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Epic Gay Summer Hotspots You Have to Visit

gay summer travel destinations worldwide
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Summertime Gay Travel Inspiration

Need gay summer vacation ideas? wolfyy’s list below thoughtfully suggests a mix of warm-weather gay hotspots and lesser-known LGBTQ-friendly summer getaways that you may have never considered!

By the way, for the year-round and most popular list of gay vacation spots, see wolfyy’s post on the world’s 40 best gay destinations.

Here are my top recommendations.

Fire Island Pines, New York

Fire Island Pines is a magical gay summer paradise located just outside of New York City. Pool parties, expansive beaches, tea dances, unique architecture, and intense nightlife are just some of the things that make Fire Island great.

best gay summer hotspot in the US

The Pines and neighboring Cherry Grove are both historical LGBT communities where gay travelers can truly disconnect from mainstream life. You can only get here by ferry and there are no roads on the island!

Sitges, Spain

Sitges is one of the top gay destinations in Spain, attracting travelers of all ages from all corners of the world each summer.

Whitewashed buildings, packed gay beaches, masses of gay bars, and delicious tapas restaurants all make Sitges an epic getaway.

Sitges gay traveler

Everywhere you go in Sitges, you’ll feel a friendly acceptance and an upbeat gay vibe. Even though it’s a relatively small coastal town, gay men are everywhere!

Bears Sitges is the local bear week that’s known to draw some of the biggest crowds of gay travelers each year. Sitges Pride is also quite popular. If you want to experience Sitges at its peak, visit during one of these events.

Stay Here Sitges Gay Hotels

Sardinia, Italy

The island of Sardinia might be lesser-known to Americans, but this gorgeous gay-friendly Mediterranean escape attracts a bunch of gay travelers every summer.

summertime gay destinations in Europe

From the ritzy northern coast near Porto Cervo to the gay epicenter of Cagliari, Sardinia has some of the most picturesque beaches in all of Europe.

Plus, the island has fantastic gay beaches you cannot miss.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is an unforgettable gay summertime vacation spot, especially during the city’s over-the-top pride events. Gorgeous, friendly middle eastern locals, unique culture, and delicious food are my personal favorite things about visiting.

gay beach in Tel Aviv

While Tel Aviv is best during the summer months, visiting anytime between May and late September will guarantee you warm temperatures and clear blue skies.

Don’t miss a chance to visit the dead sea on your trip!

Torremolinos, Spain

Torremolinos is the hottest new gay summer vacation spot in the south of Spain. Spaniards are even calling it “the new Sitges!” 

A seaside gay resort town with an authentic charm, you have to add Torremolinos to your summer travel plans. It’s another one of Spain’s gay hotspots and I absolutely loved visiting.

summer gay hotspot in Spain

Gay pool parties, relaxing beach clubs, enormous gay resorts, and nonstop gay nightlife make Torremolinos a place that any gay traveler can enjoy. And since it’s so much less discovered, experiencing the local gay culture is super easy.

Mykonos, Greece

With a gay-welcoming atmosphere, gorgeous architecture, nude beaches, and a party scene, Mykonos makes for one epic gay summer vacation.

Gorgeous men dot Elia Beach, one of the most popular gay beaches along the Mediterranean coast. There’s nothing more fun and relaxing than spreading out on a beach bed in front of azure blue water, especially when the area is clothing-optional!

Mykonos gay beach

XLSIOR Mykonos marks the peak of gay travel to Mykonos as one of the world’s best gay circuit festivals. During the rest of the summer, Jackie O’ Bar is the iconic local gay hangout known for drag shows, wild parties, and unbeatable Mykonos vibes.

Nice, France

Nice is an incredibly chic gay summer hotspot in the south of France. You’ll find a ton of gay life here, buzzing around the city’s gay beaches, gay bars, and cruising clubs.

Easy day trips to nearby Cannes and the nation of Monaco are another great reason to visit Nice. Also, Pink Parade, the local gay pride, happens each July.

gay friendly summer vacation in Europe

Tuscany, Italy

The shores of Tuscany attract tons of gay locals from all around central Italy as soon as the warm-weather rolls in.

