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Bored While Traveling Alone? Try These 6 Tips

preventing being bored while traveling
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Preventing Boredom During Solo Travel

Traveling alone is incredibly rewarding, but every now and then it can be difficult to keep yourself entertained. Equipping yourself with a few clever ways to avoid boredom is the key to a fresh and exciting journey.

Here are my tips for solo gay travelers who want their journeys to be as exciting as they can be!

avoiding being bored while traveling

#1: Go On a Date

The easiest way to prevent boredom during a solo trip is to meet someone new. While this is a lot easier when traveling to one of the world’s ideal destinations for gay singles, you can meet someone anyplace where it’s safe for LGBT people to do so.

Hey…I have friends who go on dates in foreign countries with locals who don’t even speak a common language! This kind of spontaneity and curiosity is a sure-fire recipe to kill boredom.

solo traveler waiting for date

Downloading a dating app usually makes the process easier, and there’s no shame in that! Swipe away and find someone to casually grab dinner or explore with. You never know—they could be Mister Right or become one of your closest friends.

#2: Choose Boredom-Proof Accommodations

The right accommodation is always important, but booking a place to stay that can also keep you entertained is ideal for solo travelers who are worried about too much time alone, or anyone experiencing travel burnout.

Hostels and shared apartment stays can give solo travelers plenty of chances to meet people and join group events. I’ve never met anyone who was lying around bored in a hostel—there is always something to do or someone around to talk with.

gay travelers eating together

Staying in a hostel can be a high-end experience, too. Not all hostels have rickety bunk beds and communal bathrooms. Many are super modern and offer privacy.

If you prefer standard hotels, booking solo travel to destinations with gay resorts will undoubtedly offer the most social and entertaining environment.

#3: Stay Connected Online

Even if your days are packed with sightseeing, there will always be some downtime. While this might seem obvious, staying connected to the internet is essential to avoid being bored while traveling.

using public wi-fi connection

Since cell service and internet connections are not always reliable in destinations we visit, a little preparation may be in order. Many travelers purchase mobile hotspots, which can get you a signal no matter where you are for an affordable monthly fee.

When there is an internet connection available, using a VPN on public WiFi will allow you to enjoy the same services you do at home.

Enjoying locally restricted films and unblocking banned content while keeping your data secure are just some of the great benefits of using a VPN.

outdoor gym workout

#4: Hit the Gym

Traveling should not be an excuse to throw fitness out the window. We all know working out has a ton of health benefits. But, aside from keeping yourself healthy and busy, hitting the gym can be a great way to meet other gay men.

Cities with larger gay populations often have one or more gay-popular gyms. New York City is one example, with some of the flashiest gyms that attract almost entirely gay men. There are also plenty of exclusively gay gyms in LA.

exercising to avoid travel boredom

If you’re not in a gay-friendly destination and going to the gym sounds even more boring than doing nothing, then try a fun type of workout that you can do anywhere.

Jump rope at the beach, walk in a local park, or do yoga by the pool! Fresh surroundings will inject some extra excitement into your workouts.

#5: Express Your Creativity

Your travels are also a fantastic opportunity to embrace creative tasks. It could be writing a journal, painting a picture, or photographing your surroundings as you explore new places around the world.

I’ve always found writing at the end of each day while traveling alone to be a satisfying ritual. And look how that developed—I’ve since become a gay travel blogger!

gay travel blogger

Even if you start a project and finish it once you return home, expressing yourself in the moment is an ideal way to keep busy along the journey, especially at the end of the day when you’re back in your hotel or hostel. 

#6: Explore Spontaneously

Visiting major tourist attractions is part of most travelers’ vacation itineraries. I mean, it’s pretty rare to go to Paris and not check out the Eiffel Tower, or to visit Athens and skip the Acropolis.

However, I will say that some of the best experiences are ones that weren’t planned.

visiting tourist attraction in Athens

While some structure is good, leave enough time to see where the day (or night) takes you. Some of my most memorable travel stories are about random encounters that led to thrilling experiences.

All you have to do is avoid over-planning, be open to trying new things, and ask locals or other travelers for recommendations. You’ll get invited to interesting places and experience things that are totally unexpected.

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