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Bangkok Gay Travel

Bangkok gay travel is filled with electric gay nightlife & vibrant streetscapes. Find top hotels, gay bars & explore the gay district.

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The Gay Travel Experience: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok gay travel is always fantastic and comfortable. The Thai culture is very accepting of LGBT people. It’s easy to tell how the gay people in Bangkok feel safe just by meandering the hectic streets. 

Bangkok’s buzzing gay district is both an electrifying and culturing experience, as the area showcases a very visible transgender community.

Bangkok grand palace visitors
river tour of Bangkok
Bangkok grand palace visitors

Why do gay men love Bangkok? Firstly, Bangkok is a destination in SE Asia where you can always count on finding other gay travelers. Furthermore, there is a multitude of gay bars, clubs, and a friendly atmosphere. Local Thai drag queens and self-proclaimed lady boys are happily performing in their favorite drag bars.

river tour of Bangkok
Most gay travelers only spend a day or two on Bangkok, but I think that is not nearly enough time. You might be eager to get to the islands, but leave at least two to three days for Bangkok. There is so much ground to cover, so don’t rush it!

Most foreigners believe that being gay or trans in Thailand is easy. However, the country still remains a place where the gay community is not granted many specific rights. LGBT foreigners have no issues traveling Thailand, as overall the society is more open than most others in Asia. Plus, Thailand’s tourism industry benefits from LGBT travelers and plans to continue to do so.

gay Bangkok experience
The interpretation of Buddhist religious fundamentals has developed in a way that allows for more tolerance of homosexual, as opposed to that of other religions. I won’t get too detailed here, but if you’re interested, there is plenty to learn. See the final section of this guide for a bit more history on this!
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Gay Bangkok: Hotels & Where to Stay

Neon-lit alleyways buzz all night long, flooded with the cheers of tourists and locals alike. Bangkok is a Goliath of a city, and so most likely, you will be exploring attractions that are both near and far from your accommodation.

Songkran etiquette tips

Before starting your gay journey to Bangkok, there are a couple of decisions to make. But, no matter where you stay, there will surely be gay travelers nearby.

Songkran etiquette tips
Bangkok gay friendly hotel

If you prefer the hostel vibe, then you will likely end up on Khao San Road, the famed “backpacker street.” This area has loads of hostels. You can find most of these Koah San Road Hostels on Airbnb. A Vibrant and older area of the city, it’s close to the scenic Chao Phraya River and a lot of popular attractions.

Bangkok gay friendly hotel

International hotel chains in Bangkok are located in a different neighborhood. Typically with infinity pools and rooftop bars, you’d find most luxury Bangkok hotels in Klong Toei and Bang Rak. The distance between Klong Toei and Khao San Road is about 30 minutes by car. This can vary significantly with traffic, however.

best area of bangkok
best area of bangkok
Mid-range Bangkok hotel options are more than affordable, especially if you are sharing a room with a friend. Sharing a room with a friend will surely put a five star hotel in Bangkok within your budget!

Bangkok Hotels

Gay travelers in Bangkok love the plethora of infinity pools available at different hotels. Why not show off your speedo in a glorious pool with city views?

hotel rooftop view

Reasonably priced luxury hotels cost about $100 USD per night. By western standards, this is quite cheap! I stayed at the Novotel Sukhumvit 20 during my gay vacation in Bangkok. The service was impeccable. Novotel had such friendly staff who know how to make a visit memorable. I highly recommend.

Bangkok tuk tuk prices
temples to visit in Bangkok
tuk tuk location hotel Bangkok

In Bangkok, Luxury hotels may be cheap for the room, but be aware that they come with western food & drink prices. Cocktails at a Bangkok hotel rooftop bar can cost you $10-15 USD and they can be hard to resist!

Luckily, it is quite easy to walk only a few minutes for cheaper food and drink. It more authentic to get out and enjoy the local drinks anyway!

Hostels in Bangkok for Gay Travelers

On the lowest end of the spectrum, a bunkbed in a Bangkok hostel can be as cheap as $5 USD per night. For only a little bit more at around $12 USD per night, you can book a “pod hostel.” I love pod hostels because you get your own private space with drawstring curtain.

Bangkok hostel

I stayed at LAF Hotel Aree, an impeccably clean and modern pod hostel, for a portion of my most recent trip to Bangkok. The neighborhood is lively and has easy transit access to the rest of Bangkok.

outdoor Thai flower market
While searching for hostels, check out if they include breakfast. This is such a great way to meet fellow travelers and talk about adventures together!