Towns like Torre del Lago are not so well-known outside of Italy and nearby Mediterranean countries but are worth a visit. Gorgeous men are all over and wonderful to talk to.

gay beach in Tuscany

Florence is also delightful for gay travelers within Tuscany during the summer, particularly during the week when locals are in town. Spend time indulging in delicious food, having cocktails at lively gay bars, and enjoying a couple of cruising clubs.

Don’t forget to wear a sexy swimsuit! Try a pair of briefs from one of these top gay swimwear brands.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Among the best gay destinations in the world, Provincetown lures gay Americans every summer with all types of events like Bear Weekend, Ptown Carnival, Independence Weekend, LGBTQ+ Family Week, and Men of Color Weekend.

summer gay hotspot in USA

Whether you just want to relax with gay friends on the shores of the cape or party with vivacious drag queens, Provincetown will be perfectly accommodating.

While you’re there, don’t miss a day trip to the famous Boy Beach, one of the most frequented gay beaches in the world.


Malta is a gay-friendly island nation in Europe I highly recommend you visit during the summer.

You’ll get to experience so many unique things here, like baths carved out of the rocky shoreline, Medieval cities with Arab-influenced architecture, and rowdy weekend nightlife.

gay friendly summer vacation spot

While you won’t find massive gay parties or saunas here, you will find laid-back and outdoorsy gay travelers around all the largest tourist towns and attractions.

Split, Croatia

Split has become a top choice for gay travelers visiting Croatia. Tourists often spend time here before embarking on Croatian island tours or gay sailing trips.

sailing coast of Split Croatia

Game of Thrones tours of filming locations, cocktails on the streets of the Old City, or relaxing at beautiful beach clubs are all fantastic ways to de-stress and take in the beautiful views.

The Hamptons, New York

The Hamptons are one of the most luxurious summer travel getaways in the world, especially among the LGBT community.

Everything here is calmer and more upscale in comparison to other places in the northeastern USA like Fire Island and P-Town.

summer gay travel

Gorgeous vacation rentals are a huge appeal of Hamptons towns like Easthampton and Sag Harbor, which are known for luxury real estate.

You can also enjoy the area’s local art scene, fine seafood restaurants, and beautiful sandy beaches.

Rehoboth, Delaware

Each summer, the laid-back beach town of Rehoboth attracts visitors from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. The atmosphere is super gay-friendly, even though the town of Rehoboth Beach is not ostentatiously gay.

gay travelers in Rehoboth

Poodle Beach is the epicenter of gay activity in Rehoboth, where you’ll find plenty of rainbow umbrellas and LGBT beachgoers playing volleyball.

The Pines Restaurant is another popular hangout for drag brunches and happy hours.

To meet other travelers planning trips to Rehoboth, join the Gay Men of Rehoboth Facebook Group.

Puglia, Italy

Gay Italians love visiting Puglia each summer. This gay-friendly region of Italy is 500 miles long, dotted with quaint historic cities and popular gay beaches. If you haven’t heard of Puglia, add this spot to your travel list!

best gay destination in Italy

The most popular gay areas of Puglia are between Bari and Lecce, with Gallipoli being the summertime hub for gay vacationers. Guys who love a bustling gay scene with plenty of gay/nude beaches and cruising will love staying here.

Need more inspiration to visit? Check out these popular Gallipoli hotels.

Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz is perfect for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path summer gay travel experience.

Everything about Cádiz is relaxed and calming. It’s a truly special place where you can experience friendly local gay life along with authentic Andalusian culture.

lesser known gay summer destination

Exploring the charming Old City, swimming on the shores of Playa de la Victoria, and stopping for some afternoon tapas are some of the best things to do in Cádiz. After dark, try out one of the local gay bars.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of summer gay travel, but any Swiss local will tell you that summertime here is like a dream.

swimming in Zurich river

Jumping into the refreshingly clean water of Zurich’s Limmat River, floating in a raft downstream, and relaxing at waterfront saunas are all popular with locals.

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