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Where to Find a Gay Bathhouse in San Francisco

San Francisco gay bathhouses and saunas
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San Francisco Gay Bathhouses

If you’ve searched for gay bathhouses and saunas in San Francisco, you might be a little confused about why there are so few options. As one of the USA’s top gay-friendly cities, there should be tons of options, right?

Well, San Francisco’s gay bathhouse scene has followed somewhat of a similar trajectory to that of New York City.

In the 70s, there were more than a dozen local gay bathhouses. However, they were forced to close amid the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 80s and a decades-long ban has remained in effect.

San Francisco gay bathhouse

Only recently, there’s renewed hope for new gay bathhouses in San Francisco as the city has repealed the longstanding ban. It’s exciting news—and it means that we’ll surely see some new, centrally-located establishments pop up in the coming years.

There are a couple of gay bathhouse options in the greater Bay Area you can visit, but if you’re looking for cruising in general, they’re definitely not your only options.

Steamworks Berkeley

The famous Steamworks Berkeley is just across San Francisco Bay. With a large gym, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, public play areas, and even private hygiene stations, Steamworks Berkeley is undoubtedly one of the most popular gay bathhouses in the USA.

San Francisco gay bathhouse

It may be a little out of the way, but gay men love coming here. Steamworks is even known to have some of the most attractive men lurking around.

Eros San Francisco

Eros is a second popular option. However, after recently changing locations, they don’t have the same traditional bathhouse facilities. They do mention plans to soon have a dry sauna, but they currently operate as more of a gay sex club

Alternatives to Gay Bathhouses in San Francisco

With San Francisco’s enormous gay population, you can bet on finding some entertaining gay bathhouse alternatives. Gay sex parties are obviously popular, as well as other gay parties that have some sort of a sexy component.

Gay Sex Parties in San Francisco

Parties by 442 are the go-to gay sex parties in San Francisco. They host events like Naked Mondays and Fist Buddies in addition to $20 Tuesdays, which are free for anyone aged 18 to 20 years old.

gay sex party in San Francisco

Transform1060 is the event space for all 442 Parties, as well as most other gay sex events in San Francisco. Located on Folsom Street, they’re the premier leather, kink, and fetish community space.

The local Cum Union sex party is hosted in partnership with 442 Parties on the first Saturday and fourth Friday of the month.

Horse Market San Francisco is an especially kinky local sex party held monthly. Before attending, you must decide whether you will participate as a “mare” (bottom) or a “stallion” (top).

popular San Francisco gay sex party

The “mares” identify themselves in advance and then are offered to the “stallions” after a hood is placed over their head. And once the party begins, there are no changes allowed!

Power Exchange is the only official full-time sex club in San Francisco. They host sex parties that are open to all genders and sexual orientations. Their motto is that they provide the space, and “what you do inside is up to you!”

outside local gay bathhouse

The club’s first two levels are open to everyone, while the third is reserved for couples only. Power Exchange also has a strict dress code and code of conduct, which is important to note before planning to attend.

Whichever sex party you choose, make the most of it and show up in your sexiest gay jockstrap.

San Francisco Gay Parties & Bars with Dark Rooms

Some local gay parties may have a dark room or other space where things get sexy but are not necessarily branded as sex parties.

Fog City Pack hosts their yearly Alpha, Beta, and Omega parties which are packed with handsome guys who share the love of pup fetish and a naughty vibe. You’ll even come across the occasional gay porn star at their parties.

San Francisco gay sex parties

Most guys dance to the techno beats in their hottest gay party gear which often includes a sexy harness. For style inspiration, see wolfyy’s gay harness guide.

They’ve also hosted other special events in the past including GAG, held at Underground SF, and the Stank Folsom armpit fetish party.

Powerhouse Bar is a popular local gay bar known to be the best place for gay cruising on Tuesday nights. Each week has a different fetish theme, like sneakers, chastity, or locker room.

dark room at gay sex party

Powerhouse is another great place to show off a sexy gay harness, too. Or, stick to some sexy gay underwear.

No matter where you go, stay on top of your sexual health with private STD testing in San Francisco. They allow you to choose exactly what you want to test and have locations all over the city.

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