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Sexy Workout Clothes for Men: Ideas & Outfit Options

sexy workout clothes for men
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Your Guide to Sexy Men’s Workout Clothes

Every guy wants to look and feel sexy while working out. All it takes is the right workout clothes and we can achieve the confidence we need while exercising.

Attractive men’s workout clothes are super easy to find. There are tons of outfit options out there, ranging from conservative to revealing. All you need to do is figure out what fits with your personal style!

sexy men's workout clothing

Below, I’ll share some attractive ideas to help you find exactly what type of gym clothes look best on you.

Men's Gym Shirts & Tank Tops: Attractive Styles

A man’s shirt or tank top is the most crucial element of any sexy gym outfit. They come in all sorts of style variations, too. Let’s check them out!

Sexy Sleeveless Workout Shirts

Sleeveless t-shirts have a clean, modern, and sexy look. They look especially nice on guys with more of a narrow frame.

Fabletics sleeveless t-shirts come in all sorts of styles and colors. I adore this brand for their attractively modern approach to gym clothing.

sexy sleeveless t-shirts for men

Gildan sleeveless tees are super cheap, look great, and last forever. They really show off your shoulders. I personally wear these for many of my workouts. Champion also makes some similar inexpensive ones.

Another favorite of mine is the EZRUN sleeveless tee. Made of a polyester and spandex blend, they’re great for more stretch and wicking away sweat.

Beefy guys and bodybuilders look super sexy in stringer tank tops. These tanks are the most provocative, showing off all of the upper body. They’ve been around since bodybuilding was invented, after all.

sexy sleeveless workout tanktop

Y-back muscle tank tops perfectly balance stringer tank tops and sleeveless tees. They offer more coverage around the midsection but still allow you to flaunt your upper body muscles!

Workout T-Shirts to Stand Out in the Gym

Prefer wearing a shirt with sleeves while exercising? Here are some t-shirts to make your gym outfit sexier than ever.

Drop-cut muscle tees elongate your torso and look amazing in the gym, especially if you have the arms to fill the sleeves. I also like these drop-cut tees by Tezo, which have some eye-catching athletic stitching.

fashion muscle workout t-shirt

Try these fashion muscle gym t-shirts for a muscle shirt with a little more “edge”. Containing 10% spandex, they’re soft to the touch and have a ton of stretch.

Wearing an oversize heavyweight cotton shirt can be a surprisingly sexy gym shirt option for men who can pull it off. Look for thick, structured collars and sleeve openings much larger than your arms. Young LA’s oversize crewneck has stellar reviews.

Long Sleeve Workout Shirts

Sexy gym clothes don’t always have to be skimpy or sleeveless. Sometimes guys need more coverage! Here’s how to make a long sleeve workout shirt sexy.

Try going for an oversized grey sweatshirt look. You can also make this grey sweatshirt outfit style more modern with something like a casual workout pullover instead.

long sleeve workout sweatshirt for men

Lightweight workout sweatshirts are a sexy and comfortable option. They provide all the needed coverage without impeding your movement while training.

Compression shirts are probably the most obvious long-sleeve gym shirt option that’s easy on the eyes. The lighter the color, the more revealing.

While it’s not always obvious at first, wearing a compression shirt is a great way to accentuate your booty. It will fit snugly around your waist, allowing your backside to pop!

Functional & Sexy Men's Gym Shorts

Fabletics workout shorts have such a sexy cut. I own quite a few pairs of these myself. Wear these to the gym and you’ll have everyone’s eyes on your thighs.

Their shorts fit snugly while still being comfortable. The fabric flares out the slightest bit at the leg opening too, which accentuates your quads in the sexiest way!

sexy workout shorts

Fabletics shorts always have function in mind. Their One Short has a waistband loop and sleek zipper pockets.

Mid-length black workout shorts are still a classic and masculine style of sexy gym shorts. You can’t go wrong with these. Grey camo training shorts are also an attractive alternative.

If you want a broad-shouldered look though, don’t wear baggy or oversized gym shorts. Loose or long workout shorts will draw focus away from the sexy shape created by the clothes on your upper body.

sexy men's workout shorts

Medium-length fitted workout shorts have been growing in popularity. Everyone thinks it’s sexy for men to show a little more leg! 

