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Mumbai Gay Travel

Whats gay life Mumbai like? All the Mumbai gay travel info you’ll need is here on wolfyy. Enormous Mumbai never stops. Streets full of motorbikes buzz in this striking urban jungle.


The Gay Travel Experience: Mumbai, India

I’ll never forget the evening I was driving back from my adventure in the Kanheri Caves. Distant car horns echoed around me as traffic intensified to a crawl. Rolling down my window, evening prayer calls roared in adjacent Muslim neighborhoods. The sunset illuminated the smog over the ocean and I felt there was no place I’d rather be.
Mumbai Gay Travel gardens
Mumbai is one of the largest and densest cities on the planet. The financial capital of India, Mumbai’s energy is one of the most intense I’ve experienced—one of the reasons I love India so much in general. In my opinion, Mumbai should be second to New York as “the city that never sleeps!”
Monkeys on fence in park
Mumbai Gay Travel gardens
Monkeys on fence in park
I visited Mumbai in October 2016 on a solo trip through central and northern India and I loved it! Everyone is friendly and eager to talk to westerners, especially children and teenagers. Kids will come up to you for selfies.

I’d like to warn you early on in this Mumbai gay travel guide, that this city is not for the faint of heart. Mumbai is beautiful and quite safe…but if this is your first trip outside of Europe or America, you’ll be quite culture shocked.


Don’t let me deter you, but please be sure to read all the travel tips later in this article. I want you to be well informed for your visit to Mumbai.

Gay Mumbai: Where to Stay

Hotels in Mumbai are extremely affordable for travelers. I recommend staying in a hotel in south Mumbai anywhere between Kamathipura and Colaba. Getting to this area from the airport is about a 30-minute drive if not during rush hour.
Mumbai Gay Travel selfie in park
Taxis and Ubers are very inexpensive, so don’t let the drive time intimidate you. Always agree on a price before getting into any taxi.

I recommend south Mumbai for gay travelers because there is a plethora of rooftop venues, vibrant shopping and major attractions are nearby. You will also be close to Marine Drive, the iconic shoreline half-circle road.

Considering a trip by yourself? Read about why I love traveling alone.

Mumbai Experiences for the Gay Traveler

If you’re interested in architecture, visit the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. A modern bridge that connects west and south Mumbai, you can check it out from the Bandra Fort.
gay travel guides Asia
I visited Bandra Fort with and ex-coworker of mine who recently moved back to the Mumbai area from New York. She led me to quite the spot! Locals play on the rocks and lovers sit on park benches overlooking the ocean.

The Khaneri Caves

My favorite experience in Mumbai was hiking the Kanheri Caves in Sanjay Ghandi National Park. Wandering through the dim rooms adorned with articulate sculptures and scriptures was relaxing, especially after the trek up the hills.
inside caves in mumbai
Mumbai Gay Travel selfie in park
inside caves in mumbai
On your journey toward the caves in the park, look out for the monkeys! These adorable little guys will be plenty busy snacking and perching on fences. Be sure to bring a small snack and plenty of water, as you’ll be exploring the caves for a good couple of hours. When you reach the top of the mountain, it will be a good time to re-fuel.
Caves outside mumbai
Hire a local driver to take you for the day. If you’re going only to the park and back, this shouldn’t cost more than $30. For perspective, a private driver for a six-hour tour of various sites should cost about $50. The driver will park and wait around for you as you take your time at different attractions. I found mine on the street in the Fort neighborhood where tourists congregate.
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The Hanging Gardens & Malabar Hills

The Hanging Gardens of Mumbai is a great stop on your gay travel tour of Mumbai! Wonderful flowers in a lush field are a breath of fresh air. There are great views of the Mumbai skyline overlooking Marine drive.
Mumbai Gay Travel feeding monkeys
Bandra Sea Link local travel
Mumbai Gay Travel feeding monkeys
Mumbai is a city with such an incredible energy, I absolutely loved wandering the streets. A great place to do this is in Malabar Hills. This neighborhood is home to the most expensive real estate in Mumbai. Although nothing seems extravagant on the surface, there are a lot of good restaurants and some ice cream shops in the area.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station is my last suggestion for a visit because it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Conveniently located in the northern part of the Fort neighborhood, it’s an easy walk if you are staying anywhere near Marine Drive. This place is extremely busy! Take a stroll through and then grab some food nearby.

Mumbai Bars & Gay Scene

Regarding gay nightlife, I did not try my luck here. I didn’t have a weekend while in Mumbai, so I spent my time hunting for a good rooftop restaurant. The Intercontinental Hotel Marine Drive Rooftop restaurant ended up being fantastic! A night of chatting with a few local guys over drinks was perfect with the stellar view of Marine Drive.

Does Mumbai Have Gay Bars?

There are no gay-specific bars in Mumbai, but there is certainly more of an “underground” gay scene that is not so traceable online. Although homosexuality is not illegal in India, the country still suffers some homophobia. Thankfully there is much less of this in larger Indian cities such as Mumbai.

Mumbai Gay Travel Tips

Rideshares like Uber and Lyft are stunningly cheap. I once took a short ride to a bar and the ride was less than one US dollar! Your money will go very far in India.

When arriving in Mumbai, prepare yourself to witness extreme poverty. I dislike perpetuating the negative sides of cities, but the following few paragraphs are to inform you so you can know what to expect. I adore Mumbai; however, you have to take note of a few points.

Mumbai highway
Caves outside mumbai
Mumbai highway
Approximately half of the entire population lives in slums. These slums occupy about 9% of Mumbai’s land area, dispersed throughout the city. Mumbai has a severe affordable housing crisis and struggles to deal with the slums. Land is expensive, and so most residents don’t make enough money to be able to afford to rent a home.

Dont let me scare you…

On your car ride to and from the airport, you will sadly encounter the slums. It is not uncommon to have a beggar knock on your cab window. The people that live in these slums are not bad people in the least bit. They are victims of a crisis that the Indian government struggles to deal with.

Now that you’re informed, don’t let this scare you. Walking around Mumbai is safe. To make your journey easier, my suggestion is to hire a day-long guide. This person will negotiate for you whenever needed, drive you everywhere and often can get you little treats for free.

India gay travel

It’s almost certain that street food will make you sick. Did that stop me? Nope! I found a local Pani Puri sand and went at it. If you follow suit, make sure you have some Ciproflaxin from your doctor before leaving for your trip.

Traffic in Mumbai during rush hour can be very hectic. When departing the city for the airport, leave yourself plenty of time and account for the traffic.

Gay Life in India

Being gay is still taboo in India and homophobia is still prevalent, although it is on the decline. India still has a long way to go regarding LGBT inclusivity. The laws regarding homosexuality have oscillated over the years with a recent positive outcome.

Delhi bars and nightlife

India decriminalized homosexuality in 2009. This ruling was reversed in 2013 with the government deferring to legislators on the issue. In September 2018, the Indian high court unanimously agreed to decriminalize same-sex relations, a huge step forward.

Delhi bars and nightlife
India gay travel
Tolerance of the gay population in India is slowly changing. In most large Indian cities there is significant support for LGBT people. They are much less conservative as you might expect.
Delhi Gay Travel friends at bar
In 2016, the International LGBT and intersex Association found that about a third of Indians support same-sex marriage and another third are not sure. This speaks to the fact many Indians simply need guidance on supporting their fellow LGBT citizens.
All in all, India has made great progress so far, and I am looking forward to seeing even more protections be put in place for the gay community!

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