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Hvar Gay Travel

If you love to party, don’t skip Hvar! In wolfyy’s Hvar gay travel guide, check out the best local bars and parties, plus where to stay, things to do & local tips.

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The Gay Travel Experience: Hvar, Croatia

Nothing could ever compare to the magical view of the stars as my friends and I jetted out of the Port of Hvar toward our sailboat. I looked up at the deep night sky as the speedboat hummed and reflected on how beautiful this area of the world is.

gay sailing Croatia

Hvar is one of the most visited Croatian islands for its vibrant nightlife scene and beautiful natural landscapes. There are usually a handful of gay travelers in Hvar throughout the summer.

gay sailing Croatia
Hvar gay travel sailing

Some travel solo while others visit in groups of gay sailing boats. While the Croatian islands are not necessarily flooded with gay men, they can certainly be found here!

Hvar gay travel sailing

I visited Hvar while taking a sailing trip with a group of gay friends! We arranged a private boat that started in Dubrovnik and sailed around different islands for a week, visiting Okuklje, Pomena, Korčula, Maslinica, and Vis.

Where to Stay in Hvar

Hvar’s main town center is adorable and relatively compact. Everything you’ll need is within a 10-minute walk, so most travelers choose to stay here.

Vacation rentals in Hvar’s Old Port area are super cool and authentic places to stay. Being near the port will make it easy to access most restaurants and bars on foot.

Hvar hotels are plentiful nearby the Old Town. When booking, make sure they arrange your transportation, since you’ll obviously arrive by boat at the Port of Hvar.

old town

Look for accommodations a longer walk away from the waterfront bars if you’re easily disturbed by nighttime noise. Especially during the peak summer season, people in the center of town can get a little rowdy.

Hvar Gay Travel Experiences

The Hula Hula Hvar Beach Club is great for cocktails or a snack during the sunset. They have a large outdoor deck that overlooks the sea. I spent a few hours here with my gay traveler friends. We had a blast!

hula hula beach club

Hula Hula is a 15-minute walk from the Port of Hvar. It’s a nice stroll along the water. Make sure to try some Višnja, a sweet yet potent Croatian liquor made from sour cherries.

hula hula beach club
Hvar gay travel

We had a couple of shots of this stuff and it’s delicious. Even though it is a strong liquor, it’s not the type that burns or makes you cringe!

Hvar gay travel

Mizerola Restaurant is my top recommendation for dinner in Hvar, especially for gourmet pizza. The prices are reasonable and the food is high quality. The wait staff is very friendly, which you don’t always find in Croatia! 

Mizerola is just past Kiva Bar up a narrow set of steps from the Port of Hvar.

Aside from delicious seafood, pizza, and cocktail bars, I spent the majority of my day on a sailboat offshore. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the wonderful Adriatic Sea? The water is a picturesque deep blue.

Speaking of blue…you have to experience Croatia’s Blue Caves, one of the most popular tours in the Croatian islands. It’s pretty epic.

Blue and Green Caves tours from Hvar are most common since Hvar’s port is a travel hub. But if you’re planning to stop on the island of Vis, it’s a shorter ride to take a tour from there.

Croatia Gay Sailing Trips

Sailing the Croatian Islands with a group of gay friends was one of the most memorable trips of my entire life! Are you interested in doing the same? I can help you organize your first trip for gay sailing in Croatia or Greece.

gay cruises Croatia
dance club
gay cruises Croatia

Book dates for this coming season now! Learn about gay sailing holidays in Croatia and Greece.

If you’re interested in seeing what the trip was like for me, head to my Instagram, laffaloui, and check out the highlights section. There are a bunch of shots and videos from my last sailing trip!

Hvar Gay Travel: Nude Beaches

The closest thing you will find to a gay beach in Hvar is the local favorite nude beach. If you are destined to find other gay travelers, this would be the spot. I can’t make any promises though!

Croatia gay safety

Take a water taxi to Jerolim Island. The island is a short ride away and then a 10-minute walk to the beach. Just keep an eye out for the signs.

Is Croatia Safe for Gay Travelers?

Gay travelers in Croatia should exercise caution while touring the country for a number of reasons. Although Croatia is part of the European Union and is a popular gay travel destination, there is still a formidable anti-LGBT sentiment among some local Croatians.

dance club

Even though the Croatian islands are filled with tourists, locals still live and work on these bits of paradise. The Croatians are not used to seeing overt gay public displays of affection.

Two men kissing in a bar in Hvar may therefore attract some unwanted attention. Some gay tourists have had great experiences traveling Croatia, and others have had a few unfortunate encounters.

