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Montréal Gay Travel

Stay in the coolest Montréal neighborhoods with advice from wolfyy! While in Montréal, you might even stumble upon a male strip club! Tips for the gay village, Montréal gay bars and more below in this Montréal gay travel guide.


The Gay Travel Experience: Montréal, Canada

Montréal’s gay life is found in the popular gay village, located in the east of the city near the Latin quarter. The gay village has increasingly been promoted as a tourist destination over recent years. I have personally found more and more of my friends are headed to Montréal for a good time!
Montreal Gay Travel in park
Montreal Gay Travel in park
Montréal attractions gay

Gay-owned restaurants, clothing stores and bars pepper the streets beneath festive hanging balls, an art installation that has become symbolic of Montréal’s gay life. You will find a mix of Anglo and Francophone gays here (a great way to practice that French you learned), However, just about everyone speaks perfect English.

Montréal attractions gay

I had a blast during my short trip to this wonderful city. Vibrant and filled with young people, there was much to keep busy with, both indoor and out.

Gay Montréal: Where to Stay

I stayed in the trendy Le Plateau neighborhood. Not only was it hip, but the area was cheaper than staying very close to the gay village. Plus, my friends and I could get a larger apartment with more space to spread out.

visiting downtown Montreal Canada

Various coffee shops were in walking distance to the flat, so I made sure to try them all! I recommend Le Plateau, as it is a short drive to most popular destinations. A rideshare to the gay village is quite cheap. The neighborhood was very diverse and felt quite safe.

gay traveler in Montreal
visiting downtown Montreal Canada

Many other hotels as well as Airbnb rentals can be found closer to the center of Montréal. I do not recommend staying too close to these highly commercial areas unless you need frequent access to office buildings there. Much more affordable options are outside the downtown, offering a more authentic experience.

gay traveler in Montreal

Montréal has a great Metro system, so neighborhoods outside the downtown can be easily reached for barely any cost. Staying along the Orange Line is a good bet.

Montréal Experiences for the Gay Traveler

Parc du Mont Royale is a scenic vista on a cliff, high above the city. It is easily accessible by car or by foot. Tourists and locals alike capture snapshots of the drastic elevation change with Montréal’s skyscrapers offering the perfect backdrop. Parc du Mont Royale has one of the best views in Montréal.

Montreal Gay Travel tea house

Walking up is pretty easy and relaxing. There is a huge park and lake on the way up the mountain. There are also some restaurants with outdoor seating.

Montreal Gay Travel tea house
Montréal gay travel

Have a sweet tooth? Love amazing pastries? I recommend you visit Patisserie Au Kouign Amann. Here you can order some classic Kouign Amann, a pastry rarely baked anymore. The recipe originated in France back in 1860.

Montréal gay travel

My friend Taylor found this small bakery that is one of two establishments in the entire world that continues to bake this fine snack. Kouign Amann is not made often because it is labor intensive, with so many layers of delicious butter-soaked flakes.

Restaurants & Cafés in Montréal

For a relaxed lunch option while exploring the downtown, give Café Titanic a try. They have a coffee and wine bar as well. It’s a higher-end cafeteria style place where you bring your food to a table. It was a good find because we could relax, spready out and there was something for everyone.
restaurants in montréal
visiting downtown Montreal Canada

Shortly after eating at Café Titanic I came across a place called Ming Tao Xuan Tea House. I have never been to an Asian tea house before, but for my first time I had a stellar experience! A server prepared the first bit of tea in our individual teapots, and my friends and I sat and talked for hours. The arrangement of the room was so peaceful; we all felt relaxed afterwards.

restaurants in montréal

If you are in the Le Plateau neighborhood, check out Café Replika. They have iced macchiatos that will knock your socks off. If Turkish coffee is something you enjoy, they have that too! I actually got one of each. With plenty of space to sit, I cozied up in a window seat the morning before I headed to the airport.

Montréal Gay Bars

Bar Renard is a mixed, gay-friendly Montréal bar. It is there perfect place to start your night out in the gay village. A classy spot with great cocktails and a comfortable vibe, you can dance a bit without feeling too crowded. The venue is dimly lit and quite clean.

They were playing a mix of pop music when time I went, as well as the most popular Eurovision songs. I’ve recommended many people to this bar, and they all have told me they loved it!
Montréal gay clubs
Friends and I went out to Unity Nightclub, a massive gay club in Montréal! So big in fact, that multiple dance floor rooms were empty. Bar service and music were up to snuff.

Coming from US, we were not anticipating so many people under 21 years old. It turns out that 18 to 21-year old patrons frequent this club, so the faces were young!. Perhaps it was our trip timing, but it is something to consider if you prefer a more mature crowd.

For those looking for something a bit more risqué, check out G.I. Joe Sauna, Sauna Oasis or Campus. These Montréal gay saunas as well as most of the gay bars and clubs are located on St. Catherine Street East in the Gay Village.

Montréal Gay Travel Tips

The largest French speaking population in the world outside of France is right here in gay-friendly Montréal. Even with this massive Francophone population, almost everyone knows English. The city has an astonishingly high rate of bilingual residents.
The city of Montréal gets its name from a variant of the words “Mont Royale,” a sort of contraction that, over time, took on the shape of one word. A semi-European vibe permeates some parts of the city with many cafes and patisseries to try!

Unfortunately, the City of Montréal took down the hanging balls in September of 2019. They were truly a symbol of the gay village. Many were upset about the decision, wondering why anyone would desire to remove something so iconic to the neighborhood and community.

On the bright side, the City of Montréal will sell these iconic balls while the next project design is chosen. Some will also be kept for display in the Espace Village Gallery.

Gay Life in Canada

Interesting fact: the Inuit, or the indigenous people of Canada that settled farthest to the north, embraced gender nonconformity in their culture! The Inuit (at this time no longer formally known as Eskimos) had words for describing those individuals who did not conform to their gender at birth. Read some more on this, it’s quite fascinating.

Canada has granted fundamental rights to the LGBT community in the country’s constitution as of 1982. A whopping 80% of Canadians favor are accepting of homosexuality (as of 2013), and even higher when you narrow the age group to millennials and Generation-X.

Canada decriminalized same-sex activity back in 1969. Since 1996, sexual orientation has been included in anti-discrimination protections and more recently, gender expression since 2017. LGBT people are able to serve openly in the military as of 1992, and gay marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005.

Overall, Canada is one of the more progressive Countries in the western world with regard to homosexuality and LGBT rights!
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