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7 Croatia Island Tours to Book this Summer

Croatia island tours
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Amazing Tours to Explore the Croatian Islands

If you’re planning a visit to Croatia, booking one of the many epic Croatia Island tours is a perfect way to experience the jaw-dropping beauty of the Dalmatian coast.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time discovering the quaint local villages and stunning seaside landscapes here in Croatia, and I recommend you do too!

traveler on Croatia island tour

Cave tours, wine tastings, island hopping tours—Croatia has it all. Popular tour routes have departure locations from major mainland destinations like Dubrovnik, Trogir, and Split too, so you can conveniently explore the islands without staying there overnight.

Here are all the most popular types of Croatia island tours to book, along with specific tour links with different departure locations.

Blue Cave Tours (Biševo)

Tours of the iconic Blue Cave, also known as the Blue Grotto, are the most popular of all the Croatian island tours. If you’re only going to pick one tour or day trip, choose the Blue Cave.

Blue Cave tour in Croatia

The water inside this dark cave on the island of Biševo turns a bright blue as it becomes illuminated from sunshine reflecting through underwater cracks in the rock. It’s most brilliant in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest point.

There are quite a few Blue Cave tour alternatives departing from Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, and Trogir. Some are small speedboat tours and others are on larger boats, some of which include lunch options.

Blue Cave Tour Options

Green Cave Tours

The Green Cave is another stunning natural feature known for deep color. It’s located on a tiny island called Ravnik located off the southern coast of Vis

After a tour inside, travelers love snorkeling near the cave’s opening. Booking a Green Cave tour is the best option if you want to have less people around, yet still see one of Croatia’s best-known attractions.

Green Caves in Croatia

Since the Green Cave is so close to the Blue Cave mentioned above, Green Cave tours typically include a short visit to the Blue Cave. The same does not apply the other way around though, since the Blue Cave is more popular.

Green Cave Tour Options

Croatia’s Blue Lagoon Tours

Croatia’s Blue Lagoon lies off the eastern coast of Drvenik Veli Island. Clear, bright blue waters span the area between Drvenik Veli and two tiny adjacent islands. 

It’s one of the most epic local spots to swim and lounge in the sun. The lagoon’s white-pebbles make this place feel like paradise!

Croatia Blue Lagoon tour

Blue Lagoon Tour Options

If you book a tour that stops in the town of Maslinica, check out my restaurant recommendations in wolfyy’s Maslinica gay travel guide.

Korčula Island Wine & Old Town Tours

Korčula is one of my favorite Croatian islands, mainly for the picturesque Korčula Old Town.

Restaurants and shops line the narrow, stepped pathways of this medieval walled city. There’s a ton of history to learn about, easiest to do via a walking tour. Marco Polo lived much of his life here, and you can go explore his house!

Korčula island tour

Wine tours are popular in Korčula, as the island is home to numerous vineyards. Many are located in the nearby Lumbarda region, which is where many local tours will bring you.

Some wine tour options are active excursions, like combined wine and bike tours. Others offer more of a relaxing experience. Whichever you choose, just remember not to drink too much if you’ve got a long trip back!

Tour of winery in Korcula

Korčula Island Tour Options

Even if you don’t book one of the tours above, you can still explore Korčula on your own. Just grab tickets for the Korčula water taxi. The taxi boat also stops at neighboring Badija Island, famous for its waterfront monastery.

Lokrum & the Elaphiti Islands Tours

Exploring Croatia’s Elaphiti Islands is the most convenient island tour option if you’re staying in Dubrovnik. Most Elaphiti island hopping tours are full-day experiences. Some even include kayaking and biking, for those of you who like to stay fit while traveling!

A few popular spots along common tour routes include the Koločep Cave and beaches on the island of Lopud.

private Croatia island hopping tour

If you’re staying in Dubrovnik, I highly recommend a visit to Lokrum Island, which is just a short ferry from the city. There’s plenty of pristine rocky coastline in Lokrum to soak up the sun. You’ll also find the quiet local gay beach and nudist area, called FKK Beach.

Elaphiti Islands Tour Options

Vis Island Military Tours

The island of Vis is known for enormous military facilities that date back to the Cold War. Submarine shelters, a labyrinth of underground tunnels, and a former atomic missile command center are just a few impressive relics you can explore on a military tour.

Vis Island military tunnel tour

To get to Vis hop on Croatia’s official Jadrolinija ferry. There are direct ferry routes to Vis from Split and other nearby ports. From Dubrovnik, you’ll need to make a transfer at either the port of Hvar or Milna.

Vis Military Tour Options

Sail Croatia’s Pakleni Islands

The Pakleni Islands (also referred to Paklinski Islands) form a gorgeous uninhabited archipelago not far from the party-capital of Hvar. The local bays and beaches around these islands are popular daytime anchor spots both private yachts and tour boats.

Pakleni Croatia island tour

Many people spending time in Hvar dock their boats at night in marinas around the Pakleni Islands. Palmižana is one of the busiest party-friendly marinas. Vinogradišće Bay to the south is another beautiful and popular marina.

Pakleni Islands Tour Options

Tips for Booking Croatia Island Tours

You Get What You Pay For

You’re going to find lots of different island tour options with varying price points. Make sure you’re realistic with your expectations with respect to the tour’s cost.

sailboats touring Croatian islands

While booking a cheaper tour is better than not booking one at all, remember that cheaper tours will have more people, older boats with fewer conveniences, and less individual attention.

Research the Tour’s Itinerary

Be skeptical of what stops are actually included with your tour. Some Croatia Island tour companies will say things like “5 islands,” which typically means the boat will briefly stop on tiny islands adjacent to the main attraction’s destination.

Croatia island boat tour

Other multi-island tours will only briefly visit a two or two, like Hvar. This might be exactly what you want, but it’s always a good idea to know what to expect.

If you’re mainly interested in swimming on your tour, make sure you book a boat tour that specifically allows time for enjoying the water, like a catamaran cruise. Some tour boats are mainly for viewing the scenery while transporting travelers to local islands and beaches.

What to Bring on Your Island Tour

The shorelines of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast are quite rocky, so a sleek pair of water shoes is essential.

Bring a proper day bag or backpack on your tour to conveniently organize all your on-the-go essentials

what to bring on Croatian Island tours

If you plan on swimming to shores of local islands from a boat, put all your stuff in a waterproof dry bag. I bring mine on every sailing trip I take!

Bring Cash for Entrance Fees

Not all tours include the price of entry to attractions like the Blue Cave and Green Cave. It’s best to bring at least 200 Kuna per person in cash for these kinds of fees. Otherwise, make sure the tour you choose includes all potential expenses.

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