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25 Best Gay Underwear Brands & Sexy Jockstraps You’ll Love

best gay underwear brands
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Popular Gay Underwear & Jockstrap Brands

When it comes to gay underwear brands these days, it can feel like there’s an overwhelming number of options to chose from.

Traditionally popular gay underwear brands have vastly expanded their collections, while newer and smaller ones offer more unique designs and styles.

gay underwear brands

Whether you love colorful and flashy underwear or prefer a more subdued and elegant look, I’ll help you make the best choice!

Let’s find the perfect gay underwear or jockstrap style for you.


Garçon gay underwear collections are full of color and have one of the most recognizable logos. Their styles are bold and fun while maintaining a classy aesthetic.

Garçon gay jockstrap

While the most colorful and neon products feature bold logos, the lettering isn’t as pronounced on styles like Garçon’s printed briefs.

Get 10% off your order of 3 or more Garçon products—just use code LAFFALOUI.


C-IN2 has over 15 different gay underwear collections. Each one has a different theme, fit, or function, like the Grip 2.0 or Caution collections. They make it easy to choose a pair suited to your style and where you’ll be wearing them.

gay underwear collections

Popular styles you can’t miss include the football-inspired Scrimmage Jock, the brightly-colored H+A+R+D Fly Front Trunk, and the C-Theory Low Rise Brief (I have these and love how comfortable they are).

Craving more comfort? The Core Trunk is a chic option, especially in white.


Jockmail is one of the sportier gay underwear brands. Their stuff is sexy with the perfect athletic flare.

I especially like their signature ultra-wide belt jockstrap for it’s textured front pouch fabric and the stately thick waistband. You can grab one in a bunch of different colors.

jockmail gay jockstrap

If you’ve got a sportswear fetish, take a look at Jockmail’s lace-up wide-belt jockstrap.

Jockmail is also one of the only gay brands that sell long johns! These are begging to be worn at a gay ski week evening event.

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is one of those iconic gay underwear brands that you instantly recognize. They carry a huge variety of designs and are especially known for flashy, colorful products.

popular gay underwear brand

From their jockstraps and thongs collection, the Bamboo Brief in the “almost naked” cut has become a top seller.

Options without the actual brand name include styles like the Hard FUKR net brief and Trophy Boy comfort jock, which are part of special collections.

Andrew Christian’s Amazon store typically offers less expensive items. It may not have as many styles available, but everything is usually at least 20% lower in price.

sexy gay underwear


BSHETR is among the less expensive gay underwear brands, yet their jockstrap designs are just as stylish! In my opinion, not many guys really know about this brand.

The BSHETR style isn’t overly flashy, but still incorporates bold athletic colors in addition to their sets of black, grey, and white underwear.

BSHETR gay underwear brand

You can buy multi-packs of BSHETR brief or jockstrap color combinations, making a new gay jockstrap collection super affordable. Where else can you get a set of 4 jocks for under $30 bucks?

Product reviews on Amazon are fantastic too, so you know their stuff is good.

Arjen Kroos

Arjen Kroos has become a wildly popular gay underwear brand, with affordable prices and one of the biggest ranges in styles and fits.

They sell briefs, boxers, breathable trunks, and plenty of other sexy underwear-related items.

arjen kroos popular underwear

Reviews of Arjen Kroos products are so high, it makes an underwear purchase pretty reassuring. Given the brand’s popularity, there are even photos posted by reviewers showing how well their underwear fits!

Their popular mesh sport jockstrap has over 10,000 ratings! Arjen Kroos has plenty of other brief and jock designs that are more colorful, and playful, and some with bold lettering.


2(X)IST is the perfect gay underwear brand if you don’t like wearing super flashy designs every day. They have a lot of simple underwear and jockstrap designs. I also love their form-fitting and comfortable briefs.

cheap gay underwear brands

Make sure to check out their awesome Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong. It’s made of polyester with a decent bit of spandex. I love the chic earthy color options and subtle branding on the waistband.

You can also find plenty of 2(X)IST products on Amazon.

Brave Person

You’ve got to see the Brave Person Store if you love thongs, G-strings, or narrow-banded jockstraps. Their products come in white, grey, black, and a few fun, earthy colors.

g string jockstrap

I particularly love their white athletic supporter that’s like a hybrid of a thong and a pair of underwear. Most of the Brave Person products have those unique front bands that connect the waistband to the front pouch.

Brave Person’s low-rise microfiber briefs are among the brand’s top sellers and are incredibly inexpensive!

Cellblock 13

The Cellblock 13 brand is known for gay men’s jockstraps, including styles that can attach to a body harness or suspenders. 

You can’t miss their signature Tight-End jockstrap, which comes in a range of colors. It’s super sexy and looks good on just about everyone.

gay jockstrap with zipper

A few other Cellblock 13 styles I love are the Linebacker Jockstrap, the thin-banded Swimmer Jock, and the hardcore Buckle-Up Jockstrap that features a front zipper.


Looking for the skimpiest gay underwear brand on the market? You’ll love MuscleMate.

