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Best Gay Travel Destinations for Singles

single gay travel destinations
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The Top Gay Travel Destinations for Singles

A trip to one of my recommended gay travel destinations for singles pretty much guarantees you’re going to have a blast. Here are the gay-friendly hotspots for non-partnered travelers to enjoy themselves.

Meet other travelers easily, mingle with friendly locals, or party all night with a crowd of potential new gay friends!

#6: Prague - The Easygoing Gay Destination for Singles

friendly destination for gay singles

Starting off the list of places you need to visit while you’re single is the city of Prague. The gay-friendly Czech Republic is full of laid-back locals looking for a good time in their city.

Before you know it, you’ll be perched on the Prague Metronome monument enjoying a drink at one of Prague’s frequent outdoor gatherings.

There always seems to be a festival of some sort going on in Prague. The locals love their outdoor concerts and music festivals. For the single traveler, it’s probably the easiest way to make some new friends out in the summer sun.

Don’t forget to check out some of Prague’s gay bars and lounges, too.

#5: Mexico City - The Culture-Rich Destination for Gay Singles

Mexico City single gay travel destination

Mexico City has the perfect balance of awesome nightlife, stunning cultural experiences, and easy day-trip adventures.

When I was in Mexico’s capital, I found tons of other gay travelers around. Some were locals enjoying a night out, and others were tourists like me! The city is friendly, colorful, and loaded with taquerias.

Mexico is one of the best gay destinations for singles in North America because it’s so easy to meet other guys. I made friends with a gay local one day just walking through one of the city’s beautiful parks.

#4: Naples - The Lesser-Known Destination for Gay Singles

single gay travel destinations

The best of Italy is truly found in Naples, a destination with a bigger nightlife scene than you might have expected. Mingling with the locals is a breeze when crowds flood the city streets with laughter and a good time.

Proud Italians from Naples will be unquestionably glad to show a single gay traveler around some famous sites and introduce you to a few friends.

Naples gets a bad reputation for being unsafe, which may have you asking why I would include this city in my list of top single gay travel destinations.

Well, in my opinion, there’s nothing to be apprehensive about. Lots of safety information for Naples is outdated, which means you should take advantage of the beauty Naples has to offer.

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#3: Bangkok - Southeast Asia's Best Gay Travel Destination for Singles

best single gay travel destinations

Youthful international backpackers fill the streets of Bangkok while meandering majestic Southeast Asia. These adventurous souls contribute to the beautiful vibe that Bangkok is known for. They’re eager to explore the world’s beauty while mingling with new people.

Many Bangkok tourists are on a solo journey, so you’ll fit right in as a single gay traveler, making Thailand’s capital is one of the top single gay travel spots in the world.

Oh, and Bangkok’s nightlife is legendary. Don’t miss DJ Station, every gay traveler’s favorite!

#2: Hong Kong - The Best City for Gay Singles to Meet New Friends

Best Single Gay Travel Destinations

If you prefer East Asia, then Hong Kong it is! A huge presence of Americans, Brits, and Australians makes socializing a breeze.

Head out to Peel Street for a good time with the bankers or enjoy some of the best drag shows in Asia at Petticoat Lane gay bar. All of the expats make Hong Kong one of the best gay destinations for singles to make friends.

Hong Kong has way more to offer than just nightlife. Traverse the iconic Mid-Levels neighborhood, ascend Victoria Peak and peruse the Wan Chai Markets. Walking the winding streets of central Hong Kong will be more picturesque than you can imagine.

#1 Barcelona - The Top Gay Travel Destination for Singles

best city for gay single travelers

Finally, the most electric and single gay travel destination…set your sights on Barcelona. I may be partial, but the men in Barcelona are staggeringly handsome.

You’ll find them everywhere too, whether it’s the grocery store, the beach, or the club. They’re friendly and are always open to meeting new friends with their Spanish charm.

Barcelona has some of the best gay nightlife in Europe. Foam parties, thumping clubs like The Black Room, and circuit festivals are just the beginning. There’s always a gay party happening in Barcelona. Get ready to party until the sun comes up.

If you’re visiting Barcelona, make sure you stay in the right neighborhoods where you won’t find any tourists!

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