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Easy Tips for Packing Light

tips for packing light
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Travel Tips For Packing Light

Before you start throwing things into your suitcase, read these quick and easy tips for packing light that I always live by. I’ll also recommend some inexpensive products that make traveling light so much easier.

As someone who has traveled for long periods of time, I can definitely explain the easiest way to fit a lot of stuff into not a lot of space! It’s not that difficult to do, either!

tips for packing light

Before You Start Packing

Packing as little as possible starts with forethought. Before reading any of my tips for packing light below, start your own “must-have” item list. Write down the most important things that you’ll use on your trip.

making list before packing

Think through your daily at-home routine to identify essentials. Next, imagine yourself enjoying various activities while you’re traveling. These will naturally differ depending on the destination.

For example, imagine yourself skiing, taking a beach trip, spending a few hours on a bus, or heading from the plane to the office. Write down what items you imagine yourself reaching for.

strategies for packing light

Creating a list before you start packing will help you distinguish what you truly need versus the impulse “might use” items.

Use Refillable Containers

Refillable travel-size bottles for toiletry bag items are one of the easiest ways to pack light. You can squeeze in your favorite shampoo or shaving cream, only bringing the amount you’ll need for your trip.

These bottles are made of flexible rubber, so there’s no chance of cracking. You can even get wide-top travel containers for things like makeup or hair gel.

packing light with refillable containers

If you normally bring your full-size toiletry bottles, this simple tip has already saved you a ton of space and weight. It’s quite inefficient to bring large bottles of liquids that you only need a small amount of!

Use an Atomizer (Or Fragrance Testers)

One of my favorite tips for packing light is to use an atomizer, so I can bring just enough fragrance needed for my trip. Atomizers have a port that accepts the nozzle of larger fragrance bottles. 

There’s no need to carry those large (and expensive) glass bottles for a short-term vacation. They make your bag much heavier, they could break in transit or even be taken away by security if packed in the wrong bag.

cologne testers

You can also use fragrance tester bottles instead of packing the original bottle. Spray your fragrance right into one of these inexpensive 5 ml refillable spray bottles.

Use Flexible Bags & Don’t Over-Organize

Travelers often have individual little cases for different items like cameras, toiletries, medications, or accessories. When you try to put these smaller rigid cases into larger bags, things get really bulky.

It’s best to carry larger, non-breakable items loosely. Leaving behind rigid casings can help you save a ton of space.

backpack for bulky items

I keep these larger items in my small Lacoste canvas backpack, which can also be used as a day bag. There are plenty of affordable options too, like this Oxford fabric backpack. Check out wolfyy’s travel shop page for all my favorite backpacks and travel bags.

I put all my small and medium-size miscellaneous items into mesh zippable bags. These are more flexible and your items will fit much more nicely into your luggage or day bag.

Small mesh organizer pouches are perfect for little things like charging cords and extra toiletries.

mesh bags to pack light

Utilize flexible packing cubes clothing and things like beachwear and winter gear. Flexibility is most important for being able to easily fit groups of items inside your largest bag.

Drawstring pouches are extremely helpful to keep socks and underwear together. A material like nylon is better since it won’t absorb any smells and it dries easily.

tips for packing light with mesh bags

Empty all medications and vitamins into small resealable bags. This helps them be able to squish around other items in your luggage. This way, those big cylindrical pill containers won’t be bulking up your bag.

Lastly, clothes folded up in our suitcases always end up wrinkling. I always keep my travel-size Tom & Sheri’s wrinkle releaser spray handy. You also can’t go wrong with the Downy wrinkle spray.

Buying Items Later is an Option

Most importantly, make sure you bring essential personal items that you can’t simply replace once you leave.

Put a sticky note on your door for these items, like your prescription glasses, your laptop, and things like this. The most commonly forgotten items are the ones you use right up until you leave!

buy forgotten items

For everything else, it’s always possible to buy extra products during your trip. Things like shampoo, toothpaste, even clothes or shoes are easily replaceable while traveling.

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Voilà, you’re now ready to pack like a pro! I hope you find wolfyy’s tips for packing light useful. They’ve always worked for me!

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