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Guest Post by Jonathan N.

My Atlantis Gay Cruise Trip – What It Was Like

Atlantis gay cruise
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The Atlantis Gay Cruise Experience, First-Hand

While most of us have seen an Atlantis gay cruise via social media or advertisements, you’re probably still wondering…what are these Atlantis gay cruises really like?

atlantis gay cruise party

Johnathan N. from New York shares his personal experience joining an Atlantis cruise, telling it like it is and offering useful tips for travelers interested in booking!

What Did You Like Best About the Atlantis Cruise?

Total inclusivity on a massive scale was definitely the best part of joining an Atlantis Cruise. I’ve done some other gay vacations, but a huge gay cruise like this is pretty unique.

sexy cruise costume party

Other trips for international gay pride events, ski weeks, and events like Gay Days are great, but the Atlantis Gay Cruise just felt grander. Plus, everything was catered to the gay community.

How Were the Atlantis Gay Cruise Theme Parties?

I thought the Atlantis theme parties were awesome. But I wish I had a little more time to plan out the costumes. I think Atlantis gave us a 2-week notice of the theme, but even so, it was a lot of fun. I had a blast.

atlantis gay cruise themed party

Some of the commonly hosted themes include the Glow Party, White Party Dog Tag Tea Dance, and the Disco Tea Dance. So, at a minimum, you can start prepping the gay party accessories that you can wear to these.

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Any Recommendations for Which Rooms to Book?

Since there’s so much to do on the ship, you honestly don’t spend much time in your room. So, I wouldn’t stress out about which specific room you book.

If you’ve got the cash for a veranda and totally need that ocean view, then go for it. But in my opinion, an interior room is completely fine if you’re on a budget. Plus, if you book a budget room, you’ll have more money for the expensive booze!

ocean view room

The smaller interior rooms usually start around $1200 USD for two people, plus fees. When you have more than 2 guests sharing a room, there’s an additional fee. 

Oceanview and balcony rooms for two people can run anywhere from $1200 to $2400. And then when it comes to suites, prices can easily exceed $5000.

Is the Atmosphere Super Sexually Charged?

The sexual vibe depends on where you hang out on the ship. Without a doubt, there are areas where things are very sexy. On the dick deck at 10 PM, yes…you will get groped… and then some.

The rest of the boat is a bit more relaxed. It can sometimes be “cruisy” but it’s definitely not all sex, sex, sex. Lots of first-timers expect Atlantis gay cruises to be a constant sex party, but it’s not exactly like that.

events on Atlantis gay cruise

The Atlantis cruise I went on offered singles events. These can really help solo travelers or anyone who’s shy get out of their shell. I personally can’t fully credit the Atlantis Cruise event for meeting my newest travel buddy at the time. (We met the night before at a hotel rooftop).

But, we quickly found ourselves in an “it’s complicated” situation and ended up spending 95% of our time on the ship together.

What Should Travelers Bring on an Atlantis Gay Cruise?

Most importantly, you’ve got to bring some sexy swimwear attire. Check out my extensive list of the best gay swimwear brands. Get ideas from bikini thongs to printed trunks, plus everything in between.

People really get into decorating their room doors, too. While I didn’t on my first cruise I will do it on my next one. Most people pack mini dry erase boards to hang on their door along with photos so everyone can get a sneak peek of who’s in the cabin.

decorating doors on atlantis gay cruise

I’ve even seen some groups stick a small ticket box to their door along with some little colorful sticky notes so people can leave secret messages. It’s pretty cute.

I would really encourage getting some costumes for the themed parties. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on them, but you will feel a little out of place if you don’t participate.

At the very least, throw on a harness, a sexy jockstrap, and some shorts you wouldn’t mind losing! I definitely recommend getting some good circuit party gear for the trip.

Oh, and like any cruise, don’t forget your sunscreen, especially since it’s so expensive on the ship.

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Did You Witness a “Lack of Diversity” Issue on the Cruise?

This was not the case in my experience. However, I did go on an international cruise, not a domestic one. Perhaps those could be different. There were people from every continent on mine, and it was a great time.

Can Atlantis Gay Cruises Be Overwhelming for First-Timers?

Real talk—I had a panic attack as we landed in Barcelona. I was traveling alone which I have done many times before. But for some reason, the idea of getting on a 5000+ person gay cruise hit me like a brick wall. Later that night, my anxiety started to go away, and getting on the ship the following day was fine.

atlantis pool party

I think it’s important to know that every Atlantis gay cruise has so many programmed events happening, that it’s truly impossible to do everything. It’s kind of by design.

The entire experience is sort of a “choose your own adventure” and that’s really what makes it so unique.

Want to go to a circuit party? Great. Feeling horny and need a little help? Head to the dick deck. Feel like you overdid it the night before and need a more mellow night? Go to one of the many gay comedy, musical, piano bar, or drag shows happening on the ship.

Anything You Didn’t Like About the Cruise?

Honestly, the amount of money I spent on booze. It adds up. Ha!

Any Other Tips?

Some people don’t leave the ship when docked at the ports. It seems most people do on the international cruises, but it sounds like the gay cruises out of Miami and San Diego are pretty much constant circuit parties.

tips for Atlantis gay cruise

Atlantis gay cruises can get quite expensive, so there generally wasn’t a huge number of younger people. Unless it was a “daddy” situation I would say 20 somethings made up less than 10% of the attendees.

Your Gay Cruise Alternatives

Gay guys are booking Atlantis cruises like crazy, especially now that we’re out of the woods regarding the pandemic. Check out some of the other scheduled Atlantis Cruises you can join.

If you’re thinking about browsing some tamer or not-so-gay cruises, there are plenty of fun alternatives.

friends on gay cruise

There are several bear weeks that take place on huge cruises. These are definitely worth a look, including the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady.

Cruise Critic compiles a huge range of the best international cruises. Definitely check your booking options here as well.

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