and open-minded both before and during your entire vacation.

Emotionally Check In with Your Partner to Avoid Arguments

Checking in emotionally is the absolute best way to avoid fighting with your partner on vacation because it’s an ongoing process through which you can adjust plans and expectations as needed.

Honesty and vulnerability will always prevail because your partner will be able to see the real you. If you show your partner you care, they’ll be more willing to reciprocate.

checking partner emotions while traveling

Many of us do these emotional check-ins in our day-to-day life without even thinking about it. We listen to our partners, hear their wishes and fears, and adjust our habits. This is how we fundamentally strengthen our relationships. The same concept applies while we’re on vacation.

When we’re swept up in travel adventures, it’s easier to lose sight of your partner’s feelings and priorities. Our excitement to enjoy certain activities can sometimes overshadow the fact that we’re also spending this vacation with a loved one or close friend.

Pay attention to your partner’s body language. Ask them how they’re doing and what they’re feeling. If they’re hesitant to answer, just tell them that you want to have the best possible vacation and that their feelings are important to you.

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