They specialize in super revealing thongs, jockstraps, and G-strings for thick, muscled men. MuscleMate products are also some of the cheapest sexy underwear around. Check out their Leopard print thong or their popular butt-flaunting thong

sexy mens thongs


Sydney-based AussieBum is one of the world’s best gay underwear brands. Their iconically fun, playful, and sexy designs scream fun in the sun down under.

You’ve probably heard of AussieBum before, but they have more designs and options than you might know about.

aussieBum gay underwear line

The brand’s Wonderjock Pro line utilizes pouch-enhancing technology, available in traditional brief, hipster, or jockstrap styles. AussieBum’s “enlarge it” line helps to achieve “lift where it counts,” which is never a bad idea!

In addition to underwear, AussieBum also produces gay swimwear and other lifestyle apparel lines. And while the brand has expanded immensely, every garment is designed in Sydney by founder Sean Ashby himself.


Originally a Spanish brand founded in Barcelona, Addicted sells all types of different gay clothing products. They’ve got everything from sexy underwear and jockstraps, to pants and hoodies.

The Addicted Fetish website has the sexiest of all their collections with products like zip rub briefs that imitate rubber, bottomless briefs, and a tantalizing see-through mesh jockstrap.

Addicted gay underwear brand

You’ve likely already heard of Addicted, especially from promotions at some of the world’s biggest circuit festivals. Some collections have a print of the full Addicted brand name, while others just show the signature AD logo.

Addicted isn’t the cheapest brand, but their quality is superb. They’ve been around forever and everyone loves them. I own quite a few pairs of Addicted Fetish jockstraps myself!


Pump is a classic and easily recognized gay underwear brand that’s been around for quite a while. With contrasting colored stitching and fun color blocks, a lot of their briefs and boxers have a “sexy jock” vibe.

Pump gay underwear brand

Popular for being supportive, Pump’s briefs and jockstraps are their best sellers. They’re sold in a few different places too. Buying Pump products on Underwear Expert allows you to mix and match with other brands.

Pump underwear on Amazon is also an option, where you can typically receive your package faster!


Need underwear that has an extra large pouch? Wildmant has you covered, literally. They sell both underwear and swimwear for men that need a little extra fabric to handle what you’ve got going on!

gay underwear with large pouch

Wildmant’s Duo Big Boy Pouch Jockstrap is perfect for those who want to show off. For a little more coverage, check out their Big Boy Pouch Boxer Brief.


AWRY makes gay underwear even sexier with collections of especially revealing styles.

Their Cheeky Thong Briefs are a signature style, combining the fit of a brief with the look of a thong. These only cover the waist area to showcase a ton of booty!

AWRY gay underwear

AWRY’s jockstrap styles are also unique—different from anything I’ve seen. The APEX Jockstrap adds some flare with bands that connect in the front.

I think AWRY’s Jock Boxers are awesome too, giving the support of a jock while offering coverage. Or, if you want to bare as much as possible, try the RAW V-String Thong.


Papi gay underwear designs are both contemporary and inspired by Hispanic heritage. The brand sells briefs, trunks, and jockstraps, and is especially popular for sexy men’s thongs.

gay jockstrap brand

I love the slim and sporty waistband on Papi’s athletic supporter, which has incredibly high reviews. Their low-rise briefs are another of their super popular gay underwear styles.

Nasty Pig

Nasty Pig is one of my personal favorite gay underwear brands for their deep, bold color combinations. I love their pig logo, too!

Nasty Pig underwear and accessories

While their products are not extremely expensive, Nasty Pig jockstraps and underwear tend to cost more than other brands. You can sometimes find discounted Nasty Pig products on Amazon as they become available.

Nasty Pig’s underwear accessories are super popular. They sell tube socks that are perfect for circuit parties, sex parties, or anywhere else you might be wearing underwear with sneakers.

For something similar but cheaper, these sexy tube socks come in some fun bold colors.

popular gay underwear brands


SKYSPER is a relatively new gay underwear brand that’s taking Amazon by storm. They’ve created cotton stretch jockstraps that look like briefs from the front and a jockstrap from the back! The design is so sexy.

Their breathable mesh gym underwear is a bolder variation of the unique briefs-jockstrap style. The beautiful colors perfectly contrast against the waistbands, while offering a breathable solution.

skysper gay underwear

SKYSPER has dozens more gay underwear and jockstrap styles worth checking out, like their skimpy thong jockstrap and sexy open-back trunks.

Gruff Pup

Gruff Pup is also new to the gay underwear scene, and the brand has quickly gained popularity for hyper-masculine jockstraps and circuit party gear like singlets.

Their Combat Jock is built for performance. With high-vis neon, this jockstrap will easily get you noticed.

new gay jockstrap brand

Gruff Pup’s Pocket Jockstrap is perfect for when you need quick access to personal items. It’s super useful. I’m honestly surprised more brands don’t have a product like this. No more keeping your cards in your front pouch!


A designer gay underwear brand from Australia, TEAMM8 makes all sorts of underwear styles for gay men, as well as activewear and swimwear. 

The Skin Thong is one of TEAMM8’s most unique styles. They make thongs for gay men in various different skin tones, so even while you’re wearing a jock, people might think you’re naked!