Bangkok Gay Travel Experiences

One of my top memories of Bangkok was the boat tour through the canals branching off the Chao Phraya River. Grab a boat near any waterfront market and you’ll be on your way.

river tour of Bangkok
The steady canal water makes for a relaxing ride. The rear porches of local’s homes hover over the water’s edge. Friendly locals wave as you take in all the raw beauty that comes with traversing the quiet waterways of a metropolis.
outdoor Thai flower market
Bangkok gay travel
When is Thai new year

Get a personal tour guide, especially if you don’t have much time to spend in Bangkok. They know the fastest way into and out of the temples, the ins and outs of the markets etc. They won’t rush you and many times they will just hang around nearby until you show interest in moving to the next stop. The fair price is well worth it (and don’t forget to tip)!

Bangkok rooftop bar
I’m obsessed with skylines, so I jumped at the chance to see the city views from the Moon Bar at Vertigo. Moon Bar is one of a few luxury rooftop bars in Bangkok. Being up so high and feeling the humid breeze felt like a movie scene.
Bangkok rooftop bar
Songkran in Bangkok where are parties
Vertigo is quite expensive and you need to conform to their dress code (just pants and no open toed shoes). Apparently, many guests miss this rule, so they hilariously yet practically have black trousers they will give you to put over your shorts! I felt so silly…but it was dark so thankfully it wasn’t noticeable!
Another option for a Bangkok city-view rooftop is Sky on 20, the bar on the roof of the Novotel Sukhumvit 20 Hotel. They have a huge amount of space and great views.

Gay Bangkok: Where to Shop

For the gay travelers who love shopping and designer fashion, Bangkok is king of knock-off designer apparel, shoes and accessories. There are a few gigantic shopping centers where you can buy pretty much anything, including these knock-offs.

Chatuchak market

Bangkok’s MBK Center is an eight-story shopping mall with more than 2,000 small shops. You can easily spend several hours here. MBK looks more like a traditional shopping mall in structure. Be sure to go earlier in the day. An hour or two before the official closing time, many shops close up.

Chatuchak market
MBK mall in Bangkok
MBK mall in Bangkok

Chatuchak Market is another awesome place to shop in Bangkok. Chatuchak is a covered outdoor market with hundreds of small stands. Navigate the narrow walkways and you will find clothing, bath products, jewelry shops, food and more. Plan to spend about 2 hours here.

The Grand Palace and Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho)

Two attractions on nearly every traveler’s list are the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, which houses the giant Reclining Buddha. These attractions can be extremely busy during the middle of the day. Many people will tell you to avoid the crowds by going first thing in the morning, but I disagree!

Thailand temple
temple in Bangkok
Bangkok boat tours
To avoid these crowds, it is actually best to visit just before sunset! I have been a few times, and my visit to Wat Pho was absolutely magical at dusk because I was pretty much the only one there!

The secret here is that the Reclining Buddha closes at 8:00 PM, so if you arrive at 6:00 or 6:30 PM, the temple will be basically yours! Additionally, the colors reflecting off the temple from the sunset are magnificent.

reclining buddha
reclining buddha

The Grand Palace is quite large and you can spend a few hours there. Visiting in the middle of the day can be very hot. Make sure to wear pants and a shirt that covers your shoulders or you will not be allowed in.

Bangkok boat tours
If you forget, there are shops that will rent some cheesy cover-ups to you for a few hours across the street. Entrance fee is a steep 500 Baht (roughly $16.50 USD)! For reference, Thailand prices are usually lower!

Visit Bangkok During Songkran

If you are planning to visit Bangkok in the springtime, I highly suggest overlapping your Bangkok gay travels with the Thai New Year Festival, Songkran. Experiencing Songkran festivities in Bangkok is truly a bucket list-worthy experience.

Songkran gay
Songkran gay
street vendor Bangkok

Songkran, the Thai New Year, is a celebration during the month of April. One weekend, the city becomes a giant water-throwing party. Everyone runs around with water guns, hoses or just buckets of water to throw on complete strangers!

street vendor Bangkok

Want to learn more about Songkran? Check out wolfyy’s blog post about Songkran, covering tips for celebrating Songkran in Thailand’s capital.

Bangkok Gay Nightlife

The Bangkok gay district is the most vibrant of Southeast Asia! The gay parties in Bangkok are rowdy, friendly and easily navigable.

My friends and I cooled off with cocktails at White Rabbit, a relaxed lounge open to the street with free wi-fi. Earlier on, it’s very chill at Whit Rabbit. If you go closer to midnight, I have seen it packed. Afterwards, we wandered the gay district for a little while, before heading to the clubs!

telephone gay bar Bangkok
DJ station gay club
telephone gay bar Bangkok

Telephone Pub is another staple Bangkok gay bar. It has both indoor and outdoor seating, with all tables facing the street. Telephone Pub is toward the end of the famous Bangkok gay street, Silom Alley.

