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Reduce Airport Stress: Useful Tips

reduce airport stress and anxiety
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Easily Reduce Airport Stress

As someone who always gets through the airport quickly and easily, I’ll share a few quick tips for how to reduce airport stress!

Don't Check Your Bags

The first tip is the simplest. I travel for months at a time and I’ve never needed to check a bag on a flight. Yes, I lug my belongings onto and off of the plane, but I don’t stand in lines to check the larger bag. I also don’t have to waste time upon arrival waiting at a baggage claim.
reduce airport stress dont check bags
Not checking bags will save you time and reduce airport stress. Pack only what you need. Try to be a minimalist. Skipping both of these waiting periods feels great too!
If you don’t think your bag will fit in the overhead bin, most of the time the agent will gate check it for you. So in essence the size of your carry-on doesn’t matter. Most international planes have plenty of room however, so no need to worry.
3.4 ounce rule avoid
Be careful with some budget airlines, however. A few of them have been known to be extremely and unnecessarily strict about sizes and weights. For instance, Air Asia in 2017 was in the news for bringing luggage scales right to the gate and weighing every passenger’s belongings to the ounce.

Use a Mobile Boarding Pass

Check in online from your cell phone, and when you’re prompted to receive an electronic boarding pass, select yes and add it to your Apple Wallet. Now you don’t even need to stop at a kiosk. Assuming you aren’t checking any bags (tip #1), you can walk straight from the cab to your gate.
fast boarding airport
fast boarding airport
airport reduce stress on flight
If you’re a frequent traveler, always make sure you have a backup power bank. It’s always a good idea to keep an extra battery around for emergency situations. For example, if your phone didn’t charge the night before your flight!
airport reduce stress on flight

Getting Past the “3.4 Ounce” Rule

Do you have liquids or gels that are “over the limit” of airline regulations? Listen here..we all know your organic cane sugar facial scrub isn’t hazardous, and you obviously can’t buy travel size of any luxury products!

First, bury that over-3.4 ounce baby deep in your largest bag. Make sure to surround it with other oddly shaped objects, and not with clothes. People normally dont pack tanning oil in the center of their suitcase, for example. 

gay traveler boarding plane
If you pack the items in this way, there’s little chance they will be flagged. Also, security would prefer not to undo your entire bag all the way to the bottom unless there is actually something of concern.
gay traveler boarding plane
airplane wing
Next, for the toiletries you have that are actually allowable, keep them grouped together and located near the top of your bag. Nine times out of ten, my bag gets sent to the inspection counter because I have things like a drone, chargers for my electronics and sometimes tanning oil or large bottles of face wash all jam-packed.
When security does shift your stuff to the inspection area, they will open the top, check the small toiletries, close it up and tell you you’re good. At least, this is my impression of what happens. Im not a TSA agent, so I could be wrong.
Kutaisi International Airport

Note: this tip is intended for substances you know are to be non-hazardous. Please travel at your own risk! Alternatively, avoid all this by packing light and using travel containers. Here are some tips on saving space in your luggage.

Reduce Airport Stress: Sign Up for Global Entry

International travelers will benefit hugely from enrolling in Global Entry. Sign up now and you’ll thank yourself a thousand times later. For US citizens tho travel more so domestically, the alternative option is enrolling in TSA Pre-Check. My personal credit card gives the option of choosing which to get.
tips to lower stress in airport
Arriving in some American airports, especially in New York City, can be absolute hell. Even for American citizens, lines can be extreme just to check your passport. The last thing we want is to wait in line for two hours after a long flight.
tips to lower stress in airport
Global Entry allows you speed right through using a specialized screening machine. All you have to do to sign up is do a one-time interview upon arrival from an international flight. TSA Pre-check will mainly save you time on the departure-side of your trip by allowing you to jet quickly through security lines.

Get Lounge Access with a Partner Credit Card

I get free access to lounges in airports around the world with Priority Pass, which is a benefit of my personal Chase Bank credit card. Fast WiFi, free meals all day long, alcohol and cozy seating can’t be beat. Some even have showers and massage chairs!
Tirana Airport bus
Tirana Airport bus
Kutaisi International Airport
Depending on what country you reside in, check around for the easiest way to get access to Priority Pass or other lounge program. Many of you likely can earn airline miles by paying for and expensing work travel on your personal credit card. Many travelers gain access to high-end lounges this way.
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Bonus Tip to Reduce Airport Stress: Don’t Ever Bring This!

We all know the gays love their workout routines. Fitness is important to many gay men, and many may be tempted to bring along some workout supplements.
not checking bags for flight
You should know however, that airport security’s worst nightmare is pre-workout powder. If security sees this, you’ll be getting thoroughly screened because many of these products contain ingredients that set off preliminary tests (like certain clays) when they swab it. If you’re short on time, there’s a good chance you will even miss your flight.
I’ve seen this happen to a group of girls traveling for a volleyball tournament. Security uncovered a little tub of workout powder. It probably added more than an hour to their airport experience.

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