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4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Road Trip

reasons to take a road trip
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Why Should You Take A Road Trip?

Taking a road trip is an awesome way to see new places, meet new people, and create lasting memories. They don’t always have to be long, epic journeys either. You can take a weekend road trip or even a one-week adventure.

Road trips seem to get a bad rap, though. Maybe it’s because of the perceived cost or the idea of being in a car for long periods of time. But if you plan correctly, you’re sure to have a blast. Here are four reasons why!

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You Can See More of a Place On The Road

Taking a road trip allows you to see so much more than you could on foot. Sometimes I love just driving around different neighborhoods of small towns (and even cities) to get a feel for the vibe and what they look like. With a car, you can cover a lot more ground.

On a road trip, you’re not limited to traveling between major cities, either. Instead, you can explore all the hidden gems that dot the landscape without needing to end up back at an airport or train station.

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You can really immerse yourself in a place too, getting to know local people and culture more thoroughly.

I absolutely loved doing this during a trip through Portugal’s Algarve region. As I made my way from the south of Spain into Portugal, there were so many unique small towns with a ton of beauty.

Road Trips Are More Affordable Than You Think

When you take a road trip, you eliminate the need for airfare, extra luggage, and other associated costs that come with traditional travel methods like flying. You also obviously will never need to take a taxi or Uber!

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Instead, all you need is a vehicle and a tank of gas. If you’re worried about the cost of gas, there are plenty of ways to save money on these expenses, such as buying or leasing a fuel-efficient car.

For example, Edmunds is a car dealership that has a wide range of eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars for sale that can help you save money on your journey. All in all, road trips are a much more affordable way to travel than most people realize.

Create Unique Bonds with Friends or Family

One of the best things about road trips is that they allow you to connect with your travel companions in a way that’s not always possible via other methods of travel.

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Rushing from one city to another, dealing with airport transfers and security, and the need to stay within range of local taxis are all non-issues on a road trip.

You get to spend valuable time in the car together, tell stories, listen to music, make pit stops for food, help each other navigate, and make all kinds of unique memories.

You'll Have Plenty of Road Trip Stories to Tell

Road trip adventures always come with some good long-lasting stories.

Whether it’s building a deeper friendship or relationship, bonding over experiencing beautiful landscapes, or simply laughing at each other’s silly mistakes, there’s no doubt you’ll have some great stories to tell once you’re back home.

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I think that the more relaxed experience of being in your own car also makes things less stressful overall, leaving more time to experience your surroundings and spend time with your road trip partner.

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Explore some of my favorite road trip destinations, including outside of Denver, or even the coast of Portugal outside cities like Lisbon and Porto.

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