Port of Hvar
Croatia gay safety
Port of Hvar

I encountered a few homophobic scenarios while sailing Croatia’s islands with a group of gay friends. A few gay couples joined our trip. After showing some affection in a couple of restaurants and bars, there were some uncomfortable situations.

In short, one restaurant told our friends that two men could not kiss each other while sitting there. One other instance involved a group of young local men throwing a lighter at a group of us in a local bar. Both situations were handled, but it was very disheartening to experience.

Hvar gay travel

In my opinion, this information should not deter you from visiting Croatia. Firstly, isolated incidents like these could have happened anywhere. Many locals do support homosexuality and equal rights for LGBT individuals.

Homophobic comments can be made in any country, but gay travelers in Croatia should still make sure they are in a safe environment before displaying any affection.

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The Hvar Gay Nightlife Experience

There are many nightlife options to choose from in Hvar, however, there are no specific gay bars in Hvar. You may find a dozen or so gay travelers on the island since it is one of the biggest nightlife destinations in Croatia. Hvar doesn’t have any specifically gay venues, however.

Kiva Bar
Kiva Bar
Seven Club

Kiva Bar is great for evening drinks from local beer to basic cocktails. Kiva is a small yet rowdy bar that lets everyone hang outside in a cute alleyway near the port. You surely won’t miss it if walking through the central port area. Great music and a fun atmosphere!

Seven Club

Hvar’s Club Seven was my go-to spot for dancing. Their DJ was awesome. They played a great set of pop and rap songs mixed together very well. Club Seven is also quite rowdy, so anticipate a crowd. Dress is relatively casual, so no need to wear anything extravagant for Club Seven.

Hvar Gay Travel Tips

Fees to stay in the proper Port of Hvar are much higher than other Croatian islands due to the island’s popularity. If you have your own boat, you can save money on port fees by staying in a nearby bay.

Hvar speedboat booking
old town

We stayed in Vinogradsice Bay around a group of islands called Otok Marinkovac. This area is 15 minutes south by speedboat from the main Hvar port.

Hvar speedboat booking

If you are planning to go to Carpe Diem Bar, make sure to wear a shirt with sleeves. My friends and I had an issue with their hostess being extremely rude. Due to the fact she was cruel and slightly discriminatory toward my gay friend, I cannot recommend the establishment. Nonetheless, it is a popular club.

beach club in Croatia
Hvar gay travel
beach club in Croatia

Every now and then, Croatian islands experience heavy summertime thunderstorms. Since Hvar is a bit more spread out than the other islands, make sure to bring along a poncho or umbrella if the forecast calls for rain!

Is Croatia Expensive?

Croatia is so popular with international tourists, that prices are no longer considered “cheap.” Prices at most restaurants throughout the Croatian islands rival those of New York City or Paris.

So yes, Croatia is expensive in relative terms. Cheap food is hard to come by, but there are still some pizzerias where you can get a medium-sized personal pizza for the equivalent of ten Euros.

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A fully-staffed boat with a small group of fun gay guys sailing the Croatian islands will be an unforgettable experience, guaranteed. With a reasonable price, amazing food, clear water, and friendly gay skippers, what more could you ask for?

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gay safety in Croatia islands

Gay Life in Croatia & LGBT Rights

Croatia provides a wealth of protections to the LGBT community, however gay life in Croatia for locals is not exactly easy. Most local Croatians keep their sexuality hidden from the public eye out of fear of discrimination.

Local Croatian gays do not usually express their identity openly. Hate speech has been on the rise against gay individuals and Serbs prior to 2017, according to reports compiled that year on the issue.

Hvar coatline images
Hvar coatline images
Hvar nightlife

Croatia does defend all citizens against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. The country allows gays, lesbians, and bisexual individuals to serve in the military. Changing legal gender is also legal.

A major downfall is that the Croatian constitution bans same-sex marriage. The country revised the constitution to define marriage as a union solely between a man and woman. A 2017 Pew Research Study found that more than 60% of Croatians oppose same-sex marriage.

Vis Gay Travel

Gay rights gained more of a foothold in 2014 when Croatia passed the Life Partnership Act. The Life Partnership Act allows gay couples to receive the same legal benefits as heterosexual couples for just about everything except adoption rights.

Croatia LGBT rights
Vis Gay Travel

On the positive end of the spectrum, a 2016 ILGA poll found that 75% of Croatians would have no issue with an LGBT neighbor. 10% of people responded they would be very uncomfortable with an LGBT neighbor.

Dubrovnik gay guide

Most anti-LGBT sentiment can be found in the northwest portion of Croatia. The rest of the country is not so fiercely opposed. Large centers like Dubrovnik and Zagreb advertise themselves as gay-friendly tourist destinations, however, this does not exactly mean discrimination by locals does not occur.

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