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5 Ways to Save Money on Airbnb Bookings

save money on airbnb booking
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How To Easily Save Money On Airbnb

Saving money on Airbnb, VRBO, or any other vacation rental platform is a lot easier than you think.

As an experienced Airbnb user (and former host), I’ll let you in on a few secrets to save money by getting the best price possible.

saving money on Airbnb rental

Airbnb has allowed me to stay in the most authentic and local parts of many cities I’ve visited. I’ve rented single rooms, shared apartments with local hosts, and booked entire beautiful apartments.

I have also been an Airbnb host for several years, so I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. Here are my top 5 ways to save money on Airbnb bookings.

Ask The Host For A Discount

If you’re deciding between multiple apartments and time allows, message each host and see if they can drop the nightly price a bit. Patience pays off and this is more common than you think.

discounted Airbnb rental

I’d say this strategy is the easiest way to save money on Airbnb bookings. Plus, it never hurts to ask! You’d be surprised what a host will do to fill a vacancy.

Check Cleaning and Service Fees

Hosts set their own cleaning fees, so they can vary widely. Take the cleaning fee into account with your budget. 

Most vacation rental platforms these days will display the entire price including fees, but if they don’t, there are a few ways you could save a little cash.

saving money on Airbnb cleaning fee

Often, we filter by nightly price and set a maximum. However, it’s a good idea to increase your price range slightly so that you’ll be able to see some higher-quality listings with lower (or zero) cleaning fees.

In the end, these nicer apartments might work out to the same price as the cheaper ones if their fees are low, so don’t forget to broaden your range a bit!

Check Similar Home Sharing Websites

Sometimes the same apartment is listed at different prices on sites other than Airbnb. VRBO (one of my favorites), HomeAway, and are a few places where I check to compare deals.

If you’ve got the will to browse all these sites, there is a good chance you’ll find a bargain!

inexpensive luxury VRBO rental

Utilize Weekly Discounts

Many hosts offer 5-10% off if you book a full 7 days, and some offer even more of a discount if you book a full month.

Many times, that works out to a free night! Keep an eye on the long-term discounts so you get the best overall rate. This is a great way to save cash on Airbnb. Who doesn’t like something for free?

Earn Airbnb Credit by Inviting Friends

Get credit by inviting a friend to sign up with a new account on Airbnb, or any other platform that gives these offers.

inviting friends to Airbnb

If you’re traveling with other people, you can have a friend sign up for a new account, and often a first-time use credit will be offered.

Be careful, though! You have to use the website-specific sign-up links. If a friend signs up without using the invitation link, then the credit likely will not be offered.

Did this article help you save some cash on your Airbnb booking? If so, share it with a friend!

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