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Long Term Travel: Renewal & Organizational Tips

long term travel tips
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Refresh Yourself During Long-Term Travel

Don’t let long-term travel get in the way of staying clean and organized. Here are a few tips to refresh physically, financially, and digitally.

long term travel financial checkup

De-Grime Your Grooming Tools & Toiletries

Get rid of hiding germs on the most personal items you use daily. First and foremost, buy some sterilizing alcohol pads or grab some antibacterial soap and a rag.

Wipe down each item individually. These are the things you pick up first thing each morning and touch last before hopping into bed.

Completely replace contact lens cases and toothbrush heads. Throw out those old sandwich bags you use to hold the small stuff and replace them. Germs thrive from moisture inside these bags. This is why I always prefer mesh packing bags to organize my toiletries.

cleaning toiletries during long term travel

Also, don’t forget to give your packed towel a good sniff. Bacteria love towels, which is why I always carry my antibacterial microfiber quick-dry towel.

The telltale sign that you need to get a new towel is when it smells a little funky after it gets wet. In the meantime, wash what you have in hot water. Then, place it in a dryer if possible to get rid of any bad smell.

Do A Quick Financial Checkup

Sometimes, long-term travel can distract us from financial realities because no day is ever the same! Without routine, the hardest things to track can slip through our fingers.

Go through your bank and credit card statements for the last three months. See where your money went and what you paid for.
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No matter how much or how little money you have, this information can be used to better your current financial state. Even small, simple changes can make a difference.

Ask yourself: did you make frivolous purchases? Are you paying for things you don’t need? Maybe one of those free trials is now billing your credit card without you being aware of it.

Knowledge is power here. Manage your finances like a pro.

Consider Travel Insurance

The longer you’re on the road, the more of a chance something might go wrong. While it’s not fun to think about all the bad things that can happen during long-term traveling, it is definitely worth it to be prepared.

traveling on plane

Whether it’s medical insurance, theft coverage, or simply repatriation coverage in the event of a deteriorating international scenario, you can find a plan that fits you.

There are a lot of providers out there to choose from. One of them that I recommend most is the Travelex Long Term Travel insurance plan.

Organize Your Digital Life

I bet you’ve got a ton of unneeded files, applications, and photos that can be deleted. Many of us have hundreds of duplicate photos from attempts at perfect camera angles. These are just wasting space, so why keep them?

Delete your duplicate photos and all those apps you haven’t used. Simplicity also brings you some peace of mind.
long term travel password protection

Also, please back up all your online stuff. I work completely on iCloud Drive, so if anything happened to my computer or iPhone, all my files are safely in the cloud.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and nothing is worse than the dreaded “out of storage” message when you’re taking the perfect shot!

Password-Protect Everything

If someone hacks into your personal life, it could be disastrous. It is better to be on the safe side and protect yourself now.

Firstly, go change a bunch of the passwords to something new and obscure. With so many past data breaches, your passwords could very well be floating around our digital universe.

long term travel security

After, put all of them in a central, encrypted space. Applications like Microsoft OneNote are very useful for these purposes. If you’re a diehard Mac Notes user, you can change your settings to password-protect individual notes.

Especially while traveling internationally, it’s always a good idea to utilize a VPN (virtual private network). Using a VPN enables you to hide your true online identity and safely remain private while browsing the web.

I recommend using NordVPNuVur0U&bids=572706 for a secure and reliable connection abroad.

Continue Your Long Term Adventure

Now that you’re organized and refreshed, get ready to hit the road for more adventures.

Just starting out on your long-term travel journey? Check out these useful tips for packing light so you don’t end up overpacking.

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