Although in recent years prices of drinks have increased at Telephone Pub, you can still have a cheap time if you stick to the Thai whiskey!

The Bangkok Gay District

Soi Silom 4 is the famous Bangkok gay area. It is located in the Silom District. Silom Road is the main road through this neighborhood. Numbered alleyways branch off Silom Road, one of which is toward Soi Silom 4.

DJ station gay club

Soi Silom 4 is a must-see for every tourist, if nothing else but to experience the chaos! Seeing this area, even if you don’t want to go out partying, is a Bangkok gay travel  must!

As mentioned before, Silom Alley is the famous gay street in Bangkok.It is the most rowdy, and colorful little corner of the gay neighborhood.

Bangkok Gay Bars & Clubs

If there’s anything the gay traveler should try out in Bangkok, its a party at DJ station! DJ Station is certainly the most popular gay club in Bangkok. It’s known by gay travelers all over the world. In my opinion, its one of the best places to party in Bangkok.

SKY 20 rooftop bar
SKY 20 rooftop bar
vertigo bar Bangkok

DJ Station is short walk from Soi Silom 4. It’s part of a cluster of bars in a single alleyway that all share an entrance. You’ll find a queue out front at the alley entrance so don’t be confused when you don’t see a door on the street.

After 2:00am, there is another Bangkok gay party called G.O.D. It is right next to DJ station in the nearest alleyway. There is a cover charge to enter.

Bangkok Gay Travel Tips

You do not need to worry about booking a room with one bed to share with a mate. Thailand hotels are quite gay-friendly. LGBT culture is pervasive in the Thai capital, and all walks of life are welcome, gay, straight, or somewhere in between.

Bangkok gay tips
Be sure to factor in taxi/tuk-tuk fares for wherever you’re staying. Given Bangkok is such a large city, you will need to take cabs quite frequently. If you stay too far away, your hotel savings may not be worth it.
Bangkok rooftop

Yes, you will find tons of those “Red-Bull” type energy drinks. There is nothing crazy/illegal in them by western standards (you may have heard the rumors). I tried several of them and they seem the same as Red Bull.

Is Bangkok Cheap?

Many world travelers will rave about how cheap Bangkok is. It is true some things, like accommodations, are quite cheap. However Bangkok is not as inexpensive as it once was.
Prices have been driven up as travelers from all corners of the world visit the increasingly international city. With higher demand for everything, restaurants and bars have most easily been able to hike up prices.
Bangkok gay district
hotel rooftop view
Bangkok gay district

Alcohol in Bangkok bars is not that cheap anymore. I noticed a definite increase in the price of a basic mixed drink between my visits to Bangkok in 2016 and 2019. Usually only the locally produced liquor will be cheap. Be careful not to drink too much of this stuff, though, You might end up with a nasty hangover.

Hotels are still affordable in Bangkok. So is street food. The biggest thing to note is that anywhere tourists are located, prices will be high.

Taxi Fares in Bangkok

Tuk-Tuk fares can be cheap if you make sure to bargain! Don’t be afraid to “pretend walk away” if the driver won’t accept your haggling. Over-charging is very common since Bangkok has so many tourists.

Bangkok gay travel

How do you know what is a fair price? Start by downloading the Grab Taxi application. This app will give you the current fair price for your journey. Any significant traffic will increase the price, as the app includes surge pricing. Show this quoted price to your tuk-tuk driver and make sure they beat it. Otherwise, walk away.

Bangkok gay travel
I’ve done this many times. I also let them know that the Grab price is for an actual taxi, not just a tuk-tuk. So, it has to be cheaper!

Gay Life in Thailand

Thailand attracts many LGBT travelers given a reputation as a very tolerant nation. Same-sex relations were legalized back in 1956. In 2015, Thailand passed the Gender Equality Act, banning discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, a huge leap for Thailand! This was the first law mentioning homosexual persons for the nation.

thailand mall
thailand mall
Lastly, marriage of same sex couples is not legal in Thailand; however, the progressive country is making great strides toward legalization of gay marriage. As exemplified in Bangkok, there are vibrant gay communities throughout the country.
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Are you heading to the Thai islands? If so, check out the amazing Koh Lipe or majestic Koh Samui.

If you enjoyed this Bangkok gay travel guide, share it with a friend. Next, explore wolfyy’s full list of gay travel destinations.

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