I love these 4-inch inseam quick-dry shorts that also have zipper pockets. Ouber Men’s Squatting Shorts are also fitted, sexy, and just the right length. 

For runners or anyone who doesn’t like any compression from gym shorts, grab a pair of ultra-lightweight workout shorts like the ones made by FlyFireFly. I also think grey jersey/cotton athletic shorts have a flirtatious yet athletic look.

sexy mesh workout shorts

Looking for the skimpiest gym shorts you can find? With some sexy bodybuilding booty shorts, you’ll easily tantalize everyone around. 

If this is your style, check out these 3-inch mesh drawstring shorts. For something a bit more fitted that also has a 3-inch inseam, check out Rexcril’s Athletic Mesh Quick-Dry Shorts.

For even more sexy workout shorts I love, check out wolfyy’s Gay Fitness idea list on Amazon.

Sexy Compression Pants & Sweatpants

Men’s compression pants come in all types of colors, prints, and styles. They’re an easy way to let your personality shine, which is one of the most attractive things your outfit can do! Plus, they help improve circulation and regulate body temperature.

sexy men's workout tights

Feeling bold? MIZOK’s soft mesh compression tights are one of the sexist (and slightly revealing) compression pant styles. Their mesh section that runs along the side of the legs and hips allows you to show some skin while still having full coverage.

I love Canghpgin’s full-length compression pants that have the avatar skin-like prints. DRSKIN compression pants also come in some eye-popping and neon styles.

For running, get a three-quarter length pair. Fabletics also sells compression pants for men that include a phone pocket.

compression pants with cool designs

A soft pair of fitted gym sweatpants might just become your favorite piece of sexy workout clothing. Sweatpants with a nice taper will accentuate your leg muscles and your booty!

You can wear the sweatpants over your gym shorts as a quick way to cover up in cooler weather, or just use them as part of your actual training outfit! Everybody loves celebrating grey sweatpants season.

Gear & Accessories to Complete Your Gym Outfit

The right accessories will help your sexy gym clothes stand out from the crowd. Comfortable, useful, and stylish gear can give you a boost of confidence in the gym and even improve your performance.

Sports Caps & Hats to Accentuate Your Gym Look

I personally think men who wear hats in the gym are super sexy. A cap can give a man an element of mystery. It’s the perfect addition to any man’s workout clothing collection.

Choose a cap with more of a curved brim for a sportier look. An Adidas performance cap looks classic, as well as the Under Armour Blitzing cap which has a cool textured look.

sexy workout hat

Caps with less of an arch in the brim look great too. Depending on your style, a structured mesh snapback can look incredibly sexy in the gym.

Just trying out a hat at the gym? A cheap snapback or baseball cap is an easy, low-commitment option.

In general, I’d just stay away from any “washed” looking hats. These don’t exactly scream sexy!

Sexy Workout Gloves & Wrist Straps

I want to share just a few more sexy workout gear ideas with you! These accessories can really add a finishing touch to your entire look.

Workout gloves are another way to add some sex appeal to your gym look. They’re masculine and have a bunch of advantages to wearing them

sexy gym outfit accessories

If you do a lot of outdoor/street workouts, full-finger padded workout gloves might be a better option to avoid getting your hands dirty.

For weightlifters, a pair of colorful wrist-strap gloves can add some sexy flair to your routine.

If gloves aren’t your thing, try some deep blue and red colored jump ropes instead.

Gym Bags, Shakers & Water Bottles

A modern-looking, water-resistant drawstring backpack is an easy and inexpensive way to carry all your newest sexy workout clothes to and from the gym! If you’ve got a lot of things to carry, consider one of these stylish men’s gym bags.

workout gear and accessories

A set of blender bottles that match your workout clothing’s color theme will look chic. I personally love deep black shakers. The newer stainless steel bottles versions also look awesome.

Want more recommendations? Check out the wolfyy’s collection of men’s fitness gear & sexy workout clothes on Amazon.

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