Australian gay underwear brand

I also love how the waistbands on TEAMM8’s Spartacus jockstraps collection have a soft sheen to them. You also can’t miss their awesome part-mesh Score jockstrap collection. These are really nice!

Joe Snyder

Joe Snyder is a popular gay underwear brand known for eye-catching men’s thongs and g-strings. 

You can’t miss their “Mini-Cheek” underwear. These are designed to show off just a little extra lower booty, which is sure to turn some heads!

gay men's thong

A couple of other fun styles are the bulge-enhancing boxer trunks and the classic Joe Snyder jockstrap.

Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin is a German gay jockstrap and underwear brand that I want to mention specifically for their elegant Sergey Basic jockstrap.

It may look similar to other thick-banded jocks, but this one incorporates some silicone in the bands for a little extra grip.

Barcode gay underwear


Cocksox is an Australian brand that produces underwear for gay men with unique supportive and enhancing pouch designs. Their slogan is “supporting manhood since 2006!”

My favorite products from Cocksox are their lightweight nylon-spandex trunks and Italian mesh sport underwear, which come in some fantastic bright neon colors.

Underwear Expert

Underwear Expert is the leading gay men’s underwear subscription brand. After you choose your favorite styles and delivery frequency, they’ll send you a curated box of the latest underwear designs.

underwear expert box of jockstraps

Purchasing specific underwear directly from Underwear Expert’s website is another option, although these styles aren’t the absolute newest designs that come in the subscription box.

Code 22, Wood, and Diesel are just a few to choose from. They carry products from pretty much every gay underwear brand.


RUFSKIN’s California-crafted range of gay underwear collections goes beyond briefs, trunks, and thongs. They offer elegant bulge-enhancing bodysuits, low-chest tank top undershirts, and booty-enhancing leggings.

gay underwear brand

Deserving of a special mention, Rufskin’s Gogo underwear is a hybrid between briefs and a thong that beautifully helps you showcase those buns!


TOF PARIS is a gay clothing and underwear brand with an enormous selection of products. In addition to underwear and jockstrap collections, the brand sells swimwear, party accessories, and fetish wear.

sexy gay underwear brand

The fetish underwear collection is my absolute favorite, which includes both leather and vinyl garments.

JJ Malibu

JJ Malibu is another bright, playful, and sexy gay underwear brand. Different eye-catching designs include exotic prints, enormous bulge pouches, mesh fabric, and a ton of color.

Their hot pink Club Kid Briefs are sure to turn heads at any party. Another signature style I love is JJ Malibu’s Ribbed Side-Tie Brief.


BANGWEAR is a relatively new gay underwear brand offering some fun and innovative designs for super low prices on Amazon. One of their most unique styles is the Tanga Brief, which has a removable pouch.

gay men's jockstrap

I love the deep grey of their classic jockstrap, too. And lastly, you can’t miss BANGWEAR’s Scrimmage Drawstring jock

Coyote Jocks

The Coyote Jocks brand perfectly blends chic styles with revealing fits. Their briefs, jockstraps, and thongs come in elegantly soft tones like the grey sage t-string thong.

Coyote Jocks also sells athletic micro-tank undershirts that match the style of briefs in the same color.

gay underwear brand

More Gay Underwear Brands & Styles

There are plenty more men’s gay underwear brands out there to tell you about, so I’ll keep things short here with some specific product recommendations.

Or, you can always browse my custom list of gay underwear and jockstraps on Amazon.

Goldberg G gay jockstrap

Love a super-thick waistband? Goldberg G has an awesome athletic jockstrap that comes in a bunch of colors.

Jockstraps by Broddle have a similar look, with a few more interesting colors.

A little more flashy, this D.M. thick-waistband jock has bold printed lettering all around.

Another highly branded option is Calvin Klein’s cotton stretch jock. These come in black and white and are perfect for everyday wear.

gym gay underwear

The jockstrap brand Gym sells an inexpensive, no-frills 1-inch waistband athletic jock. It’s nothing luxurious, but it does the job! There’s also Gym’s ultra-classic all-white jock.

Aserlin is great if you prefer underwear with a little more coverage and without huge letters across the waistband. Their styles are just as colorful and sexy as the best-known gay underwear brands.

Aserlin’s boxer brief styles or even their longer, form-fitting sport boxers are easy choices for everyday wear.

Sexier yet still minimally branded, try a pair of Sumaba sexy thong briefs. They provide a lot of coverage in the front considering they’re a thong! 

gay jockstrap without logo

The Tyhenga performance jock is also incredibly popular with thousands of five-star reviews—and it has no brand or logo whatsoever.

Fruit of the Loom is another utilitarian choice for everyday wear. Lots of gay men love the classic style of this all-American brand. Or, try a pair of Hanes underwear.

Another minimally branded underwear option is KNITLORD’s breathable bamboo boxer briefs.

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Wearing your new sexy underwear to a circuit party? Pair it with the perfect circuit party gear.

Need a harness to go along with your jock? wolfyy’s gay harness guide covers all the best brands and styles.

Be sure to check out my extensive list of the best gay swimwear brands!

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