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NYC Pride Parade 2018: The Experience

nyc pride parade 2018
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Why the 2018 NYC Pride Parade Was Special

I’ve been to gay pride events in many different cities around the world, but nothing stood out like the NYC pride parade 2018.

While I’ve definitely been to more intense pride parties (like the ones in Tel Aviv), I’ve never experienced energy as strong as those in New York.

NYC Pride

A friend of mine worked for Athlete Ally, a non-profit organization with a mission to end homophobia in sports. They partnered with Deutsche Bank to share a float for the 2018 NYC pride parade. I luckily got the chance to join them—my first time on a pride float!

NYC pride
gay pride flag in New York city
NYC pride

I had a chance to watch some floats go by before we got on ours, which was awesome because I saw the Broad City TV show cast, whom I love! Running on three hours of sleep, the DJ’s stellar mixes lit me up and I jumped up and down for hours!

gay pride flag in New York city

Celebrations Like The NYC Pride Parade 2018

If you have a chance to get on some kind of float in a parade, no matter what city you are in, do it! It’s almost like you’re famous, with crowds cheering around you.

nyc pride parade 2018 float

There are many chances to attend one of the top LGBT+ pride parades and other gay-oriented festivals around the world.

There is this overall sense of joy and excitement that runs through every soul around—it’s a feeling like no other. It’s a memory that is beautifully seared into my mind.

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I’d love to hear some of your pride stories. Share some info with wolfyy about a pride you’ve attended!

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